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Michael Chapman  Fully Qualified Survivor

Michael Chapman - Fully Qualified Survivor

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve - Issued on green Harvest label (with no boxed EMI logo) -# A1: The Aviator 9:28 A2: Naked Ladies And Electric Ragtime 2:40 A3: Stranger In The Room 5:33 A4: Postcards Of Scarborough 5:17 B1: Fishbeard Sunset 0:39 B2: Soulful Lady 4:12 B3: Rabbit Hills 4:10 B4: March Rain 3:44 B5: Kodak Ghosts 3:20 B6: Andru's Easy Rider 2:07 B7: Trinkets And Rings 5:00
Various Tighten Up Volume 1 : Deluxe Edition

Various - Tighten Up Volume 1 : Deluxe Edition

- promo sticker on back cover - Disc: 1 1. Tighten Up - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Untouchables 2. Kansas City - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 3. Spanish Harlem - Lee "Scratch" Perry, Val Bennett 4. A Place In The Sun - David Isaacs, Lee "Scratch" Perry 5. Win Your Love For Me - George A. Penny, Lynford Anderson 6. Donkey Returns - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 7. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - Joyce Bond, Les Carter 8. Angel Of The Morning - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 9. Fat Man - Derrick Morgan, Lynford Anderson 10. Soul Limbo - Byron Lee, The Dragonaires 11. Mix It Up - Karl "J.J." Johnson, The Kingstonians 12. Watch This Sound (For What It's Worth) - Lloyd Charmers, The Uniques 13. Good Ambition - Bunny Lee, Roy Shirley 14. Out The Light - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 15. If I Didn't Know - Bunny Lee, Roy Shirley 16. Handy Cap - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Upsetters 17. It's All In The Game - Lynford Anderson, Val Bennett 18. Tribute To Sir KB - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 19. Robin Hood Rides Again - Aubrey Adams & The Boys, Bunny Lee 20. Love Letters - Alton Ellis, Arthur "Duke" Reid, Phyllis Dillon 21. South Parkway Rock - Lynford Anderson, Val Bennett 22. I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman - Byron Lee, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires 23. I'll Be Around - Karl "J.J." Johnson, The Kingstonians 24. Out Of Love - Lloyd Charmers, The Uniques Disc: 2 1. Eastern Organ - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 2. Jackpot - Joe Gibbs, The Pioneers 3. Penny For Your Song - David Scott, The Federals 4. Memories By The Score - The Paragons 5. Teardrops Falling - Eric Barnett, The Versatiles 6. Combination - Eric Barnett, Keeling Beckford 7. The Fiddler - Nehemiah Reed, Nehemiah Reid 8. The Russians Are Coming (aka Take 5) - Bunny Lee, Val Bennett 9. Born To Love You - Derrick Harriott 10. Way Of Life - Charles Ross, Glen Brown, Joe White 11. Train To Soulsville - Cool Sticky, Joel Gibson 12. Intensified Girls - Anderson's All Stars, Gladstone Anderson 13. Bookie Man - Lynford Anderson, Race Fans 14. Uncle Charlie - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Mellotones 15. Nana - The Slickers 16. Good Time Rock - Hugh Malcolm, Joel Gibson 17. Rent Too High - George King, Ranny Williams, George Regent 18. My Argument - Bunny Lee, Lloyd Charmers 19. A.B.C. Rocksteady - Harris Seaton, The Gaylads 20. In Like Flint - Byron Lee, The Good Guys 21. Lady With The Starlight - Ken Boothe, Sonia Pottinger 22. Catch The Beat - Joel Gibson, The Pioneers 23. Dance With Me - Delano Stewart, Sonia Pottinger 24. Hold You Jack - Bunny Lee, Derrick Morgan
Egg The Polite Force

Egg - The Polite Force

Original UK pressing from 1971 - A1: A Visit To Newport Hospital 8:25 A2: Contrasong 4:21 A3: Boilk (Incl. Bach: Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verderbt) 9:23 Long Piece No.3 (20:42) Ba: Part One Bb: Part Two Bc: Part Three Bd: Part Four
Nina Simone  Nina Simone Sings The Blues

Nina Simone - Nina Simone Sings The Blues

UK Stereo Test Pressing with full artwork (which has stamp on back cover) - A1: Do I Move You 2:41 A2: Day And Night 2:34 A3: In The Dark 2:53 A4: Real Deal 2:17 A5: My Man's Gone Now 4:13 A6: Backlash Blues 2:14 B1: I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl 2:27 B2: Buck 2:00 B3: Since I Fell For You 2:44 B4: The House Of The Rising Sun 3:55 B5: Blues For Mama 3:52
Ramones  Ramones

Ramones - Ramones

Original UK pressing from 1976 with ;yric insert - A1: Blitzkrieg Bop 2:12 A2: Beat On The Brat 2:30 A3: Judy Is A Punk 1:30 A4: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 2:24 A5: Chain Saw 1:55 A6: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue 1:34 A7: I Don't Wanna Go Down The Basement 2:35 B1: Loudmouth 2:14 B2: Havana Affair 2:00 B3: Listen To My Heart 1:56 B4: 53rd & 3rd 2:19 B5: Let's Dance 1:51 B6: I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You 1:43 B7: Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World 2:09
Throbbing Gristle  20 Jazz Funk Greats

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

UK Pressing from 1981 on Fetish Records - A1: 20 Jazz Funk Greats A2: Beachy Head A3: Still Walking A4: Tanith A5: Convincing People A6: Exotica B1: Hot On The Heels Of Love B2: Persuasion B3: Walkabout B4: What A Day B5: Six Six Sixties
Throbbing Gristle  D.o.A. The Third And Final Report

Throbbing Gristle - D.o.A. The Third And Final Report

UK pressing from 1978 on Fetish Records - A1: I.B.M. 2:35 A2: Hit By A Rock 2:32 A3: United 0:16 A4: Valley Of The Shadow Of Death 4:01 A5: Dead On Arrival 6:08 A6: Weeping 5:31 B1: Hamburger Lady 4:15 B2: Hometime 3:46 B3: AB/ 7A 4:31 B4: E-Coli 4:16 B5: Death Threats 0:41 B6: Walls Of Sound 2:48 B7: Blood On The Floor 1:07
Jr. Walker & The All Stars Take Me Girl, I'm Ready

Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Take Me Girl, I'm Ready

Promo copy - A: Take Me Girl, I'm Ready 2:59 B: I Don't Want To Do Wrong 3:15
Primal Scream  Vanishing Point

Primal Scream - Vanishing Point

Original UK pressing from 1997 on Creation Records - A1: Burning Wheel A2: Get Duffy A3: Kowalski B4: Star B5: If They Move Kill 'Em B6: Out Of The Void C7: Stuka C8: Medication C9: Motorhead D10: Trainspotting D11: Long Life
Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band Gorilla

Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band - Gorilla

Original UK Mono pressing from 1967 - includes book - A1: Cool Britannia A2: The Equestrian Statue A3: Jollity Farm A4: I Left My Heart In San Francisco A5: Look Out, There's A Monster Coming A6: Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold A7: Death Cab For Cutie A8: Narcissus B1: The Intro And The Outro B2: Mickey's Son And Daughter B3: Big Shot B4: Music For The Head Ballet B5: Piggy Bank Love B6: I'm Bored B7: The Sound Of Music
Trash Can Sinatras  Cake

Trash Can Sinatras - Cake

Original UK pressing from 1990 with printed inner sleeve - A1: Obscurity Knocks A2: Maybe I Should Drive A3: Thrupenny Tears A4: Even The Odd A5: The Best Man's Fall B1: Circling The Circumference B2: Funny B3: Only Tongue Can Tell B4: You Made Me Feel B5: January's Little Joke
Torch Song  Ecstasy

Torch Song - Ecstasy

A1: White Night 3:51 A2: Can't Find My Way Home 3:25 A3: Spear 3:41 A4: Microdot Daylight 2:58 A5: The Pentacle 1:04 A6: Living Out Of Time 4:31 B1: Mothdoom Ecstasy 5:04 B2: Nails In The Cross 3:37 B3: The Zebra Room 2:49 B4: Venus In Furs 5:25 B5: Dia Del Muerto 4:52
Gang Starr  Step In The Arena

Gang Starr - Step In The Arena

Original UK pressing from 1991 - A1: Name Tag (Premier & The Guru) 0:36 A2: Step In The Arena 3:36 A3: Form Of Intellect 3:37 A4: Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2) 2:39 A5: Who's Gonna Take The Weight? 3:54 A6: Beyond Comprehension 3:10 A7: Check The Technique 3:55 A8: Love Sick 3:22 A9: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 2:16 B1: Game Plan 1:06 B2: Take A Rest 4:18 B3: What You Want This Time? 2:39 B4: Street Ministry 1:21 B5: Just To Get A Rep 2:39 B6: Say Your Prayers 1:20 B7: As I Read My S-A 2:35 B8: Precisely The Right Rhymes 3:22 B9: The Meaning Of The Name 2:53
Herbert And Dani Siciliano  So Now...

Herbert And Dani Siciliano - So Now...

A1: So Now... A2: Got To Sing B1: We All Need Love B2: I Hadn't Known (I Only Heard)
Doors  Strange Days

Doors - Strange Days

UK Mono pressing from 1967 - plenty of marks, but plays through fine with just a few crackles. Includes lyric inner sleeve, which is torn down the whole of one seam and also has specks of staining - A1: Strange Days 3:05 A2: You're Lost Little Girl 3:01 A3: Love Me Two Times 3:23 A4: Unhappy Girl 2:00 A5: Horse Latitudes 1:30 A6: Moonlight Drive 3:00 B1: People Are Strange 2:10 B2: My Eyes Have Seen You 2:22 B3: I Can't See Your Face In My Mind 3:18 B4: When The Music's Over 11:00
Aphrodite's Child  666

Aphrodite's Child - 666

UK Reissue on Vertigo from 1977 with gatefold cover - A1: The System A2: Babylon A3: Loud, Loud, Loud A4: The Four Horsemen A5: The Lamb A6: The Seventh Seal B1: Aegian Sea B2: Seven Bowls B3: The Wakening Beast B4: Lament B5: The Marching Beast B6: The Battle Of The Locusts B7: Do It B8: Tribulation B9: The Beast B10: Ofis C1: Seven Trumpets C2: Altamont C3: The Wedding Of The Lamb C4: The Capture Of The Beast C5: ∞ C6: Hic Et Nunc D1: All The Seats Were Occupied D2: Break
Who  La-La-La-Lies

Who - La-La-La-Lies

A: La-La-La-Lies B: The Good's Gone
Tape Loop Orchestra  In A Lonely Place

Tape Loop Orchestra - In A Lonely Place

Limited Edition of 300 vinyl copies in a heavy-duty gatefold and printed inner sleeves designed by Craig Tattersall, photography by Joe Borreson, hand numbered/ stamped A2 collage poster designed by Alice Clarke (199/ 300), CD with inserts, 12 x 12 heavy card stock print, download code, plus scent and extras LP-A1: I Was Born When She Kissed Me 11:15 LP-A2: I Died When She Left Me 11:15 LP-B: I Lived A Few Weeks While She Loved Me 22:30
Rolling Stones  Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Conce

Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Conce

Rare UK pressing with dark blue labels, but has Gema as the only rights society (no reference to BIEM or NCB) A1: Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:13 A2: Carol 3:35 A3: Stray Cat Blues 3:35 A4: Love In Vain 4:50 A5: Midnight Rambler 8:52 B1: Sympathy For The Devil 5:45 B2: Live With Me 2:58 B3: Little Queenie 4:10 B4: Honky Tonk Women 3:00 B5: Street Fighting Man 3:47
Uriah Heep  The Magician's Birthday

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday

Original UK pressing from 1972 with lyric inner sleeve - there is a sticker on one of the labels. Also includes The Magician's Birthday Tour January 1973 booklet - A1: Sunrise 4:04 A2: Spider Woman 2:25 A3: Blind Eye 3:33 A4: Echoes In The Dark 4:48 A5: Rain 3:59 B1: Sweet Lorraine 4:13 B2: Tales 4:09 B3 The Magician's Birthday 10:23
Oasis  What's The Story Morning Glory?

Oasis - What's The Story Morning Glory?

Original UK (Damont) pressing from 1995 - only one of the black inner sleeves is present - A1: Hello 3:21 A2: Roll With It 3:59 A3: Wonderwall 4:18 B1: Don't Look Back In Anger 4:48 B2: Hey Now! 5:41 B3: Untitled 0:44 B4: Bonehead's Bank Holiday 3:47 C1: Some Might Say 5:29 C2: Cast No Shadow 4:51 C3: She's Electric 3:40 D1: Morning Glory 5:08 D2: Untitled 0:39 D3: Champagne Supernova 7:27
Radiohead  The Bends

Radiohead - The Bends

Original UK pressing from 1995 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Planet Telex 4:18 A2: The Bends 4:06 A3: High And Dry 4:18 A4: Fake Plastic Trees 4:50 A5: Bones 3:09 A6: (Nice Dream) 3:53 B1: Just 3:55 B2: My Iron Lung 4:36 B3: Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was 3:29 B4: Black Star 4:07 B5: Sulk 3:43 B6: Street Spirit (Fade Out) 4:12
Glove  Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition)

Glove - Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition)

The Original Album (And Bonus Tracks) (1983) 1-1: Like An Animal 4:44 1-2: Looking Glass Girl 4:56 1-3: Sex-Eye-Make-Up 4:22 1-4: Mr. Alphabet Says 3:50 1-5: A Blues In Drag 3:12 1-6: Punish Me With Kisses 3:40 1-7: This Green City 4:34 1-8: Orgy 3:19 1-9: Perfect Murder 4:27 1-10: Relax 6:13 1-11: The Man From Nowhere (Original Instrumental Mix) 1:46 1-12: Mouth To Mouth (Landray Vocal Mix) 5:40 1-13: Punish Me With Kisses (Mike Hedges Mix) 3:30 1-14: he Tightrope (Original Instrumental Mix) 3:22 1-15: Like An Animal (12" Club What Club? Mix) 5:38 Rarities (1983) 2-1: Like An Animal (RS Vocal Demo) 4:38 2-2: Looking Glass Girl (RS Vocal Demo) 4:28 2-3: Sex-Eye-Make-Up (RS Vocal Demo) 4:27 2-4: Mr. Alphabet Says (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 4:06 2-5: A Blues In Drag (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 3:11 2-6: Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo) 3:30 2-7: This Green City (RS Vocal Demo) 4:31 2-8: Orgy (RS Vocal Demo) 3:41 2-9: Perfect Murder (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 4:04 2-10: Relax (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 6:15 2-11: The Man From Nowhere (Alt Instrumental Mix) 1:47 2-12: Mouth To Mouth (RS Vocal Demo) 6:06 2-13: Opened The Box (A Waltz) (RS Vocal Demo) 1:29 2-14: The Tightrope (Almost Time) (RS Vocal Demo) 3:14 2-15: And All Around Us The Mermaids Sang (AKA Torment) (RS Vocal Demo) 3:26 2-16: Holiday 80 (Original Instrumental Mix) 1:45
Depeche Mode  Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Collectors Edition)

Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Collectors Edition)

CD-1: I Feel You 4:36 CD-2: Walking In My Shoes 5:26 CD-3: Condemnation 3:29 CD-4: Mercy In You 4:20 CD-5: Judas 5:13 CD-6: In Your Room 6:23 CD-7: Get Right With Me 3:51 CD-8: Rush 4:40 CD-9: One Caress 3:33 CD-10: Higher Love 5:56 A Short Film DVD-1: Depeche Mode : 1991-94 (We Were Going To Live Together, Record Together And It Was Going To Be Wonderful) Songs Of Faith And Devotion In 5.1 And Stereo DVD-2: I Feel You DVD-3: Walking In My Shoes DVD-4: Condemnation DVD-5: Mercy In You DVD-6: Judas DVD-7: In Your Room DVD-8: Get Right With Me DVD-9: Rush DVD-10: One Caress DVD-11: Higher Love Additional Tracks DVD-12: My Joy DVD-13: Condemnation (Paris Mix) DVD-14: Death's Door (Jazz Mix) DVD-15: In Your Room (Zephyr Mix) DVD-16: I Feel You (Life's Too Short Mix) DVD-17: Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix) DVD-18: My Joy (Slowslide Mix) DVD-19: In Your Room (Apex Mix)
Rolling Stones  Exile On Main St.

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St.

UK First Pressing - No postcards - A1: Rocks Off 4:33 A2: Rip This Joint 2:24 A3: Shake Your Hips 2:58 A4: Casino Boogie 3:30 A5: Tumbling Dice 3:30 B1: Sweet Virginia 4:25 B2: Torn And Frayed 3:40 B3: Sweet Black Angel 3:05 B4: Loving Cup 4:22 C1: Happy 3:00 C2: Turd On The Run 2:33 C3: Ventilator Blues 3:20 C4: I Just Want To See His Face 3:15 C5: Let It Loose 5:17 D1: All Down The Line 3:50 D2: Stop Breaking Down 4:34 D3: Shine A Light 4:15 D4: Soul Survivor 3:50
Steamhammer Steamhammer

Steamhammer - Steamhammer

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1969 - gatefold sleeve is a bit wavy - A1: Water (Part One) A2: Junior's Wailing A3: Lost You Too A4: She Is In Fire A5: You'll Never Know A6: Even The Clock B1: Down The Highway B2: On Your Road B3: 24. Hours B4: When All Your Friends Are Gone B5: Water (Part Two)
Michael Chapman Rainmaker

Michael Chapman - Rainmaker

UK Repress from 1970 (with boxed EMI logo on label) - A1: It Didn't Work Out A2: Rainmaker A3: You Say A4: Thank You P.K. 1944 A5: No-one Left To Care A6: Small Stones B1: Not So Much A Garden - More Like A Maze B2: No Song To Sing B3: One Time Thing B4: Sunday Morning B5: Goodbye To Monday Night
White Stripes  Elephant

White Stripes - Elephant

Original UK pressing from 2003 - A1: Seven Nation Army 3:51 A2: Black Math 3:03 A3: There's No Home For You Here 3:43 B1: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 2:46 B2: In The Cold, Cold Night 2:58 B3: I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart 3:20 B4: You've Got Her In Your Pocket 3:39 C1: Ball And Biscuit 7:19 C2: The Hardest Button To Button 3:32 C3: Little Acorns 4:09 D1: Hypnotize 1:48 D2: The Air Near My Fingers 3:40 D3: Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine 3:17 D4: It's True That We Love One Another 2:42
Camel Camel

Camel - Camel

UK Repress from 1974 ( MUPS 473) - Black MCA label with NO rainbow. A1: Slow Yourself Down A2: Mystic Queen A3: Six Ate A4: Separation B1: Never Let Go B2: Curiosity B3: Arubaluba
Throbbing Gristle  Mission Of Dead Souls

Throbbing Gristle - Mission Of Dead Souls

UK Pressing on Fetish Records from 1981 - A1: Dead Souls A2: Guts On The Floor A3: Circle Of Animals A4: Looking For The OTO A5: Vision And Voice B1: Funeral Rites B2: Spirits Flying B3: Persuasion USA B4: Thee Process B5: Discipline (Reprise)
Throbbing Gristle  Second Annual Report

Throbbing Gristle - Second Annual Report

UK Reissue on Fetish Records from 1981 - A1: Industrial Introduction A2: Slug Bait - ICA A3: Slug Bait - Live At Southampton A4: Slug Bait - Live At Brighton A5: Maggot Death - Studio A6: Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club A7: Maggot Death - Live At Southampton A8: Maggot Death - Live At Brighton B1: After Cease To Exist - The Original Soundtrack Of The Coum Transmissions Film
Artwoods  What Shall I Do

Artwoods - What Shall I Do

A: What Shall I Do B: In The Deep End
Ernie K-Doe  Real Man

Ernie K-Doe - Real Man

French pressing from 1962 - A1: Real Man 2:13 A2: Hey, Hey, Hey 2:40 B1: A Certain Girl 2:42 B2: I Got To Find Somebody 2:33
John Lennon  Imagine

John Lennon - Imagine

Original UK pressing from 1971 with original printed inner sleeve, poster and postcard - A1: Imagine 2:59 A2: Crippled Inside 3:43 A3: Jealous Guy 4:10 A4: It's So Hard 2:22 A5: I Don't Want To Be A Soldier 6:01 B1: Give Me Some Truth 3:11 B2: Oh My Love 2:40 B3: How Do You Sleep? 5:29 B4: How? 3:37 B5: Oh Yoko! 4:18
Fall  Live At The Witch Trials

Fall - Live At The Witch Trials

Original first UK pressing from 1979 on Step-Forward - A1: Frightened 5:02 A2: Crap Rap 2 / Like To Blow 2:03 A3: Rebellious Jukebox 2:54 A4: No Xmas For John Quays 4:37 A5: Mother-Sister! 3:22 A6: Industrial Estate 2:03 B1: Underground Medecin 2:05 B2: Two Steps Back 5:02 B3: Live At The Witch Trials 0:52 B4: Futures And Pasts 2:35 B5: Music Scene 8:04
Lee Hazlewood  Requiem For An Almost Lady

Lee Hazlewood - Requiem For An Almost Lady

Original UK pressing from 1971 on Reprise - A1: I'm Glad I Never... 1:02 A2: If It's A Monday Morning 3:53 A3: L.A. Lady 2:19 A4: Won't You Tell Your Dreams 3:51 A5: I'll Live Yesterdays 2:50 B1: Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain) 2:31 B2: Stone Lost Child 2:00 B3: Come On Home To Me 2:51 B4: Must Have Been Something I Loved 1:38 B5: I'd Rather Be Your Enemy 2:12
Susumu Yokota  Image 1983 - 1998

Susumu Yokota - Image 1983 - 1998

A1: Kaiten Mokuba A2: Tayutafu A3: Fukoro No Yume A4: Wani Natte A5: Sakashima A6: Morino Gakudan A7: Nisemono No Uta B1: Daremoshiranai Chiisanakuni B2: Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade B3: Yumekui Kobito B4: Amai Niyoi B5: Enogu B6: Amanogawa
Larry Heard  Ice Castles

Larry Heard - Ice Castles

UK pressing from 1998 - cover has mild edge wear in places - A1: Crystal Fantasy 4:43 A2: Tryblennasense 6:07 A3: Romantic Sway 4:54 A4: Techno-Centric 4:19 A5: Forbidden 6:03 B1: Solitude 2:34 B2: Carla´s Dance 5:39 B3: Night Images 5:59 B4: Ice Castles 5:11 B5: Nature´s Bliss 5:29
Human Beinz  Nobody But Me

Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

A: Nobody But Me B: Sueno
New Order  Movement

New Order - Movement

Original UK pressing from 1981 - plain inner sleeve. Matrix:- FACT50A-1 CP JL / FACT50B-2 GG TOWN HOUSE - A1: Dreams Never End 3:13 A2: Truth 4:37 A3: Senses 4:45 A4: Chosen Time 4:07 B1: ICB 4:33 B2: The Him 5:29 B3: Doubts Even Here 4:16 B4: Denial 4:20
Aphrodite's Child  It's Five O'Clock

Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock

UK transitional pressing (2384-005) with gatefold sleeve - A1: It's Five O'Clock 3:29 A2: Wake Up 4:05 A3: Take Your Time 2:40 A4: Annabella 3:55 A5: Let Me Love, Let Me Live 4:42 B1: Funky Mary 2:44 B2: Good Time So Fine 3:30 B3: Marie Jolie 4:47 B4: Such A Funny Night 3:13
Big Star  Third [Test Pressing Edition]

Big Star - Third [Test Pressing Edition]

Limited to 2000 copies, released exclusively in record stores on Record Store Day 2011 in a box - A1: Stroke It Noel 2:06 A2: Downs 1:52 A3: Femme Fatale 3:29 A4: Thank You Friends 3:07 A5: Holocaust 3:49 A6: Jesus Christ 2:39 A7: Blue Moon 2:03 B1: Kizza Me 2:43 B2: For You 2:43 B3: O, Dana 2:35 B4: Nighttime 2:53 B5: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 3:23 B6: Kanga Roo 3:45 B7: Take Care 2:43
Hawkwind  X In Search Of Space

Hawkwind - X In Search Of Space

Original European Pressing but sleeve printed and made in England. From 1971 with Gimmix Cover + Booklet - A1: You Shouldn't Do That 16:15 A2: You Know You're Only Dreaming 6:47 B1: Master Of The Universe 6:35 B2: We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago 4:56 B3: Adjust Me 5:58 B4: Children Of The Sun 4:08
Uriah Heep  Look At Yourself

Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself

Original UK pressing from 1971 with lyric inner sleeve , which has been taped - A1: Look At Yourself 5:07 A2: I Wanna Be Free 3:59 A3: July Morning 10:36 B1: Tears In My Eyes 5:02 B2: Shadows Of Grief 8:40 B3: What Should Be Done 4:13 B4: Love Machine 3:37
Iggy Pop  Lust For Life

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

Original UK pressing on RCA Victor from 1977 - A1: Lust For Life 5:12 A2: Sixteen 2:23 A3: Some Weird Sin 3:40 A4: The Passenger 4:40 A5: Tonight 3:38 B1: Success 4:23 B2: Turn Blue 6:53 B3: Neighborhood Threat 3:22 B4: Fall In Love With Me 6:30
Verve  Urban Hymns

Verve - Urban Hymns

Original European pressing from 1997 - Band Side Labels, RIM text - A1: Bitter Sweet Symphony A2: Sonnet A3: The Rolling People B1: The Drugs Don't Work B2: Catching The Butterfly B3: Neon Wilderness C1: Space And Time C2: Weeping Willow C3: Lucky Man C4: One Day D1: This Time D2: Velvet Morning D3: Come On
Boothill Foot-Tappers Ain't That Far From Boothill

Boothill Foot-Tappers - Ain't That Far From Boothill

1. Love And Affection 2. Jealousy 3. Pride Takes A Fall 4. Nothing Ventured 5. Feelings 6. Sunday Evening 7. Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes 8. Have You Got The Confidence For The Trick? 9. Stand Or Fall 10. What's The Matter? 11. There's No Way (I Can Leave You Alone) 12. Too Much Time Bonus Tracks 13. Milk Train 14. True Blues 15. People Get Ready 16. Chasing Women 17. Bringing In The Georgia Mail 18. A Bowl Of Porridge 19. Come See About Me 20. Too Much Time (7" Version) 21. How's Jack 22. Coloured Aristocracy 23. New River Train 24. Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes (Single Version)
Chicken Shack  Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

Chicken Shack - Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

UK Mono pressing from 1968 - back cover is torn where sticker has been removed - also some writing on back cover and label - A1: The Letter 4:25 A2: Lonesome Whistle Blues 3:05 A3: When The Train Comes Back 3:35 A4: San-Ho-Zay 3:05 A5: King Of The World 5:00 B1: See See Baby 2:25 B2: First Time I Met The Blues 6:25 B3: Webbed Feet 2:55 B4: You Ain't No Good 3:35 B5: What You Did Last Night 4:40
Jesus And Mary Chain  Stoned & Dethroned

Jesus And Mary Chain - Stoned & Dethroned

2xCD + DVD - Sealed, but promo sticker over barcode - Stoned & Dethroned CD1-1: Dirty Water 3:09 CD1-2: Bullet Lovers 3:40 CD1-3: Sometimes Always 2:32 CD1-4: Come On 2:14 CD1-5: Between Us 3:00 CD1-6: Hole 2:16 CD1-7: Never Saw It Coming 3:33 CD1-8: She 3:09 CD1-9: Wish I Could 2:43 CD1-10: Save Me 2:44 CD1-11: Till It Shines 3:18 CD1-12: God Help Me 2:48 CD1-13: Girlfriend 3:17 CD1-14: Everybody I Know 2:14 CD1-15: You've Been A Friend 3:37 CD1-16: These Days 2:32 CD1-17: Feeling Lucky 2:22 Sound Of Speed EP CD1-18: Snakedriver 3:43 CD1-19: Something I Can't Have 3:04 CD1-20: Write Record Release Blues 2:59 CD1-21: Little Red Rooster 3:27 BBC Radio Session CD1-22: Come On 2:12 CD1-23: God Help Me (William Vocal) 2:44 CD1-24: Everybody I Know 2:22 CD1-25: The Perfect Crime 1:36 Outtakes CD1-26: Till I Found You 2:06 CD1-27: Dirty Water (Demo - William Vocal) 3:14 CD1-28: God Help Me (Alternat Vocal Take) 2:48 B-Sides CD2-1: The Perfect Crime 1:35 CD2-2: Little Stars 3:33 CD2-3: Drop (Re-recorded) 1:53 CD2-4: I'm In With The Out Crowd 2:38 CD2-5: New York City 1:59 CD2-6: Taking It Away 2:13 CD2-7: Ghost Of A Smile 2:55 CD2-8: Alphabet Street 2:18 CD2-9: New Kind Of Kick 2:49 CD2-10: Come On 3:17 Live At The Trinity Centre, Bristol - 19th April, 1995 CD2-11: Reverence 5:20 CD2-12: Snakedriver 3:50 CD2-13: Come On 2:48 CD2-14: Happy When It Rains 3:22 CD2-15: Teenage Lust 3:35 CD2-16: The Perfect Crime 1:38 CD2-17: Everybody I Know 2:11 CD2-18: Girlfriend 3:14 CD2-19: Hole 2:01 CD2-20: Head On 3:59 CD2-21: Sugar Ray 4:38 CD2-22: I Hate Rock 'N' Roll 3:43 Interview CD2-23: Jim & William Talk To Steve Lamacq About Stone & Dethroned 9:18 Promo Videos DVD-1: Snake Driver 3:42 DVD-2: Something I Can't Have 3:02 DVD-3: Sometimes Always 2:33 DVD-4: Come On 3:16 TV Appearances DVD-5: Something I Can't Have - Later With Jools Holland 3:09 DVD-6: Snakedriver - Later With Jools Holland 4:35 DVD-7: Reverence - Live On MTV 120 Minutes 5:38 DVD-8: Sometimes Always - Live On MTV 120 Minutes 2:38 DVD-9: Everybody I Know - Live At MTV Studios 2:26 DVD-10: Come On - Live At MTV Studios 2:38 DVD-11: Interview - MTV 21:12
Flaming Lips  Embryonic

Flaming Lips - Embryonic

Limited Edition 2xCD + DVD - Deluxe Edition in custom fur box - CD1-1: Convinced Of The Hex 3:57 CD1-2: The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine 4:14 CD1-3: Evil 5:38 CD1-4: Aquarius Sabotage 2:10 CD1-5: See The Leaves 4:24 CD1-6: If 2:05 CD1-7: Gemini Syringes 3:41 CD1-8: Your Bats 2:35 CD1-9: Powerless 6:58 CD2-1: The Ego's Last Stand 5:40 CD2-2: I Can Be A Frog 2:14 CD2-3: Sagittarius Silver Announcement 2:59 CD2-4: Worm Mountain 5:22 CD2-5: Scorpio Sword 2:02 CD2-6: The Impulse 3:30 CD2-7: Silver Trembling Hands 3:59 CD2-8: Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast 3:44 CD2-9: Watching The Planets 5:17

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