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We have 27936 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart Take Me To God (Deluxe Edition) Disc: 1 1. God In The Beginning 2. Becoming More Like God 3. Whisky Priests 4. I'm An Algerian 5. Amor 6. Amor Dub 7. Take Me To God 8. The Sun Does Rise 9. When The Storm Comes 10. I Love Everybody 11. Yoga Of The Nightclub 12. I Am The Music 13. The Bonds Of Love 14. Angels 15. No Chance Is Sexy 16. Raga 17. Forever Disc: 2 1. Wine Women And Song 2. Football 3. Yalili Ya Ani 4. Om Namah Shiva (Transformation Of The Heart Mix) 5. Sahara (Medley) 6. Amor (Evol Dub) 7. Amor (The More Rockas Mix) 8. Amor (Kingston Lic) 9. Star Of The East 10. Reggae Parts The Sea 11. Parts The Sea Dub 12. Mumbai Blues Dub 13. On The Right Road 14. On The Right Road Dub 15. Happy Tibetan Girl 16. Cherry Blossom Of My Youth
2xCD £9.99
Divine Styler Def Mask 1. Images On A Screen 3:04 2. Carrier's IQ 3:37 3. Def Mask 2:52 4. Architectonic 5:13 5. Zaxon 4:45 6. Incubation Acceleration Shell 4:57 7. Pandorum 3:43 8. Voight Kampff 3:48 9. Invalid Stratum Don't Compute 4:51 10. As Seen Before 3:54 11. Carrier's IQ (Instrumental) 3:37 12. Def Mask (Instrumental) 2:52 13. Architectonic (Instrumental) 5:13 14. Zaxon (Instrumental) 5:13 15. Pandorum (Instrumental) 4:45 16. Voight Kampff (Instrumental) 3:48 17. Invalid Stratum Dont Compute (Instrumental) 4:51 18. As Seen Before (Instrumental) 3:54
CD £9.99
Etienne De Crecy Super Discount 3 1. Night (Cut The Crap) 5:20 2. You 3:32 3. WTF 3:32 4. Hashtag My Ass 3:08 5. Smile 4:32 6. Sunset 4:07 7. Amazing 4:02 8. Follow 3:31 9. Love 4:16 10. Family 4:04
CD £8.99
Urban Renewal Featuring Joi Cardwell & Jay Mac Holdin' On A1: Holdin' On (The Small Guys With Big Ideas Mix) A2: Holdin' On (Jazzed Out Radio Mix) A3: Holdin' On (Smack Dub) B1: Holdin' On (Splice Of Life Broadminded Mix) B2: Holdin' On (Monster Tribal Mix)
12" £2.99
Urban Farmers The Hustle A1: The Encounter A2: The Hustle B: The Whip
12" £2.99
Urban Encounters Vol. 1 PROMO - A1: D-Zone A2: Vault 6 AA1: Unknown Territory AA2: Free Space
12" £2.99
Up Yer Ronson I Will Be Released A1: I Will Be Released (Fathers Of Sound Ocean Dub Part 1) 7:57 A2: I Will Be Released (Fathers Of Sound Ocean Dub Part 2) 8:14 B1: I Will Be Released (Jazz-N-Groove SoulFuric Dub) 7:50 B2: I Will Be Released (Jazz-N-Groove London Dub) 6:15
12" £1.99
Unseen Enemy Monsters A: Monsters B: Monsters (Scary Dub)
12" £2.99
Unrest / Underground Lovers Imperial F.F.R.R. / Leaves Me Blind PROMO Sampler - Imperial F.F.R.R. A1: Unrest - Suki 3:26 A2: Unrest - Cherry Cream On 3:51 A3: Unrest - June 3:54 A4: Unrest - Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl 4:24 Leaves Me Blind AA1: Underground Lovers - I Was Right 4:16 AA2 : Underground Lovers - Promenade 4:29 AA3 : Underground Lovers - Get Off On It 4:00 AA4 : Underground Lovers - Daze 2:14
12" £4.99
Unknown Society Featuring Sabrina Johnston Reach Higher UK Pressing on Hard Times - A1: Reach Higher (BC's Brotherhood Mix) 9:36 A2: Reach Higher (Dubstrumental) 6:53 B1: Reach Higher (Swing 52's Coolie High Mix) 9:03 B2: Reach Higher (Tee's Ill House Dub) 7:32
12" £2.99
Various Livity Sound Remixes 1. Kowton - More Games (MM/ KM More Names Mix) 2. Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 2) 3. Peverelist, Kowton - Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) 4. Peverelist, Kowton - Vapours (Pangaea Remix) 5. Peverelist, Asusu - Surge (MMM Remix) 6. Peverelist, Kowton - End Point (Stenny & Andrea Remix) 7. Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 1) 8. Asusu - Sister (Nick Höppner Remix) 9. Peverelist - Livity (Ghost-202 Remix) 10. Kowton - Jam01 (Beneath Remix) 11. Peverelist - Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix) 12. Asusu - Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix)
CD £9.99
Ashanti Roy / Pablo Moses / Winston Jarrett Natty Will Fly Again 1. Jah Prophecy 2. More Mandela 3. Satan Let Go 4. Hold On Natty 5. Natty Will Fly Again 6. Hallelujah 7. Shine On 8. Cyan't Dep Pon Mi 9. Poor People 10. Prophecy Dub 11. Mandela Dub 12. Let Go Dub 13. Wolf And Dub 14. Natty Will Dub Again 15. Halleludub 16. Shine Dub 17. Cyan't Dub Pon Mi 18. Dub Poor People
CD £9.99
THEESatisfaction Earthee 1. Prophetic Perfection 2. No GMO 3. Planet For Sale 4. Blandland 5. Fetch/ Catch 6. Nature's Candy 7. EarthEE 8. Post Black, Anyway 9. Universal Perspective 10. WerQ 11. Sir Come Navigate 12. Recognition 13. I Read You
CD £9.99
Urban Liberation Celebrate (Come Party) A1: Celebrate (Come Party) (Come Party Mix) A2: Celebrate (Come Party) (Celebrate The Flute Mix) B1: Celebrate (Come Party) (DJ Duke's Phusion Mix) B2: Celebrate (Come Party) (Party Dub Mix)
12" £2.99
Urban Epic's Episode One - Dance My Way A1: Dance My Way (Mix 1) A2: Dance My Way (Mix 2) B1: Dance My Way (Mix 3) B2: Dance My Way (Mix 4)
12" £3.99
U.P.I. That String Track A1: That String Track 5:05 A2: Ain't No 5:20 B1: The Love Thang 5:13 B2: My Love Away (Blackout Mix) 6:50
12" £2.99
Up, Bustle And Out The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Remixes) A1: Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Nitin Sawhney Mix) A2: Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Subterfuge Mix) A3: Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Low Profile Mix) B1: Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Yam Yam Mix) B2: Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (OestroGwen Mix)
12" £2.99
Unsung Heroes The Norm / Transatlantic PROMO - A1: The Norm 4:45 A2: The Norm (Instrumental) 3:40 AA1: Transatlantic 4:15 AA2: Transatlantic (Instrumental) 3:40
12" £2.99
Unknown Society Reach Higher A1: Reach Higher (BC's Brotherhood Mix) 9:36 A2: Reach Higher (DUBstrumental) 6:53 B1: Reach Higher (Swing 52's Coolie High Mix) 9:03 B2: Reach Higher (Tee's Ill House Dub) 7:32
12" £2.99
Unknown Face Step Up Stamped PROMO - No Artwork - A: Step Up AA: Step Down
12" £2.99
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Panda Bear Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper (Deluxe Edition)
3xLP £27.99
King Creosote From Scotland With Love
2xLP £23.99
Ben Frost A U R O R A
LP £17.99
Interpol El Pintor
LP £18.99
Cindytalk touchedRAWKISSEDsour
CD £9.99
Cindytalk - touchedRAWKISSEDsour - Not all that dissimilar from the trend one time collaborator Robert Hampson made from Loop to Main to his solo works, Gordon Sharp has also evolved from a more conventional musician (appearing on works by This Mortal Coil and the Cocteau Twins no less) to an idiosyncratic electronic composer in the past 30 years. In line with his work from the earlier part of this century, touchedRAWKISSEDsour is a mass of laptop generated noises that are actually much more nuanced then they would seem on the surface, intentionally obscuring a rich world of composition. One of the things I found most compelling about my first listen to touchedRAWKISSEDsour is how Sharp sneakily mixes in conventional sounds and instrumentation in these otherwise digital whirlwind chaotic recordings. Low-end sweeps and high pitched screeching might be the first impression of "Dancing on Ledges," but a little bit of guitar begins to sneak through and at the end taking on an almost overtly funk sound to it. Piano appears throughout on the lengthy "Yugao," and makes for a stark traditionalist contrast between the off-kilter orchestral samples and textural layers of DSP noise. It makes for perhaps the most melodic, beautiful piece of music on the album, but sounds like it came from a different universe entirely. Noisy might be a characteristic of recent Cindytalk albums, and this is no exception, but there is also a good deal of rhythm to be had, even though it might be unconventional to say the least. "E Quindi Uscimmo a Riveder le Stelle" has Sharp piling dissonant loops together with harsher moments of laptop noise stabbing through. The loops, while of an unclear source, have a metallic complexity to them that fits together like a digital gamelan. Closing piece "Mystery Sings Out" is built from similar rhythmic techniques, but, in a more open, subdued composition. What sounds like synthetically modeled rain and thunder sounds creates the mood as bits of voice sneak through, perhaps as a passing reference to Sharp's previous role as a vocalist. More rudimentary and erratic rhythms underscore "Reversing the Panopticon," paired with a twinkling, melodic electronic passage up front in the mix. While at first it might seem to follow a more conventional structure, before long it slips into disorder and entropic noise, with even what sounds like some raw guitar feedback tacked on at the end. A majestic, almost fragile melody also is emphasized on "Mouth of my Sky (Open Up and Swallow Me)," but again placed within the confines of a larger industrial soundscape. The beautiful and ugly slowly lurch along together for the piece, paired up perfectly. Like last year's A Life is Everywhere, touchedRAWKISSEDsour at first blush makes for a messy, dissonant and extremely chaotic sounding record. It does not take long, however, for Sharp's musicianship and ear for composition to reveal itself. These concessions to melody, or brief flashes of conventional instrumentation is exactly what makes this album so memorable. Complex and multifaceted, each song seems to mutate with every listen, a feat very few artists working in similarly discordant techniques can manage to accomplish. From May 2014 . Click here to buy from Pulse Records.

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