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We have 30856 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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Moving Dawn Orchestra  Dials

Moving Dawn Orchestra - Dials

Limited edition CD-R of 50 copies. Packaged in a letter pressed carton sleeve that slips inside a stitched fabric pouch with 8-pages photo insert, a unique twine-tied photo album, sticker, badge, card-insert - 1. Spring: Hymn/ Hymn 8:10 2. Summer: Keep Still 8:05 3. Autumn: Between Hands 8:00 4. Winter: Silhouette 7:39
Edgar Broughton Band Edgar Broughton Band

Edgar Broughton Band - Edgar Broughton Band

Original UK pressing from 1971 with textured gatefold sleeve without the boxed EMI logo on the record label. - vinyl has slight bag rash that does not affect playback - A1: Evening Over Rooftops A2: The Birth A3: Piece Of My Own A4a: Poppy A4b: Don't Even Know Which Day It Is B1: House Of Turnabout B2: Madhatter B3a: Getting Hard (Intro) B3b: What Is A Woman For B4: Thinking Of You B5a: For Dr. Spock (Part One) B5b: For Dr. Spock (Part Two)
Artwoods  Art Gallery

Artwoods - Art Gallery

UK Mono pressing on Decca Eclipse ‎- ECM 2025 from 1969 - A1: Can You Hear Me A2: Down In The Valley A3: Things Get Better A4: Walk On The Wild Side A5: I Keep Forgettin' A6: Keep Lookin' B1: One More Heartache B2: Work, Work, Work B3: Be My Lady B4: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody B5: Stop And Think It Over B6: Don't Cry No More
Clash  London Calling

Clash - London Calling

Original UK pressing with lyric inserts rather than inner sleeves - Matrix:- CL 1-2-A1 CBS-S-CLASH-3A timtom / CL-1-2-B1 CBS-S-CLASH-3B timtom / CL 3-4-A2 CBS-S-CLASH 3-C2 timtom / CL-3-4-B3 CBS-S-CLASH 3-D3 ty TRACK 5 IS "TRAIN IN VAIN" - A1: London Calling 3:17 A2: Brand New Cadillac 2:05 A3: Jimmy Jazz 3:51 A4: Hateful 2:42 A5: Rudie Can't Fail 3:25 B1: Spanish Bombs 3:17 B2: The Right Profile 3:50 B3: Lost In The Supermarket 3:43 B4: Clampdown 3:45 B5: The Guns Of Brixton 3:08 C1: Wrong 'Em Boyo 3:08 C2: Death Or Glory 3:52 C3: Koka Kola 1:44 C4: The Card Cheat 3:44 D1: Lover's Rock 3:59 D2: Four Horsemen 2:55 D3: I'm Not Down 3:03 D4: Revolution Rock 5:29 D5: Train In Vain 3:02
Cliff Richard  The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1958-1963

Cliff Richard - The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1958-1963

4 ◊ CD, Compilation in 12" Box Set - CDs do not look as if they have ever left the box - includes booklet and original merchandise insert - 1-1: Schoolboy Crush 1-2: High Class Baby 1-3: My Feet Hit The Ground 1-4: Don't Bug Me Baby 1-5: King Creole 1-6: Tv Hop 1-7: Rockin' Robin 1-8: I'll Try 1-9: High School Confidential 1-10: Early In The Morning 1-11: Somebody Touched Me 1-12: Livin' Lovin' Doll 1-13: Mean Streak 1-14: Never Mind (Mono) 1-15: Steady With You 1-16: My Babe (Live) 1-17: Move It (Live) 1-18: That'll Be The Day (Live) 1-19: Danny (Live) 1-20: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1-21: One Night (Live) 1-22: Apron Strings 1-23: Dynamite 1-24: I Gotta Know 1-25: The Snake And The Bookworm 1-26: Here Comes Summer (Stereo Ep Version) 1-27: Twenty Flight Rock 1-28: Blue Suede Shoes
Golinski Brothers  Bloody

Golinski Brothers - Bloody

A: Bloody B: Toy
Tights  Bad Hearts

Tights - Bad Hearts

A: Bad Hearts 3:37 B1: It 2:39 B2: Cracked 3:20
My Bloody Valentine  Isn't Anything

My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything

Original UK pressing on Creation Records from 1988 - A1: Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) A2: Lose My Breath A3: Cupid Come A4: (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream A5: No More Sorry A6: All I Need B1: Feed Me With Your Kiss B2: Sueisfine B3: Several Girls Galore B4: You Never Should B5: Nothing Much To Lose B6: I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
Matthieu Hartley  Gate Crashing

Matthieu Hartley - Gate Crashing

A1: Gate Crashing A2: As Long As It's You B1: Alienation B2: Safe And Sound
Sound From The Lions Mouth

Sound - From The Lions Mouth

Original UK pressing from 1981 on Korova with gatefold sleeve - A1: Winning A2: Sense Of Purpose A3: Contact The Fact A4: Skeletons A5: Judgement B1: Fatal Flaw B2: Possession B3: The Fire B4: Silent Air B5: New Dark Age
Smiths  Meat Is Murder

Smiths - Meat Is Murder

First UK pressing on Rough Trade from 1985 with lyric inner sleeve - Matrix:-A1 / B2 - A1: The Headmaster Ritual 4:52 A2: Rusholme Ruffians 4:19 A3: I Want The One I Can't Have 3:13 A4: What She Said 2:40 A5: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore 4:57 B1: Nowhere Fast 2:35 B2: Well I Wonder 4:00 B3: Barbarism Begins At Home 7:00 B4: Meat Is Murder 6:05
Wire  Pink Flag

Wire - Pink Flag

Original UK pressing from 1977 on Harvest with lyric inner sleeve. Matrix:- A-4 / B-2 - A1: Reuters A2: Field Day For The Sundays A3: Three Girl Rhumba A4: Ex Lion Tamer A5: Lowdown A6: Start To Move A7: Brazil A8: It's So Obvious A9: Surgeon's Girl A10: Pink Flag B1: The Commercial B2: Straight Line B3: 106 Beats That B4: Mr. Suit B5: Strange B6: Fragile B7: Mannequin B8: Different To Me B9: Champs B10: Feeling Called Love B11: 1 2 X U
Art Attacks  I Am A Dalek

Art Attacks - I Am A Dalek

A: I Am A Dalek 2:58 B: Neutron Bomb
Rudimentary Peni  Farce

Rudimentary Peni - Farce

Comes in a foldout poster sleeve - A1: Sacrifice A2: Cosmetic Plague A3: Subdued Violence A4: Only Human A5: The Bile Ball A6: Farce B1: Bloody Jellies B2: Mice Race B3: Defined By Age B4: Zero Again B5: Bubble
Felt  Something Sends Me To Sleep

Felt - Something Sends Me To Sleep

A1: Something Sends Me To Sleep A2: Red Indians AA1: Something Sends Me To Sleep (Version) AA2: Red Indians
Sex Pistols  Anarchy In The U.K.

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The U.K.

Original UK pressing from 1986 with Dave Goodman correctly credited on B side label - Original EMI sleeve - A: Anarchy In The U.K. B: I Wanna Be Me
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Doctor Dunbar's Prescription

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Doctor Dunbar's Prescription

Original UK Mono pressing from 1969 - back cover has some staining - A1: The Fugitive A2: Till Your Lovin Makes Me Blue A3: Now That I've Lost You A4: I Tried A5: Change Your Low Down Ways B1: Call My Woman 3:10 B2: The Devil Drives 2:42 B3: Low Gear Man 2:55 B4: Tuesday's Blues 3:35 B5: Mean Old World 3:05
Juicy Lucy  Lie Back And Enjoy It

Juicy Lucy - Lie Back And Enjoy It

Original UK pressing from 1970 in a 6 part foldout poster sleeve, which is just about intact, but quite tatty - includes Vertigo large swirl inner - A1: Thinking Of My Life 4:27 A2: Built For Comfort 6:00 A3: Pretty Woman 3:12 A4: Whisky In My Jar 4:00 B1: Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham 4:15 B2: Changed My Mind 3:07 B3: That Woman's Got Something 2:53 B4: Willie The Pimp 7:08 B5: Lie Back And Enjoy It 7:08
Dennis Wilson  Pacific Ocean Blue

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue

Original UK pressing from 1977 with gatefold sleeve and lyric insert - A1: River Song 3:44 A2: What's Wrong 2:22 A3: Moonshine 2:26 A4: Friday Night 3:09 A5 Dreamer 4:22 A6: Thoughts Of You 3:02 B1: Time 3:30 B2: You And I 3:25 B3: Pacific Ocean Blues 2:37 B4: Farewell My Friend 2:24 B5: Rainbows 2:51 B6: End Of The Show 2:56
Thick Pigeon  Too Crazy Cowboys

Thick Pigeon - Too Crazy Cowboys

Original UK pressing from 1984 on Factory Records- A1: Troglodytes A2: Sudan A3: Crime A4: Help A5: Fred + Andy B1: Misuse B2: Nuns + Soldiers B3: DB B4: Babcock + Wilcox B5: Jess + Bart B6: Hank
Big Black  Headache

Big Black - Headache

Limited Edition UK Edition with gold seal - Unsealed, but unplayed - complete with booklet and poster - both vinyls are blood red / maroon - Headache A1: My Disco 2:50 A2: Grinder 2:24 B1: Ready Men 3:48 B2: King Dick 2:41 Heartbeat C: Heartbeat 3:47 D1: Things To Do Today 1:44 D2: I Can't Believe 1:03
Madonna  Lucky Star

Madonna - Lucky Star

A: Lucky Star (Full Length Version) 5:38 B: I Know It 3:47
Vice Versa  Music 4

Vice Versa - Music 4

A1: New Girls Neutrons 2:08 A2: Science Fact 2:44 B1: Riot Squad 1:45 B2: Camille 3:10 - Comes in a fold-out sleeve
Psychic TV  Force The Hand Of Chance

Psychic TV - Force The Hand Of Chance

Limited Edition First Edition from 1982 with bonus LP and poster - Force The Hand Of Chance A1: Just Drifting A2: Terminus A3: Stolen Kisses A4: Caresse B1: Guiltless B2: No Go Go B3: Ov Power B4: Message From The Temple Themes C1: Part I. Piano And Clarinet. C2: Part II. 23 Tibetan Human Thigh Bones. C3: Part III. Cowbell, Bicycle Wheels And Vibes. D1: Part IV. New Guinea Headhunters Pipe, Large And Small Drum. D2: Part V. Piano And String Machine. D3: Part VI. Recording Made At Jonestown, Guyana At The Time Of The Suicides. D4: Part VII. African Initiation Drum And Animal Tusk Horn. D5: Part VIII. Various Temple Bells, Gongs, Cymbals And Vibes.
Stephen Mallinder  Temperature Drop

Stephen Mallinder - Temperature Drop

A: Temperature Drop 5:06 B: Cool Down 6:50
Portion Control  Archive

Portion Control - Archive

4xCD + 1xCD-ROM in box - I Staggered Mentally CD1-1: He Is Patriotic 3:06 CD1-2: Out Of Order 3:48 CD1-3: Plateau Stage 4:12 CD1-4: All Present And Correct 3:30 CD1-5: Karsic 3:19 CD1-6: Sex Crimes 4:28 CD1-7: Sure Is Kinda Spooky 2:28 CD1-8: Mass Disorder 4:56 CD1-9: Fiends 3:20 CD1-10: Sort Out 3:07 Hit The Pulse CD1-11: Chew You To Bits (Version) 3:55 CD1-12: Discord 5:18 CD1-13: Crash Weight Gain 3:01 CD1-14: Eat Your Heart 4:07 CD1-15: Thrust Angle 2:54 CD1-16: Death By Venom (Ricochet Mix) 3:28 CD1-17: Abbodabbo 3:07 Step Forward CD2-1: Refugee 4:05 CD2-2: Under The Skin 4:02 CD2-3: Mutie 1:54 CD2-4: Tex ~ Mex 3:43 CD2-5: Tongue Beat 2:25 CD2-6: Micro Box 1:46 CD2-7: Micro Box 2 0:39 CD2-8: Real Estate Cult 3:38 CD2-9: Tin 1:24 CD2-10: Havoc Man 4:55 CD2-11: 319 1:17 CD2-12: Scramble 3:06 CD2-13: Son Of Go Talk 3:22 Psycho Bod Saves The World CD2-14: Brain Scraper Death Dive 3:34 CD2-15: Siren City 2:45 CD2-16: Breaker Breaker 0:59 CD2-17: Danger Zone 3:40 CD2-18: Screen Of Death 4:10 CD2-19: Coming For You Baby 2:50 CD2-20: Fistful Of Creds 4:48 CD2-21: Trashville Baby 3:47 CD2-22: Cut And Thrust 3:46 CD2-23: H.O.T Matter 3:41 CD2-24: Soap Distant 1:33 Purge CD3-1: Raise The Pulse 5:06 CD3-2: Go-Talk 5:25 CD3-3: The Great Divide 6:32 CD3-4: Karateka 4:08 Simulatť Sensual CD3-5: Simulate Sensual 2:45 CD3-6: Bombay Cid 3:02 CD3-7: Elektrotechnik 4:46 CD3-8: Moving Towards A Waste 2:32 CD3-9: The Pressure Is High 2:49 CD3-10: New Phaze 3:19 CD3-11: Le Crunch 3:35 CD3-12: If I Could Spit 2:43 CD3-13: Return To Situation 2:18 CD3-14: He Is Patriotic 3:40 CD3-15: Come Alive 2:30 CD3-16: He Is A Barbarian 3:02 Surface And Be Seen CD4-1: Spinola (Blotch) 1:23 CD4-2: Terror Leads To Better Days 3:27 CD4-3: Simple As ABC 3:38 CD4-4: Monstrous Bulk 1:06 CD4-5: He Is A Barbarian 3:49 Raise The Pulse CD4-6: Raise The Pulse 5:49 CD4-7: Collapse 3:15 CD4-8: Bite My Head 4:43 Rough Justice CD4-9: Rough Justice 4:28 CD4-10: Justice 6:34 CD4-11: The Man Who Did Backwards Somersaults 4:06 Go-Talk CD4-12: Go-Talk 4:05 CD4-13: Upsidedown 6:23 CD4-14: Dragdown 2:26 The Great Divide CD4-15: The Great Divide 6:45 CD4-16: Divided 3:07 CD4-17: Bolt It Down 3:42
David Bowie  Hunky Dory

David Bowie - Hunky Dory

Original UK issue, 1st pressing with laminated front cover & spine, un-laminated back. A1: Changes 3:33 A2: Oh! You Pretty Things 3:12 A3: Eight Line Poem 2:53 A4: Life On Mars? 3:48 A5: Kooks 2:49 A6: Quicksand 5:03 B1: Fill Your Heart 3:07 B2: Andy Warhol 3:53 B3: Song For Bob Dylan 4:12 B4: Queen Bitch 3:13 B5: The Bewlay Brothers 5:21
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Original UK Mono pressing from 1968 - A1: My Heart Beat Like A Hammer 2:55 A2: Merry Go Round 4:05 A3: Long Grey Mare 2:15 A4: Hellhound On My Trail 2:00 A5: Shake Your Moneymaker 2:55 A6: Looking For Somebody 2:50 B1: No Place To Go 3:20 B2: My Baby's Good To Me 2:50 B3: I Loved Another Woman 2:55 B4: Cold Black Night 3:15 B5: The World Keep On Turning 2:30 B6: Got To Move 3:20
Fairport Convention  What We Did On Our Holidays

Fairport Convention - What We Did On Our Holidays

Second UK issue, released on the pink island label with the black ''block'' logo in a fully laminated sleeve. Light mark on A2 gives a few barely audible clicks - A1: Fotheringay 3:03 A2: Mr. Lacey 2:50 A3: Book Song 3:12 A4: "The Lord Is In This Place....How Dreadful Is This Place." 1:50 A5: No Man's Land 2:23 A6: I'll Keep It With Mine 5:50 B1: Eastern Rain 3:36 B2: Nottamun Town 3:07 B3: Tale In Hard Time 3:24 B4: She Moves Through The Fair 4:09 B5: Meet On The Ledge 2:49 B6: End Of A Holiday 1:06
Traffic  Mr. Fantasy

Traffic - Mr. Fantasy

UK Pink Island label first pressing on the smooth/ matte label / gatefold sleeve - A1: Heaven Is In Your Mind A2: Berkshire Poppies A3: House For Everyone A4: No Face, No Name And No Number A5: Dear Mr Fantasy B1: Dealer B2: Utterly Simple B3: Coloured Rain B4: Hope I Never Find Me There B5: Giving To You
Bob Dylan  Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan

First UK Stereo pressing from 1962 - A1: You're No Good 1:37 A2: Talkin' New York 3:15 A3: In My Time Of Dyin' 2:37 A4: Man Of Constant Sorrow 3:06 A5: Fixin' To Die 2:17 A6: Pretty Peggy-O 3:22 A7: Highway 51 2:49 B1: Gospel Plow 1:44 B2: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down 2:32 B3: House Of The Risin' Sun 5:15 B4: Freight Train Blues 2:16 B5: Song To Woody 2:39 B6: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 2:40
My Bloody Valentine  You Made Me Realise

My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise

A1: You Made Me Realise A2: Slow B1: Thorn B2: Cigarette In Your Bed B3: Drive It All Over Me - they are quite a few faint specks of age related staining on both sides of the cover - photo probably advisable before purchasing
Sound  Jeopardy

Sound - Jeopardy

Original UK pressing from 1980 with printed inner sleeve - A1: I Can't Escape Myself A2: Heartland A3: Hour Of Need A4: Words Fail Me A5: Missiles B1: Heyday B2: Jeopardy B3: Night Versus Day B4: Resistance B5: Unwritten Law B6: Desire
Cure  Three Imaginary Boys

Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

Original UK pressing on Fiction Records from 1979 with printed inner sleeve (which is slightly creased) - Matrix:- FIX 1 A/ / 1▽E STR 11 9 / FIX 1 B/ / 1▽E STR 11 8 - A1: 10:15 Saturday Night A2: Accuracy A3: Grinding Halt A4: Another Day A5: Object A6: Subway Song B1: Foxy Lady B2: Meathook B3: So What? B4: Fire In Cairo B5: It's Not You B6: Three Imaginary Boys B7: The Weedy Burton
Smiths  Hatful Of Hollow

Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow

Original UK pressing from 1984 on Rough Trade with gatefold sleeve / lyric inner sleeve and Garrod & Lofthouse credit on back cover. Stickered cover - A1: William, It Was Really Nothing 2:09 A2: What Difference Does It Make? 3:42 A3: These Things Take Time 2:33 A4: This Charming Man 2:43 A5: How Soon Is Now? 6:43 A6: Handsome Devil 2:46 A7: Hand In Glove 3:14 A8: Still Ill 3:54 B1: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 3:34 B2: This Night Has Opened My Eyes 3:40 B3: You've Got Everything Now 4:18 B4: Accept Yourself 4:02 B5: Girl Afraid 2:45 B6: Back To The Old House 3:02 B7: Reel Around The Fountain 5:51 B8: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 1:50
Smiths  This Charming Man (New York)

Smiths - This Charming Man (New York)

No mention of The Smiths on the front cover. Rough Trade logo on label and back cover has dome, but has been covered with Rough Trade stickers - Matrix:- timtom-CBS RTT 136 NY A1 GG3 P3 / RTT 136 NY B1 TY GG - A: This Charming Man (New York Vocal) B: This Charming Man (New York Instrumental)
Wire  Chairs Missing

Wire - Chairs Missing

Italian pressing on Harvest from 1978 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Practice Makes Perfect 4:06 A2: French Film Blurred 2:35 A3: Another The Letter 1:06 A4: Men 2nd 1:43 A5: Marooned 2:21 A6: Sand In My Joints 1:57 A7: Being Sucked In Again 3:12 A8: Heartbeat 3:15 B1: Mercy 5:46 B2: Outdoor Miner 1:45 B3: I Am The Fly 3:06 B4: I Feel Mysterious Today 1:56 B5: From The Nursery 3:00 B6: Used To 2:21 B7: Too Late 4:16
Autechre  NTS Sessions

Autechre - NTS Sessions

Limited Edition 8 x CD box set - NTS Session 1 1-01: t1a1 18:39 1-02: bqbqbq 11:15 1-03: debris_funk 10:25 1-04: l3 ctrl 16:51 1-05: carefree counter dronal 5:14 2-01: north spiral 15:00 2-02: gonk steady one 22:25 2-03: Four Of Seven 13:05 2-04: 32a_reflected 7:01 NTS Session 2 3-01: elyc9 7hres 10:21 3-02: Six Of Eight (Midst) 8:41 3-03: xflood 9:24 3-04: gonk tuf hi 7:52 3-05: dummy casual pt2 5:15 3-06: violvoic 15:00 3-07: sinistrailAB air 2:40 3-08: wetgelis casual interval 2:56 4-01: e0 15:44 4-02: peal MA 5:03 4-03: 9 chr0 15:44 4-04: turbile epic casual, stpl idle 21:30 NTS Session 3 5-01: clustro casual 11:03 5-02: splesh 8:56 5-03: tt1pd 22:11 5-04: acid mwan idle 11:56 5-05: fLh 8:18 6-01: glos ceramic 13:26 6-02: g 1 e 1 6:59 6-03: nineFly 10:04 6-04: shimripl air 7:05 6-05: icari 19:57 NTS Session 4 7-01: frane casual 13:42 7-02: mirrage 6:21 7-03: Column Thirteen 17:02 7-04: shimripl casual 25:19 8-01: All End 58:40
Rudimentary Peni  Rudimentary Peni

Rudimentary Peni - Rudimentary Peni

Comes in a foldout paper sleeve - no inserts - A1: Media Person A2: Him Hymn A3: Blind Dogs A4: B-Ward A5: Crazy Chain A6: The Gardener B1: Teenage Time Killer B2: Hearse B3: Dead Living B4: Black President B5: Tower Of Strength B6: Play
Cranes  Loved

Cranes - Loved

Original UK pressing from 1994 with printed inner sleeve - A1: Shining Road A2: Pale Blue Sky A3: RÍverie A4: Lilies A5: Are You Gone? B1: Loved B2: Beautiful Friend B3: Bewildered B4: Come This Far B5: Paris And Rome
Electric Light Orchestra  Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra - Electric Light Orchestra

Original UK pressing on Harvest from 1971 with gatefold sleeve, which has small tear where price sticker has been removed - includes insert - A1: 10538 Overture 5:30 A2: Look At Me Now 3:16 A3: Nellie Takes Her Bow 5:58 A4: The Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644) 6:02 B1: First Movement (Jumping Biz) 2:58 B2: Mr. Radio 5:02 B3: Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre) 4:21 B4: Queen Of The Hours 3:21 B5: Whisper In The Night 4:48
Monkees  Head

Monkees - Head

Original UK pressing from 1969 - A1: No Artist - Opening Ceremony 1:20 A2: The Monkees - Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") 2:56 A3: The Monkees - Ditty Diego - War Chant 1:25 A4: The Monkees - Circle Sky 2:31 A5: No Artist - Supplicio 0:48 A6: The Monkees - Can You Dig It 3:23 A7: No Artist - Gravy 0:06 B1: No Artist - Superstitious 0:07 B2: The Monkees - As We Go Along 3:51 B3: No Artist - Dandruff? 0:39 B4: The Monkees - Daddy's Song 2:30 B5: No Artist - Poll 1:13 B6: The Monkees - Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again 2:39 B7: No Artist - Swami - Plus Strings 5:21
Deep Purple  Shades Of Deep Purple

Deep Purple - Shades Of Deep Purple

Original (first) UK Stereo pressing from 1968 with original EMI inner - back cover has some staining - A1: And The Address A2: Hush A3: One More Rainy Day A4(a): Prelude: Happiness A4(b): I'm So Glad B1: Mandrake Root B2: Help B3: Love Help Me B4: Hey Joe
Ten Years After  Cricklewood Green

Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve (which has no indicator hole) and red and white Deram labels. Includes poster - A1: Sugar The Road 3:46 A2: Working On The Road 4:15 A3: 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain 7:37 A4: Year 3,000 Blues 2:17 B1: Me And My Baby 4:12 B2: Love Like A Man 7:13 B3: Circles 3:55 B4: As The Sun Still Burns Away 4:42
Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu  1987 What The Fuck's Going On?

Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - 1987 What The Fuck's Going On?

Original UK pressing from 1987 - no insert - A1: Hey Hey We Are Not The Monkees 7:11 A2: Don't Take Five (Take What You Want) 3:59 A3: Rockman Rock Parts 2 And 3 6:52 B1: Me Ru Con 2:24 B2: The Queen And I 7:35 B3: All You Need Is Love 4:55 B4: Next 7:06
Pink Industry  New Beginnings

Pink Industry - New Beginnings

A1: New Beginnings A2: Pain Of Pride A3: Bound By Silence A4: State Of Grace A5: Piano Ping B1: Empty Beech B2: The Corpse B3: Fifty Five B4: What I Wouldn't Give B5: No Defence B6: Stand Alone
Robert Rental  Paralysis

Robert Rental - Paralysis

Original DIY pressing of 650 on Regular label - A: Paralysis B: A.C.C.
Coil  Horse Rotorvator

Coil - Horse Rotorvator

Original UK Pressing from 1986 with card insert - A1: The Anal Staircase A2: Slur A3: Babylero A4: Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini) A5: Herald A6: Penetralia B1: Circles Of Mania B2: Blood From The Air B3: Who By Fire B4: The Golden Section B5: The First Five Minutes After Death
Tomorrow  My White Bicycle

Tomorrow - My White Bicycle

A: My White Bicycle B: Claramount Lake - solid centre
Swans  Public Castration Is A Good Idea

Swans - Public Castration Is A Good Idea

Original UK pressing from 1986 - A1: Money Is Flesh A2: Fool B1: A Screw B2: Anything For You C1: Coward C2: A Hanging D1: Stupid Child D2: Another You

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