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We have 28034 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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Brenda Lee All Alone Am I A: All Alone Am I B: Save All Your Lovin' For Me
7" £2.99
Beatles From Me To You A: From Me To You B: Thank You Girl - Green Parlophone sleeve
7" £2.99
Elgins Put Yourself In My Place A: Put Yourself In My Place B: It's Gonna Be Hard Times - solid centre
7" £3.99
Monkees I'm A Believer A: I'm A Believer 2:41 B: (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone 2:25
7" £2.99
Prince Buster's All Stars Al Capone A: Al Capone B: One Step Beyond
7" £9.99
Leyland Kirby Presents V/Vm The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback) 1. Monroes Stockport 5:12 2. Moggy & Wearden 5:19 3. Machete's At The Banshee 3:38 4. Acid Alan, Haggis & Scott 5:44 5. Marple Libradome '91 5:20 6. Smithy & Dave The Rave 5:17 7. Big Eddie's Van - Bowlers Car Park 5:39 8. XR2 Mk1 Sale Waterpark 4:39
CD £10.99
Steve's Trax Theme To Space Opera A: Theme To Space Opera B1: My Poor Aching Heart B2: Fuzzy Koto
12" £4.99
Major Setback Band Crashing Out! A1: Blind In The Night A2: Spontaneous Object Expansion A3: Dr. Feelgood A4: Scar Of Reality A5: Sweet Thing (Trash Girl) B1: Feel So Bad B2: A Stranger's Heart B3: Nothing Matters B4: Twenty Yards Behind B5: Trash Man
LP £9.99
Kraftwerk The Man Machine Canadian Pressing - no printed inner sleeve - A1: The Robots 6:11 A2: Spacelab 5:51 A3: Metropolis 5:59 B1: The Model 3:38 B2: Neon Lights 9:03 B3: The Man Machine 5:28
LP £9.99
Various Who's The Man? (Music From The Original Motion Pic A1: BIG - Party & Bullshit 3:43 A2: Jodeci - Let's Go Through The Motions 5:11 A3: Pete Rock & CL Smooth - What's Next On The Menu? 5:30 A4: Mary J. Blige - You Don't Have To Worry 4:54 A5: Erick Sermon - Hittin' Switches 5:56 B1: Heavy D & Buju Banton - Hotness 3:55 B2: House Of Pain - Who's The Man? 4:04 B3: Father M.C. - Pimp Or Die 3:55 B4: Spark 950 & Timbo King - Hello, It's Me 3:42 B5: 3rd Eye & The Group Home - Ease Up 3:56
LP £4.99
Rolling Stones Not Fade Away A: Not Fade Away B: Little By Little
7" £4.99
Otis Redding My Girl A: My Girl B: Down In The Valley
7" £2.99
Elvis Presley Such A Night A: Such A Night B: Never Ending
7" £2.99
Suzanne Ciani Liberator A: Liberator B: Summer
7" £9.99
Realm Hard Time Loving You A: Hard Time Loving You 2:27 B: Certain Kind Of Girl 2:33
7" £24.99
James Gilreath Little Band Of Gold A: Little Band Of Gold 2:15 B: I'll Walk With You 2:00
7" £1.99
Sterling Moss vs Nick Lunn Mainframe A: Sterling Moss vs Nick Lunn - Mainframe B: Sterling Moss - Body Move
12" £3.99
Cure Boys Don't Cry A1: Boys Don't Cry 2:50 A2: Plastic Passion 2:49 A3: 10:15 Saturday Night 2:40 A4: Accuracy 2:15 A5: Object 2:58 A6: Jumping Someone Else's Train 2:57 A7: Subway Song 1:57 B1: Killing An Arab 2:30 B2: Fire In Cairo 3:20 B3: Another Day 3:42 B4: Grinding Halt 2:49 B5: World War 2:30 B6: Three Imaginary Boys 3:12
LP £14.99
Bonnie Raitt Give It Up Gatefold Sleeve showing slight wear - A1: Give It Up Or Let Me Go 4:28 A2: Nothing Seems To Matter 4:04 A3: I Know 3:51 A4: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody 2:54 A5: Love Me Like A Man 3:23 B1: Stayed Too Long At The Fair 2:54 B2: Under The Falling Sky 3:38 B3: You Got To Know How 3:38 B4: You Told Me Baby 3:43 B5: Love Has No Pride 3:46
LP £4.99
Bootsy Collins Party On Plastic A: Party On Plastic (What's Bootsy Doin'?) 6:59 B1: Party On Plastic (What's Bootsy Doin'?) (With Rap) 3:48 B2: A Creative Nuisance (Nobody Understands) (Party Mix) 6:30 - promo stamp on back cover
12" £2.99
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Owen Pallett In Conflict
2xLP £21.99
Eels The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett
2xLP £21.99
Ben Frost A U R O R A
LP £19.99
Swans To Be Kind
3xLP £24.99
Cindytalk touchedRAWKISSEDsour
CD £9.99
Cindytalk - touchedRAWKISSEDsour - Not all that dissimilar from the trend one time collaborator Robert Hampson made from Loop to Main to his solo works, Gordon Sharp has also evolved from a more conventional musician (appearing on works by This Mortal Coil and the Cocteau Twins no less) to an idiosyncratic electronic composer in the past 30 years. In line with his work from the earlier part of this century, touchedRAWKISSEDsour is a mass of laptop generated noises that are actually much more nuanced then they would seem on the surface, intentionally obscuring a rich world of composition. One of the things I found most compelling about my first listen to touchedRAWKISSEDsour is how Sharp sneakily mixes in conventional sounds and instrumentation in these otherwise digital whirlwind chaotic recordings. Low-end sweeps and high pitched screeching might be the first impression of "Dancing on Ledges," but a little bit of guitar begins to sneak through and at the end taking on an almost overtly funk sound to it. Piano appears throughout on the lengthy "Yugao," and makes for a stark traditionalist contrast between the off-kilter orchestral samples and textural layers of DSP noise. It makes for perhaps the most melodic, beautiful piece of music on the album, but sounds like it came from a different universe entirely. Noisy might be a characteristic of recent Cindytalk albums, and this is no exception, but there is also a good deal of rhythm to be had, even though it might be unconventional to say the least. "E Quindi Uscimmo a Riveder le Stelle" has Sharp piling dissonant loops together with harsher moments of laptop noise stabbing through. The loops, while of an unclear source, have a metallic complexity to them that fits together like a digital gamelan. Closing piece "Mystery Sings Out" is built from similar rhythmic techniques, but, in a more open, subdued composition. What sounds like synthetically modeled rain and thunder sounds creates the mood as bits of voice sneak through, perhaps as a passing reference to Sharp's previous role as a vocalist. More rudimentary and erratic rhythms underscore "Reversing the Panopticon," paired with a twinkling, melodic electronic passage up front in the mix. While at first it might seem to follow a more conventional structure, before long it slips into disorder and entropic noise, with even what sounds like some raw guitar feedback tacked on at the end. A majestic, almost fragile melody also is emphasized on "Mouth of my Sky (Open Up and Swallow Me)," but again placed within the confines of a larger industrial soundscape. The beautiful and ugly slowly lurch along together for the piece, paired up perfectly. Like last year's A Life is Everywhere, touchedRAWKISSEDsour at first blush makes for a messy, dissonant and extremely chaotic sounding record. It does not take long, however, for Sharp's musicianship and ear for composition to reveal itself. These concessions to melody, or brief flashes of conventional instrumentation is exactly what makes this album so memorable. Complex and multifaceted, each song seems to mutate with every listen, a feat very few artists working in similarly discordant techniques can manage to accomplish. From May 2014 . Click here to buy from Pulse Records.

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