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We have 28843 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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Hortense Ellis & Busters All Stars Somebody Help Me

Hortense Ellis & Busters All Stars - Somebody Help Me

A: Hortense Ellis & Busters All Stars - Somebody Help Me B: Prince Buster & All Stars - Rock & Shake
Donovan HMS Donovan

Donovan - HMS Donovan

Repress on Dawn Records with lilac Dawn labels and trifold poster - original price sticker on front cover, which can be removed. A1: The Walrus And The Carpenter 8:34 A2: Jabberwocky 2:38 A3: The Seller Of Stars 2:58 A4: Lost Time 2:30 A5: The Little White Road 2:40 A6: The Star 1:38 B1: Coulter's Candy 1:41 B2: The Road 1:00 B3: Things To Wear 1:05 B4: The Owl And The Pussycat 2:24 B5: Homesickness 2:28 B6: Fishes In Love 1:00 B7: Mr. Wind 2:39 B8: Wynken, Blynken, And Nod 2:17 C1: Celia Of The Seals 3:00 C2: The Pee Song 2:00 C3: The Voyage Of The Moon 5:14 C4: The Unicorn 0:50 C5: Lord Of The Dance 3:36 C6: Little Ben 1:39 C7: Can Ye Dance 1:29 D1: In An Old Fashioned Picture Book 3:10 D2: The Song Of The Wandering Aengus 4:41 D3: A Funny Man 1:40 D4: Lord Of The Reedy River 1:33 D5: Henry Martin 5:08 D6: Queen Mab 2:15 D7: La Moora 2:20
George Harrison All Things Must Pass

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

Original UK pressing - Release Comes With A 36x24 Poster Of George, And Each Inner Sleeve Is In A Different Colour, Each Containing The Lyrics. Record 1 Is Lilac, Record 2 Is Tawny, And Record 3 Is Mustard - includes cardboard bottom on the inside of the box - A1: I'd Have You Anytime A2: My Sweet Lord A3: Wah-Wah A4: Isn't It A Pity (Version One) B1: What Is Life B2: If Not For You B3: Behind That Locked Door B4: Let It Down B5: Run Of The Mill C1: Beware Of Darkness C2: Apple Scruffs C3: Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) C4: Awaiting On You All C5: All Things Must Pass D1: I Dig Love D2: Art Of Dying D3: Isn't It A Pity (Version Two) D4: Hear Me Lord E1: Out Of The Blue E2: It's Johnny's Birthday E3: Plug Me In F1: I Remember Jeep F2: Thanks For The Pepperoni
Chicken Shack Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

Chicken Shack - Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

UK Mono pressing from 1968 - A1: The Letter 4:25 A2: Lonesome Whistle Blues 3:05 A3: When The Train Comes Back 3:35 A4: San-Ho-Zay 3:05 A5: King Of The World 5:00 B1: See See Baby 2:25 B2: First Time I Met The Blues 6:25 B3: Webbed Feet 2:55 B4: You Ain't No Good 3:35 B5: What You Did Last Night 4:40
Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation

Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation

German Reissue from 1971 on Ohr with gatefold sleeve - A1: Geburt (Genesis) 6:00 A2: Reise Durch Ein Brennendes Gehirn (Journey Through A Burning Brain) 13:25 B1: Kalter Rauch (Cold Smoke) 11:00 B2: Asche Zu Asche (Ashes To Ashes) 3:50 B3: Auferstehung (Resurrection) 3:40
Gary Moore Blues For Greeny

Gary Moore - Blues For Greeny

Original UK pressing from 1995 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: If You Be My Baby 6:38 A2: Long Grey Mare 2:04 A3: Merry Go Round 4:14 A4: I Loved Another Woman 3:05 A5: Need Your Love So Bad 7:54 B1: The Same Way 2:35 B2: The Supernatural 3:00 B3: Driftin' 8:29 B4: Showbiz Blues 4:08 B5: Love That Burns 6:28
Fleetwood Mac Mr. Wonderful

Fleetwood Mac - Mr. Wonderful

Original UK Mono release on the "Blue Horizon" Label. / Gatefold Sleeve - A1: Stop Messin' Round A2: I've Lost My Baby A3: Rollin' Man A4: Dust My Broom A5: Love That Burns A6: Doctor Brown B1: Need Your Love Tonight B2: If You Be My Baby B3: Evenin' Boogie B4: Lazy Poker Blues B5: Coming Home B6: Trying So Hard To Forget
Black Sabbath Tyr

Black Sabbath - Tyr

Original UK pressing from 1990 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Anno Mundi 6:12 A2: The Law Maker 3:53 A3: Jerusalem 3:59 A4: The Sabbath Stones 6:46 B1: The Battle Of Tyr 1:08 B2: Odin's Court 2:42 B3: Valhalla 4:41 B4: Feels Good To Me 5:44 B5: Heaven In Black 4:05
Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Warm Woman

Lon & Derrek Van Eaton - Warm Woman

Promo copy in Apple sleeve - slight background noise at the beginning - A: Warm Woman B: More Than Words
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Original UK Pressing with "CLIX" Zipper Cover - includes insert - Matrix A4 / B4 - A1: Brown Sugar 3:50 A2: Sway 3:45 A3: Wild Horses 5:41 A4: Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:17 A5: You Gotta Move 2:32 B1: Bitch 3:42 B2: I Got The Blues 4:00 B3: Sister Morphine 5:34 B4: Dead Flowers 4:05 B5: Moonlight Mile 5:56
Savoy Brown A Step Further

Savoy Brown - A Step Further

UK Stereo pressing from 1969 - Studio A1: Made Up My Mind A2: Waiting In The Bamboo Grove A3: Life's One Act Play A4a: I'm Tired A4b: Where Am I Live Ba: Savoy Brown Boogie Including Bb: I Feel So Good Bc: Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On Bd: Little Queenie Be: Purple Haze Bf: Hernando's Hideaway
Dr. Strangely Strange Heavy Petting

Dr. Strangely Strange - Heavy Petting

Original UK pressing from 1970 - Released in a complicated gimmix cover with two die-cut flaps folded over the main sleeve on a ''swirl'' Vertigo label. One of these die-cut flaps is missing - includes Vertigo swirl inner - A1: Ballad Of The Wasps A2: Summer Breeze A3: Kilmanoyadd Stomp A4: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes A5: Sign On My Mind B1: Gave My Love An Apple B2: Jove Was At Home B3: When Adam Delved B4: Ashling B5: Mary Malone Of Moscow B6: Friends
Dr. John Babylon

Dr. John - Babylon

Original UK pressing on ATCO Records 228 018 with gatefold sleeve - A1: Babylon 5:13 A2: Glowin' 5:37 A3: Black Window Spider 4:45 A4: Barefoot Lady 3:00 B1: Twilight Zone 8:10 B2: The Patriotic Flag-Waiver 4:53 B3: The Lonesome Guitar Strangler 5:35
Deep Purple Deep Purple

Deep Purple - Deep Purple

Original UK pressing from 1969 with laminated gatefold sleeve. No EMI box on labels. Matrix:- A1 / B1 - A1: Chasing Shadows A2: Blind A3: Lalena A4a: Fault Line A4b: The Painter B1: Why Didn't Rosemary? B2: Bird Has Flown B3: April
T. Rex Tanx

T. Rex - Tanx

Original UK pressing from 1973 with printed inner sleeve and black and white poster - A1: Tenement Lady A2: Rapids A3: Mister Mister A4: Broken Hearted Blues A5: Shock Rock A6: Country Honey A7: Electric Slim & The Factory Hen B1: Mad Donna B2: Born To Boogie B3: Life Is Strange B4: The Street & Babe Shadow B5: Highway Knees B6: Left Hand Luke
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Original UK Pressing - Smooth orange labels with speed 33½ instead of 33 for first press. Laminated Front, Non flipback sleeve. Large 'S' before smaller 'BPG' on label. - A1: Blowin' In The Wind A2: Girl From The North Country A3: Masters Of War A4: Down The Highway A5: Bob Dylan's Blues A6: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall B1: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right B2: Bob Dylan's Dream B3: Oxford Town B4: Talking World War III Blues B5: Corrina, Corrina B6: Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance B7: I Shall Be Free
Errol Dixon Blues In The Pot - The Big City Blues Of Errol Dix

Errol Dixon - Blues In The Pot - The Big City Blues Of Errol Dix

Original UK Mono pressing from 1968 - A1: Confusion Blues A2: I Love My Baby A3: Hot Summer A4: There's Nothing I Can Do About It A5: The Pot A6: Back To The Chicken Shack B1: I Done Found Out B2: Midnight Stroll B3: I Want To Know B4: Born Loser B5: Hot Sausage B6: Dixon Bounce
Dandy Charlie Brown

Dandy - Charlie Brown

A: Dandy - Charlie Brown B: Dandy & His Group - Groovin' At The Cue
Uriah Heep Salisbury

Uriah Heep - Salisbury

First UK pressing - Vertigo ''large swirl'' label. Matte portrait style gatefold sleeve (is worn) with swirl inner. A1: Bird Of Prey 4:05 A2: The Park 5:38 A3: Time To Live 4:02 A4: Lady In Black 4:33 B1: High Priestess 3:39 B2: Salisbury 16:22
Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Ove

Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Ove

1972 UK Repress on Decca SKL-R.5052 - A1: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You A2: And I Wish I Were Stoned - Don't Worry A3: As I Feel I Die A4: With An Ear To The Ground You Can Make It - Martinian - Only Cox - Reprise B1: Hello Hello B2: Asforteri 25 B3: Can't Be Long Now - Françoise - For Richard - Warlock B4: Limits
Lloyd Tyrell Mr Ryha

Lloyd Tyrell - Mr Ryha

A: Mr Ryha B: After Dark
Slickers Johnny Too Bad

Slickers - Johnny Too Bad

A: The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad B: Roland Alfonso - Saucy Hord
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated R & B From The Marquee

Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - R & B From The Marquee

UK Reissue on Ace Of Clubs with burgundy labels - A1: Gotta Move A2: Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound A3: I Got My Brand On You A4: Spooky But Nice A5: Keep Your Hands Off A6: I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank B1: I Got My Mojo Working B2: Finkle's Cafe B3: Hoochie Coochie B4: Down Town B5: How Long, How Long, Blues B6: I Thought I Heard That Whistle Blow
Quotations Imagination

Quotations - Imagination

A: Imagination B: Ala-Men-Sy - name written on label
Rolling Stones Out Of Our Heads

Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads

U.S. Pressing - Mono, First Issue - Stating 'Made in England', with the 'ffrr' and ear logo on label - Matrix:- XARL-6791-2A / XARL-6792-1A - A1: Mercy Mercy 2:45 A2: Hitch Hike 2:22 A3: The Last Time 3:35 A4: That's How Strong My Love Is 2:23 A5: Good Times 1:57 A6: I'm All Right 2:21 B1: Satisfaction 3:45 B2: Cry To Me 3:08 B3: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man 3:10 B4: Play With Fire 2:15 B5: The Spider And The Fly 3:30 B6: One More Try 1:58
John Lee Hooker Burning Hell

John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell

A1: Burning Hell A2: Graveyard Blues A3: Baby Please Don't Go A4: Jackson ,Tennessee A5: You Live Your Life And I'll Live Mine A6: Smokestack Lightnin' B1: How Can You Do It ? B2: I Don't Want No Woman If Her Hair Ain't No Longer Than Mine B3: I Rolled And Turned And Cried The Whole Night Long B4: Blues For My Baby B5: Key To The Highway B6: Natchez Fire
Iron Maiden Purgatory

Iron Maiden - Purgatory

A: Purgatory B: Genghis Khan - Original pressing from 1981 with picture cover
Motorhead Motorhead

Motorhead - Motorhead

Original UK pressing on Chiswick Records ‎WIK 2 with fully laminated sleeve and printed inner sleeve - A1: Motorhead A2: Vibrator A3: Lost Johnny A4: Iron Horse / Born To Lose B1: White Line Fever B2: Keep Us On The Road B3: The Watcher B4: Train Kept A Rollin'
Memphis Slim Alone With My Friends

Memphis Slim - Alone With My Friends

Dutch Mono pressing from 1964 - A1: Highway 51 4:15 A2: I Feel So Good 2:45 A3: Rock Me, Baby 3:50 A4: Goin' Down Slow 3:40 A5: Sittin' On Top Of The World 3:40 B1: Sunnyland Train 3:55 B2: Goin' Down To The River 3:00 B3: Love To You 3:55 B4: I Can Hear My Name A-Ringin' 4:00 B5: Plowhand Blues 4:45
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

Red/ plum labels with A3 as "The Lemon Song" and B2 as "Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's A Woman)" on both sleeve and labels. Non-laminated, gatefold cover. Pye contract pressing - A1: Whole Lotta Love 5:33 A2: What Is And What Should Never Be 4:47 A3: The Lemon Song 6:20 A4: Thank You 3:50 B1: Heartbreaker 4:15 B2: Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's A Woman) 2:40 B3: Ramble On 4:35 B4: Moby Dick 4:25 B5: Bring It On Home 4:19
Gary Moore Blues Alive

Gary Moore - Blues Alive

Limited Edition / Numbered (03289) - includes insert - A1: Cold Day In Hell 5:35 A2: Walking By Myself 5:00 A3: Story Of The Blues 7:32 B1: Oh Pretty Woman 4:25 B2: Separate Ways 5:48 B3: Too Tired 4:34 B4: Still Got The Blues 6:44 C1: Since I Met You Baby 3:02 C2: The Sky Is Crying 8:50 C3: Further On Up The Road 5:34 D1: King Of The Blues 6:13 D2: Parisienne Walkways 7:03 D3: Jumpin' At Shadows 5:51
Recruits Three Squeezes

Recruits - Three Squeezes

A1: Three Squeezes (The Mirror And Me) A2: Cherokee AA: Three Squeezes (Remix) - back cover signed
Rolling Stones I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Rolling Stones - I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Promo copy - A: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction B: The Spider And The Fly
Gong Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)

Gong - Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)

French pressing from 1973 on BYG Records 529 027 - A1: Radio Gnome Invisible 5:30 A2: Flying Teapot 12:30 B1: The Pot Head Pixies 3:00 B2: The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine 2:00 B3: Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell 9:45 B4: Witch's Song / I Am Your Pussy 5:10
Kinks The Kink Kontroversy

Kinks - The Kink Kontroversy

Original UK Mono pressing from 1965 - name written on back cover - A1: Milk Cow Blues A2: Ring The Bells A3: Gotta Get The First Plane Home A4: When I See That Girl Of Mine A5: I Am Free A6: Till The End Of The Day B1: The World Keeps Going Round B2: I'm On An Island B3: Where Have All The Good Times Gone B4: It's Too Late B5: What's In Store For Me B6: You Can't Win
Savoy Brown Hellbound Train

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train

Original UK pressing from 1972 on Decca with green labels and gatefold sleeve - A1: Doin' Fine 2:46 A2: Lost And Loney Child 6:00 A3: I'll Make Everything Alright 3:18 A4: Troubled By These Days And Times 5:43 B1: If I Could See An End 2:54 B2: It'll Make You Happy 3:26 B3: Hellbound Train 9:07
Clash London Calling

Clash - London Calling

Original UK pressing with lyric inserts rather than inner sleeves - Matrix:- CL 1-2-A1 CBS-S-CLASH-3A timtom / CL-1-2-B1 CBS-S-CLASH-3B timtom / CL 3-4-A2 CBS-S-CLASH 3-C2 timtom / CL-3-4-B2 CBS-S-CLASH 3-D2 ty TRACK 5 IS "TRAIN IN VAIN" - A1: London Calling 3:17 A2: Brand New Cadillac 2:05 A3: Jimmy Jazz 3:51 A4: Hateful 2:42 A5: Rudie Can't Fail 3:25 B1: Spanish Bombs 3:17 B2: The Right Profile 3:50 B3: Lost In The Supermarket 3:43 B4: Clampdown 3:45 B5: The Guns Of Brixton 3:08 C1: Wrong 'Em Boyo 3:08 C2: Death Or Glory 3:52 C3: Koka Kola 1:44 C4: The Card Cheat 3:44 D1: Lover's Rock 3:59 D2: Four Horsemen 2:55 D3: I'm Not Down 3:03 D4: Revolution Rock 5:29 D5: Train In Vain 3:02
Prince If I Was Your Girlfriend

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend

Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc - A: If I Was Your Girlfriend 4:47 B: Shockadelica (Extended Version) 6:12
Spencer Davis Group The Second Album

Spencer Davis Group - The Second Album

Dutch pressing from 1966 - A1: Look Away A2: Keep On Running A3: This Hammer A4: Georgia On My Mind A5: Please Do Something A6: Let Me Down Easy B1: Strong Love B2: I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water B3: Since I Met You Baby B4: You Must Believe Me B5: Hey Darling B6: Watch Your Step
T. Rex The Slider

T. Rex - The Slider

Original UK pressing with lyrics printed in black text on a red coloured inner sleeve . Matrix :- A2U/ B2U - A1: Metal Guru A2: Mystic Lady A3: Rock On A4: The Slider A5: Baby Boomerang A6: Spaceball Ricochet A7: Buick MacKane B1: Telegram Sam B2: Rabbit Fighter B3: Baby Strange B4: Ballrooms Of Mars B5: Chariot Choogle B6: Main Man
Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon

1st German quadraphonic issue - A1: Speak To Me 1:10 A2: Breathe 2:47 A3: On The Run 3:31 A4: Time 7:05 A5: The Great Gig In The Sky 4:47 B1: Money 6:23 B2: Us And Them 7:48 B3: Any Colour You Like 3:25 B4: Brain Damage 3:50 B5: Eclipse 2:06
Gray & Anxious In The Pink

Gray & Anxious - In The Pink

A1: Fits & Starts A2: No Uncertain Terms B: Hoover Dam C: Running In The Family D: Borrowed Trouble
Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

Track Reissue - 2657 001- with gatefold sleeve - A1: And The Gods Made Love A2: Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) A3: Cross Town Traffic A4: Voodoo Chile B1: Little Miss Strange B2: Long Hot Summer Night B3: Come On B4: Gypsy Eyes B5: The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp C1: Rainy Day, Dream Away C2: 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) C3: Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away D1: Still Raining, Still Dreaming D2: House Burning Down D3: All Along The Watchtower D4: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Humble Pie Town And Country

Humble Pie - Town And Country

Original UK pressing on Immediate from 1969 - does not include original inner sleeve - A1: Take Me Back A2: The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake A3: The Light Of Love A4: Cold Lady A5: Down Home Again A6: Ollie, Ollie B1: Every Mother's Son B2: Heartbeat B3: Only You Can Say B4: Silver Tongue B5: Home And Away
Termites Push Push

Termites - Push Push

A: Push Push B: Girls
Kaleidoscope Tangerine Dream

Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1967 - all of spine is split - other 2 edges are frayed, also small tears to front cover - A1: Kaleidoscope A2: Please Excuse My Face A3: Dive Into Yesterday A4: Mr. Small, The Watch Repairer Man A5: Flight From Ashiya A6: The Murder Of Lewis Tollani B1: (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion B2: Dear Nellie Goodrich B3: Holidaymaker B4: A Lesson, Perhaps B5: The Sky Children
Beatles Please Please Me

Beatles - Please Please Me

First UK Mono pressing with Black & Gold Labels and Dick James Credits - A1: I Saw Her Standing There 2:50 A2: Misery 1:44 A3: Anna (Go To Him) 2:52 A4: Chains 2:20 A5: Boys 2:20 A6: Ask Me Why 2:20 A7: Please Please Me 1:58 B1: Love Me Do 2:15 B2: P.S. I Love You 2:00 B3: Baby It's You 2:29 B4: Do You Want To Know A Secret 1:52 B5: A Taste Of Honey 1:59 B6: There's A Place 1:46 B7: Twist And Shout 2:30
Pussy Feline Woman

Pussy - Feline Woman

Promo copy - very small bit of writing on B side label B: Ska Child
King Crimson Lizard

King Crimson - Lizard

Original UK pressing from 1970 - with Island pink rim label - Matrix :- A-2-U / B-2-U includes original Island inner sleeve - A1: Cirkus (Including: Entry Of The Chameleons) 6:28 A2: Indoor Games 5:38 A3: Happy Family 4:15 A4: Lady Of The Dancing Water 2:43 Lizard (22:24) Ba: Prince Rupert Awakes 4:34 Bb: Bolero - The Peacock's Tale 6:30 Bc: The Battle Of Glass Tears (Including: Dawn Song / Last Skirmish / Prince Rupert's Lament) 10:55 Bd: Big Top 1:05
Tch Tch Tch Nice Noise

Tch Tch Tch - Nice Noise

Limited Edition Repress in fold out sleeve, which has been taped - A1: Nice Noise Theme A2: Rock Song B1: Doing Very Little B2: One Note Song

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