Monty Python - Monty Python's Previous Record

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  Monty Python  Monty Python's Previous Record

Monty Python

Monty Python's Previous Record

Track listing for Monty Python's Previous Record by Monty Python on the Charisma ‎ label:
Original UK Pressing from 1972 with printed inner sleeve and flexidisc : Monty Python - Teach Yourself Heath (Record One) - 'A' Side And Half 'B' Side List Of Contents By A Harley Street Dentist A: I Would Just Like To Say How Pleased I Was To Be Asked To Write This List Of Contents. When, Like Me, You Spend All Day Looking At The Contents Of People's Mouths, It Is A Wonderful Relief To Be Asked To Write The Contents For An Amusing Comedy Record Such As This, And Forget The World Of Fillings And Surgical Extractions And Cosmetic Remoulds And Periodontal Treatment And Nerve Removals And Bleeding Gums And Pyrea And Impacted Wisdom Teeth And Root Surgery And Smelly Dentures And Broken Molars And Advanced Tooth Decay And Stinking Garlic Covered Pieces Of De-Composed Beef Wedged Between The Roots Of The Upper Seventh Disgusting Half Digested Chunks Of Kipp This Side B1: Every Night B2: Thoroughly B3: Clean Your Teeth B4: Brushing With Firm Upward And Downward Movements With The Surface Of The Toothbrush Flat Against The Teeth And Gums B5: In Cases Of Over-Sensitive Gums Use Specially Recommended Toothpaste And Interspace Brush B6: Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Condition: EXC
Label: Charisma ‎
Label Catalogue Number: CAS.1063
Format: LP Quantity: 1


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