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We have 30083 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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United Stoats Of America Star Spangled Bangers

United Stoats Of America - Star Spangled Bangers

1.Tugboat Captain 2. Clothes Shopping 3. Folsom Prison Blues 4. Whole Again 5. Steve's Last Ramble. 6.Hotel Yorba 7. Wrong 'Em Boyo. 8.I’d Rather Go To Hell 9. Thinkin' About Drinkin' 10. Fisherman Blues 11. Never Make It Home 12 I Don't Feel Like Dancing 13. I Gotta Feeling 14. Those Were The Days 15. I Saw The Light 16. Vincent Black Lightning
Bernard Herrmann Twisted Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A1: Main Titles A2: The Detective A3: Henry Complains A4: Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version) A5: Second Meeting A6: Martin's Anger A7: The Mirror A8: The Letter A9: Georgie A10: Washing-Up A11: Playing Cards A12: Psychopathia Sexualis / Hot Chocolate A13: The Rocking Horse A14: The Scissors / Peeping Georgie / Leaving The House A15: The Murder / Henry's Dead A16: George's Nightmare / Just Lie Still / Ready And Willing A17: The Body A18: Twisted Nerve (Pop Version) B1: Swimming / Drowning B2: Getting Dressed / Flowers I / The Kiss B3: Flowers II / Henry Calls B4: The Signature B5: The Newspaper B6: The Shed / The Portrait B7: The Dresser / The Axe B8: The Telephone / There Was No Reply / The House / The Front Door B9: The Bedroom / No Bloody Wood / He's Not A Mongrel / The Struggle B10: The Assault B11: George's Madness B12: The Cell B13: Finale A1: Twisted Nerve (Pop Version) 1:23 B1: Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version) 2:46 B2: Twisted Nerve (Alternate Jazz Version) 2:35
Bill Evans / Jim Hall  Intermodulation

Bill Evans / Jim Hall - Intermodulation

UK Mono Pressing from 1966 - A1: I've Got You Under My Skin 3:20 A2: My Man's Gone Now (From The Folk Opera "Porgy And Bess") 6:50 A3: Turn Out The Stars 6:19 B1: Angel Face 6:30 B2: Jazz Samba 3:06 B3: All Across The City 4:45
Rolling Stones  Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones

Original UK Mono pressing from 1964 - stunning condition, barely any spindle marks and uncreased cover - Matrix:- XARL-6271-2A / XARL-6272-4A - A1: Route 66 A2: I Just Want To Make Love To You A3: Honest I Do A4: I Need You Baby A5: Now I've Got A Witness (Like Uncle Phil And Uncle Gene) A6: Little By Little B1: I'm A King Bee B2: Carol B3: Tell Me (You're Coming Back) B4: Can I Get A Witness B5: You Can Make It If You Try B6: Walking The Dog
Spacemen 3  Recurring

Spacemen 3 - Recurring

UK Pressing from 1991 - A1: Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) A2: Just To See You Smile (Orchestral Mix) A3: I Love You A4: Set Me Free/ I've Got The Key A5: Set Me Free (Reprise) B1: Feel So Sad (Reprise) B2: Hypnotized B3: Sometimes B4: Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit) B5: Billy Whizz/ Blue 1
ABBA  Arrival

ABBA - Arrival

U.S. Pressing - Remastered / Half Speed Master - A1: When I Kissed The Teacher 3:00 A2: Dancing Queen 3:50 A3: My Love, My Life 3:52 A4: Dum Dum Diddle 2:53 A5: Knowing Me, Knowing You 4:02 B1: Money, Money, Money 3:05 B2: That's Me 3:15 B3: Why Did It Have To Be Me 3:20 B4: Tiger 2:55 B5: Arrival 3:00
Led Zeppelin  Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

Limited Edition 200 Gram Reissue - Sealed - Released in deluxe gatefold cover pressed on QUIEX SV-P 200 Gram Vinyl.- A1: Whole Lotta Love 5:33 A2: What Is And What Should Never Be 4:47 A3: The Lemon Song 6:20 A4: Thank You 3:50 B1: Heartbreaker 4:15 B2: Living Loving Maid 2:40 B3: Ramble On 4:35 B4: Moby Dick 4:25 B5: Bring It On Home 4:19
Main  Hz

Main - Hz

6 x CD in box set - looks unplayed - 1-1: Corona Part I 9:49 1-2: Corona Part II 10:00 2-1: Terminus Part I 3:58 2-2: Terminus Part II 2:04 2-3: Terminus Part III 13:11 3-1: Maser Part I 5:06 3-2: Maser Part II 1:52 3-3: Maser Part III 5:02 3-4: Maser Part IV 7:28 4-1: Haloform Part I 6:45 4-2: Haloform Part II 6:48 4-3: Haloform Part III 7:21 5-1: Kaon Part I 2:29 5-2: Kaon Part II 3:47 5-3: Kaon Part III 5:39 5-4: Kaon Part IV 4:35 5-5: Kaon Part V 4:24 6-1: Neper Part I 3:15 6-2: Neper Part II 5:58 6-3: Neper Part III 10:27
Kevin Ayers  Joy Of A Toy

Kevin Ayers - Joy Of A Toy

Original UK pressing from 1969 with gatefold sleeve - A1: Joy Of A Toy Continued A2: Town Feeling A3: The Clarietta Rag A4: Girl On A Swing A5: Song For Insane Times B1: Stop This Train (Again Doing It) B2: Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her) B3: The Lady Rachel B4: Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong B5: All This Crazy Gift Of Time
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Original UK Mono pressing from 1968 - A1: My Heart Beat Like A Hammer 2:55 A2: Merry Go Round 4:05 A3: Long Grey Mare 2:15 A4: Hellhound On My Trail 2:00 A5: Shake Your Moneymaker 2:55 A6: Looking For Somebody 2:50 B1: No Place To Go 3:20 B2: My Baby's Good To Me 2:50 B3: I Loved Another Woman 2:55 B4: Cold Black Night 3:15 B5: The World Keep On Turning 2:30 B6: Got To Move 3:20
Cigarettes After Sex  Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex

Limited Edition Grey Vinyl - New, but unsealed - includes lyric inner sleeve - A1: K. A2: Each Time You Fall In Love A3: Sunsetz A4: Apocalypse A5: Flash B1: Sweet B2: Opera House B3: Truly B4: John Wayne B5: Young & Dumb
Fever Tree  Another Time Another Place

Fever Tree - Another Time Another Place

Original UK pressing from 1968 - A1: Man Who Paints The Pictures -- Part II A2: What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City? A3: Don't Come Crying To Me Girl A4: Fever A5: Grand Candy Young Sweet B1: Jokes Are For Sad People B2: I've Never Seen Evergreen B3: Peace Of Mind B4: Death Is The Dancer
Shape Of The Rain  Riley, Riley, Wood And Wagget

Shape Of The Rain - Riley, Riley, Wood And Wagget

UK pressing from 1971 with non-laminated gatefold cover, which has a very small tear on the front - vinyl has slight warp that does not affect play - A1: Woman A2: Patterns A3: Castles A4: Wasting My Time A5: Rockfield Roll A6: Yes B1: Dusty Road B2: Willowing Trees B3: I'll Be There Broken Man B4a: Every One A Gem B4b: After Collapsing At Kingsley's
Oasis  Live

Oasis - Live

U.S. PROMO - No artwork - Recorded Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago 10/ 15/ 1994 - 1. Rock 'N' Roll Star 2. Columbia 3. Fade Away 4. Digsy's Dinner 5. Shakermaker 6. Live Forever 7. Bring It On Down 8. Up In The Sky 9. Slide Away 10. Cigarettes & Alcohol 11. Married With Children 12. Supersonic 13. I Am The Walrus
Alan Vega  Saturn Strip / Just A Million Dreams

Alan Vega - Saturn Strip / Just A Million Dreams

Saturn Strip 1. Saturn Drive 5:40 2. Video Babe 3:18 3. American Dreamer 5:05 4. Kid Congo 2:30 5. Goodbye Darling 2:40 6. Wipeout Beat 5:44 7. Je T'Adore 3:39 8. Angel 5:09 9. Every 1's A Winner 4:10 Just A Million Dreams 10. On The Run 4:18 11. Shooting For You 5:10 12. Hot Fox 3:56 13. Too Late 4:23 14. Wild Heart 4:39 15. Creation 4:26 16. Cry Fire 5:00 17. Ra Ra Baby 4:31
808 State  Newbuild

808 State - Newbuild

Original 1988 vinyl pressing on Creed Records - A1: Sync/ Swim 6:14 A2: Flow Coma 5:57 A3: Dr. Lowfruit (4 A.M. Mix) 7:27 B1: Headhunters 4:55 B2: Narcossa 5:17 B3: E Talk 3:55 B4: Compulsion 5:20
Marek Zebrowski & David Lynch  Polish Night Music

Marek Zebrowski & David Lynch - Polish Night Music

1. Night - City Back Street 13:29 2. Night - A Landscape With Factory 17:41 3. Night - Interiors 26:46 4. Night - A Woman On A Dark Street Corner 18:51
Kevin Ayers  Joy Of A Toy

Kevin Ayers - Joy Of A Toy

Original UK pressing from 1969 with green Harvest labels without a boxed EMI logo and gatefold sleeve - vinyl and sleeve are closer to VG+ - pics available. - A1: Joy Of A Toy Continued A2: Town Feeling A3: The Clarietta Rag A4: Girl On A Swing A5: Song For Insane Times B1: Stop This Train (Again Doing It) B2: Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her) B3: The Lady Rachel B4: Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong B5: All This Crazy Gift Of Time
Quatermass Quatermass

Quatermass - Quatermass

Original UK pressing on Harvest from 1970 with gatefold sleeve, which has heavy spine wear - A1: Entropy A2: Black Sheep Of The Family A3: Post War Saturday Echo A4: Good Lord Knows A5: Up On The Ground B1: Gemini B2: Make Up Your Mind B3: Laughin' Tackle B4: Entropy (Reprise)
Love  Forever Changes

Love - Forever Changes

Original UK Mono pressing from 1968 - stunning copy, professionally cleaned, light distortion at start of A5, otherwise NM playback - A1: Alone Again Or 3:15 A2: A House Is Not A Motel 3:25 A3: Andmoreagain 3:15 A4: The Daily Planet 3:25 A5: Old Man 2:57 A6: The Red Telephone 4:45 B1: Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale 3:30 B2: Live And Let Live 5:24 B3: The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This 3:00 B4: Bummer In The Summer 2:20 B5: You Set The Scene 6:49
Rolling Stones  Aftermath

Rolling Stones - Aftermath

Original UK Mono pressing from 1966 - "NCB" & BIEM in stacked boxes on left hand side of label, with "MCPS" & "Mirage Music" beneath not in boxes. - Matrix number without curly brackets on the labels. K/ T tax code. Matrix:- XARL 7209-1B / XARL 7210-4A - A1: Mothers Little Helper 2:40 A2: Stupid Girl 2:52 A3: Lady Jane 3:06 A4: Under My Thumb 3:20 A5: Doncha Bother Me 2:35 A6: Goin' Home 11:35 B1: Flight 505 3:25 B2: High And Dry 3:06 B3: Out Of Time 5:15 B4: It's Not Easy 2:52 B5: I Am Waiting 3:10 B6: Take It Or Leave It 2:47 B7: Think 3:10 B8: What To Do 2:30
Sandkings  Welcome To England

Sandkings - Welcome To England

Original UK pressing from 1992 - A1: Temple Redneck A2: Let It Grow A3: When The Bow Breaks A4: Phoney Mahoney A5: Second Skin B1: Pin Stripe Ghetto B2: Hope Springs Eternal B3: Circles B4: Bye Bye Erica Grey B5: I Still Believe In You
Fields Fields

Fields - Fields

Original UK pressing from 1971 with gatefold sleeve, which has slight edgewear - no poster - A1: A Friend Of Mine 5:25 A2: While The Sun Still Shines 3:15 A3: Not So Good 3:07 A4: Three Minstrels 4:28 A5: Slow Susan 3:45 B1: Over And Over Again 5:55 B2: Feeling Free 3:12 B3: Fair-Haired Lady 3:00 B4: A Place To Lay My Head 4:25 B5: The Eagle 5:15
Steamhammer Steamhammer

Steamhammer - Steamhammer

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1969 - gatefold sleeve is a bit wavy - A1: Water (Part One) A2: Junior's Wailing A3: Lost You Too A4: She Is In Fire A5: You'll Never Know A6: Even The Clock B1: Down The Highway B2: On Your Road B3: 24. Hours B4: When All Your Friends Are Gone B5: Water (Part Two)
Michael Chapman Rainmaker

Michael Chapman - Rainmaker

UK Repress from 1970 (with boxed EMI logo on label) - A1: It Didn't Work Out A2: Rainmaker A3: You Say A4: Thank You P.K. 1944 A5: No-one Left To Care A6: Small Stones B1: Not So Much A Garden - More Like A Maze B2: No Song To Sing B3: One Time Thing B4: Sunday Morning B5: Goodbye To Monday Night
Throbbing Gristle  20 Jazz Funk Greats

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

UK Pressing from 1981 on Fetish Records - A1: 20 Jazz Funk Greats A2: Beachy Head A3: Still Walking A4: Tanith A5: Convincing People A6: Exotica B1: Hot On The Heels Of Love B2: Persuasion B3: Walkabout B4: What A Day B5: Six Six Sixties
Bernard Herrmann Marnie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bernard Herrmann - Marnie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Scarlet vinyl / Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single / CD, Album, Digipak, Vinyl Replica - New, but unsealed - Vinyl LPs A1: Prelude A2: Marnie A3: Forio A4: Red Flowers A5: The Shampoo A6: The Bowl A7: No.9 A8: Want Ad A9: The Stranger A10: Red Ink A11: The Drawer B1: The Storm B2: Red Jacket B3: The Homestead B4: Romance B5: The Safe B6: Encounter B7: The Wedding B8: The Porch B9: The Checkbook B10: The Bridal Suite B11: The Cabin B12: Alone B13: The Shaow C1: Love Scene C2: The Pool C3: The Homecoming C4: The Window C5: The Telephone C6: The Horse C7: The Nightmare C8: The Book C9: Mr Strutt (Film Version) C10: The Word Game C11: The Hunt D1: Forio's Fall D2: Forio's Death D3: The Stairs / The Key / The Stairway D4: The Dial D5: The Money D6: The Gun D7: Departure D8: The Street D9: Flashback II D10: Blood D11: Farewell D12: Finale D13: Cast 7" Single E: Marnie (Nat King Cole) F: Marnie
Jimi Hendrix Experience  Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

UK Repress from 1972 with glossy gatefold cover - A1: And The Gods Made Love A2: Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) A3: Cross Town Traffic A4: Voodoo Chile B1: Little Miss Strange B2: Long Hot Summer Night B3: Come On B4: Gypsy Eyes B5: The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp C1: Rainy Day, Dream Away C2: 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) C3: Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away D1: Still Raining, Still Dreaming D2: House Burning Down D3: All Along The Watchtower D4: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
De La Soul  3 Feet High And Rising

De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising

European 2 x LP Reissue from 2013 - As New - A1: Intro A2: The Magic Number A3: Change In Speak A4: Cool Breeze On The Rocks A5: Can U Keep A Secret A6: Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge) A7: Ghetto Thang B1: Transmitting Live From Mars B2: Eye Know B3: Take It Off B4: A Little Bit Of Soap B5: Tread Water B6: Potholes In My Lawn C1: Say No Go C2: Do As De La Does C3: Plug Tunin' (Last Chance To Comprehend) C4: De La Orgee C5: Buddy D1: Description D2: Me Myself And I D3: This Is A Recording 4 Living In A Full Time ERA (L.I.F.E.) D4: I Can Do Anything (Delacratic) D5: D.A.I.S.Y. Age
Talking Heads  Sand In The Vaseline - Popular Favourites 1976-199

Talking Heads - Sand In The Vaseline - Popular Favourites 1976-199

Sand In The Vaseline - Popular Favourites 1976-1992 - European pressing - A1: Sugar On My Tongue 2:36 A2: I Want To Live 3:23 A3: Love → Building On Fire 2:57 A4: I Wish You Wouldn't Say That 2:36 A5: Psycho Killer 4:20 A6: Don't Worry About The Government 3:00 A7: No Compassion 4:50 B1: Warning Sign 3:55 B2: The Big Country 5:30 B3: Take Me To The River 5:00 B4: Heaven 4:01 B5: Memories Can't Wait 3:30 C1: I Zimbra 3:06 C2: Once In A Lifetime 4:19 C3: Crosseyed And Painless 4:45 C4: Burning Down The House 4:00 C5: Swamp 5:09 D1: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) 4:56 D2: Life During Wartime (Live) 5:03 D3: Girlfriend Is Better (Live) 3:32 D4: And She Was 3:36 D5: Stay Up Late 3:51 E1: Road To Nowhere 4:19 E2: Wild Wild Life 3:39 E3: Love For Sale 4:30 E4: City Of Dreams 5:06 E5: Mr. Jones 4:18 E6: Blind 4:58 F1: (Nothing But) Flowers 5:32 F2: Sax And Violins 5:18 F3: Gangster Of Love 4:28 F4: Lifetime Piling Up 3:59 F5: Popsicle 5:19
George Benson  Breezin'

George Benson - Breezin'

Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered - still sealed - A1: Breezin' 5:40 A2: This Masquerade 8:03 A3: Six To Four 5:06 B1: Affirmation 7:01 B2: So This Is Love? 7:03 B3: Lady 5:49
Electric Light Orchestra  ELO's Greatest Hits

Electric Light Orchestra - ELO's Greatest Hits

U.S. Pressing - Limited Edition Half-speed Master - A1: Evil Woman 4:10 A2: Livin' Thing 3:31 A3: Can't Get It Out Of My Head 4:22 A4: Showdown 3:51 A5: Turn To Stone 3:46 A6: Rockaria! 3:12 B1: Sweet Talkin' Woman 3:47 B2: Telephone Line 4:37 B3: Ma-Ma-Ma Belle 3:35 B4: Strange Magic 4:07 B5: Mr. Blue Sky 5:05
Tim Buckley  Goodbye And Hello

Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1967 - A1: No Man Can Find The War 2:58 A2: Carnival Song 3:10 A3: Pleasant Street 5:15 A4: Hallucinations 4:55 A5: I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain 6:02 B1: Once I Was 3:22 B2: Phantasmagoria In Two 3:29 B3: Knight-Errant 2:00 B4: Goodbye And Hello 8:38 B5: Morning Glory 2:52
Country Joe & The Fish Electric Music For The Mind And Body

Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind And Body

UK Mono pressing from 1967 - A1: Flying High A2: Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine A3: Death Sound A4: Porpoise Mouth A5: Section 43 B1: Super Bird B2: Sad And Lonely Times B3: Love B4: Bass Strings B5: The Masked Marauder B6: Grace
Beatles  The White Album

Beatles - The White Album

UK Stereo pressing from 1968 with top opening sleeves, embossed lettering (The Beatles) on the cover. Limited Edition Number: 0307038. “An E.M.I. Recording” text to the left of ALL labels, above the “33 1/ 3″ text. Matrix:- 709-1 / 710-1 / 711-1 / 712-1 - cannot find K/ T tax code on label. This is does not include any photos or poster - A1: Back In The U.S.S.R. A2: Dear Prudence A3: Glass Onion A4: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da A5: Wild Honey Pie A6: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill A7: While My Guitar Gently Weeps A8: Happiness Is A Warm Gun B1: Martha, My Dear B2: I'm So Tired B3: Blackbird B4: Piggies B5: Rocky Raccoon B6: Don't Pass Me By B7: Why Dont We Do It In The Road B8: I Will B9: Julia C1: Birthday C2: Yer Blues C3: Mother Nature's Son C4: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey C5: Sexy Sadie C6: Helter Skelter C7: Long, Long, Long D1: Revolution 1 D2: Honey Pie D3: Savoy Truffle D4: Cry, Baby, Cry D5: Revolution 9 D6: Good Night
Ty Segall  Manipulator

Ty Segall - Manipulator

Limited Edition Orange / Yellow Vinyl - A1: Manipulator 3:09 A2: Tall Man Skinny Lady 4:02 A3: The Singer 4:15 A4: It's Over 3:00 B1: Feel 4:15 B2: The Faker 4:07 B3: The Clock 2:52 B4: Green Belly 2:32 C1: The Connection Man 2:17 C2: Mister Main 2:47 C3: The Hand 4:43 C4: Susie Thumb 2:29 C5: Don't You Want To Know? (Sue) 2:34 D1: The Crawler 2:24 D2: Who's Producing You? 2:53 D3: The Feels 3:08 D4: Stick Around 4:33
Alice Cooper  School's Out

Alice Cooper - School's Out

Original UK pressing from 1972 - includes paper panties, but not report - A1: School's Out 3:26 A2: Luney Tune 3:36 A3: Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets 4:39 A4: Street Fight 0:55 A5: Blue Turk 5:29 B1: My Stars 5:46 B2: Public Animal #9 3:53 B3: Alma Mater 3:39 B4: Grande Finale 4:36
Black Sabbath  Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

2nd UK press with ''swirl'' Vertigo big logo above spindle hole and the wording ''Vertigo'' below spindle hole but no 'A PHILIPS RECORD PRODUCT' text under. Includes Vertigo Swirl inner - A1: Black Sabbath 6:22 A2: The Wizard 4:25 A3: Behind The Wall Of Sleep 3:37 A4: N.I.B. 6:07 B1: Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With Me 3:27 B2: Sleeping Village 3:46 B3: Warning 10:33
John Foxx + Harold Budd Translucence + Drift Music

John Foxx + Harold Budd - Translucence + Drift Music

Translucence 1-1: Subtext 5:59 1-2: Spoken Roses 6:20 1-3: Momentary Architecture 1:40 1-4: Adult 3:03 1-5: Long Light 3:54 1-6: A Change In The Weather 2:41 1-7: Here And Now 3:59 1-8: Almost Overlooked 2:30 1-9: Implicit 5:25 1-10: Raindust 7:08 1-11: Missing Person 1:36 1-12: You Again 3:24 Drift Music 2-1: Sunlit Silhouette 3:15 2-2: The Other Room 1:57 2-3: Some Way Through All The Cities 4:17 2-4: Stepping Sideways 3:44 2-5: A Delicate Romance 7:14 2-6: Linger 1:59 2-7: Curtains Blowing 3:06 2-8: Weather Patterns 1:50 2-9: Coming Into Focus 5:02 2-10: After All This Time 6:54 2-11: Someone Almost There 1:34 2-12: Resonant Frequency 2:45 2-13: Avenue Of Trees 1:16 2-14: Underwater Flowers 6:05 2-15: Arriving 1:25
VVV Resurrection River

VVV - Resurrection River

1. Resurrection River 3:34 2. I Got Wheels, I Got Nails 3:49 3. Desperate Nation 4:56 4. So Tired 3:22 5. It Was Her Eyes 2:33 6. 11:52 PM 5:04 7. Job Blue 3:13 8. Sellin' My Monkeys 4:33 9. Chrome Z-Fighters 2003 4:05 10. Black Crucifix 3:36 11. Life 3:18 12. It's Violence 5:19
Bob Dylan  Blonde On Blonde

Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde

Original UK Mono pressing from 1966 with rough orange labels and Memphis Blues Again misprint - Matrix:A1/ B1/ C1/ D1 A1: Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 A2: Pledging My Time A3: Visions Of Johanna A4: One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) B1: I Want You B2: Memphis Blues Again B3: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat B4: Just Like A Woman C1: Most Likely You Go Your Way And I Go Mine C2: Temporary Like Achilles C3: Absolutely Sweet Marie C4: 4th Time Around C5: Obviously 5 Believers D: Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
Who  Who's Next

Who - Who's Next

UK pressing from 1971 - Matrix:- 2408102 A/ / 4 420 03 BILBO 12 2 / 2408102 B/ / 3 420 05 11 9 BILBO - A1: Baba O' Riley 4:59 A2: Bargain 5:33 A3: Love Ain't For Keeping 2:11 A4: My Wife 3:35 A5: Song Is Over 6:16 B1: Getting In Tune 4:49 B2: Going Mobile 3:40 B3: Behind Blue Eyes 3:40 B4: Won't Get Fooled Again 8:31
Rolling Stones  Out Of Our Heads

Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads

UK First issue 1st Mono pressing - All publishers on the left hand side, MCPS has no dots between the letters, K/ T tax code is above the inverted matrix number - 965 instead of 1965 printed on back cover - A1: She Said Yeah A2: Mercy, Mercy A3: Hitch Hike A4: That's How Strong My Love Is A5: Good Times A6: Gotta Get Away B1: Talkin' 'Bout You B2: Cry To Me B3: Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going On) B4: Heart Of Stone B5: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man B6: I'm Free
Audience Friend's Friend's Friend

Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend

Original UK Pink Scroll edition (Phonodisc pressing) from 1970 on Charisma. Issued in a matt gatefold sleeve. - A1: Nothing You Do A2: Belladonna Moonshine A3: It Brings A Tear A4: Raid B1: Right On Their Side B2: Ebony Variations B3: Priestess B4: Friend's, Friend's, Friend
Titus Groan Titus Groan

Titus Groan - Titus Groan

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve - marked, but has stunning playback - A1: It Wasn't For You 5:30 Hall Of Bright Carvings (11:50) A2a: Theme A2b: In The Dusty High-Vaulted Hall A2c: The Burning A2d: Theme B1: I Can't Change 5:38 B2: It's All Up With Us 6:03 B3: Fuschia 6:24
Orb / Various I'll Be Black

Orb / Various - I'll Be Black

1-1: The Harry J. All Stars - Liquidator 2:54 1-2: Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel 2:38 1-3: The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De Bucket 2:43 1-4: Clancy Eccles - Auntie Lulu 2:45 1-5: Ken Boothe - Ain't No Sunshine 2:15 1-6: Hortense Ellis - I'm Still In Love With You 2:03 1-7: Ranking Trevor - Three Piece Chicken & Chips 3:47 1-8: Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking 3:54 1-9: The Three Tops - It's Raining 2:57 1-10: Ranking Miss P & Big Youth - Screaming Target Version 2 3:18 1-11: Ranking Miss P - We're Hot 0:47 1-12: Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace 7:57 1-13: Slim Smith - Sitting In The Park 3:19 1-14: Marcia Griffiths - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4:12 1-15: Herman Chin-Loy - Alton's Official Daughter 5:20 1-16: Lord Kitchener - Dr Kitch 4:05 1-17: John Holt - Ali Baba 2:34 1-18: King Tubby - I Trim The Barber 5:07 1-19: Scientist - Caring For My Sister 3:21 1-20: The Techniques - Queen Majesty 3:35 1-21: Johnny Clarke - A Rougher Version 3:39 1-22: Alton Ellis - Harder & Harder 2:43 1-23: The Orb - Orbots Surround The Trojan Horse 1:00 2-1: Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Enter The Dragon 2:28 2-2: Michael Rose - Guess Who's Coming For Dinner 2:40 2-3: Michael Rose - Clap The Barber 2:31 2-4: Tapper Zukie - Man Ah Warrior 3:08 2-5: Scientist - Beaming 3:31 2-6: King Tubby - Come On Little Girl / King Of Kings Dub / Second Cut 7:41 2-7: Joe "The Boss" Mansano - Son Of Al Capone 2:58 2-8a: Sister Nancy - Bam Bam 3:55 2-8b: The Maytals With Byron Lee The Dragonaires - Bam Bam 2-9: Lee Perry & The Full Experience - Underground Root 3:12 2-10a: The Upsetters - Return Of Django 3:07 2-10b: Dennis Alcapone - Mr. Brown's Coffin 2-11: Rupie Edwards Allstars - Free The Weed / Free The Dub 4:23 2-12: Scientist & The Roots Radics - Scientist (Stalag 17) 4:04 2-13: Joe "The Boss" Mansano - Bad Day At Black Rock 2:36 2-14a: Augustus Pablo - The Bells Of Death 3:42 2-14b: Gregory Isaacs - I Am Alright 2-15: Madorb - Beyond The Realms Of The Orb 7:30 2-16: Madorb - 9:27 To Norbury 5:07 2-17: The Upsetters - Sipple Dub 3:19 2-18: The Orb - Tower Twenty Three 6:32 2-19: Madorb - Hole In The Sky (The Wave Version) 5:11
Ultimate Spinach Ultimate Spinach

Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach

Original UK pressing from 1968 - A1: Ego Trip 3:15 A2: Sacrifice Of The Moon (In Four Parts) 3:45 A3: Plastic Raincoats / Hung-Up Minds 2:54 A4: (Ballad Of The) Hip Death Goddess 8:18 B1: Your Head Is Reeling 3:39 B2: Dove In Hawk's Clothing 3:55 B3: Baroque #1 4:46 B4: Funny Freak Parade 2:36 B5: Pamela 3:09
Michael Chapman  Fully Qualified Survivor

Michael Chapman - Fully Qualified Survivor

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve - Issued on green Harvest label (with no boxed EMI logo) -# A1: The Aviator 9:28 A2: Naked Ladies And Electric Ragtime 2:40 A3: Stranger In The Room 5:33 A4: Postcards Of Scarborough 5:17 B1: Fishbeard Sunset 0:39 B2: Soulful Lady 4:12 B3: Rabbit Hills 4:10 B4: March Rain 3:44 B5: Kodak Ghosts 3:20 B6: Andru's Easy Rider 2:07 B7: Trinkets And Rings 5:00
Various Tighten Up Volume 1 : Deluxe Edition

Various - Tighten Up Volume 1 : Deluxe Edition

- promo sticker on back cover - Disc: 1 1. Tighten Up - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Untouchables 2. Kansas City - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 3. Spanish Harlem - Lee "Scratch" Perry, Val Bennett 4. A Place In The Sun - David Isaacs, Lee "Scratch" Perry 5. Win Your Love For Me - George A. Penny, Lynford Anderson 6. Donkey Returns - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 7. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - Joyce Bond, Les Carter 8. Angel Of The Morning - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 9. Fat Man - Derrick Morgan, Lynford Anderson 10. Soul Limbo - Byron Lee, The Dragonaires 11. Mix It Up - Karl "J.J." Johnson, The Kingstonians 12. Watch This Sound (For What It's Worth) - Lloyd Charmers, The Uniques 13. Good Ambition - Bunny Lee, Roy Shirley 14. Out The Light - Arthur "Duke" Reid, Joya Landis 15. If I Didn't Know - Bunny Lee, Roy Shirley 16. Handy Cap - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Upsetters 17. It's All In The Game - Lynford Anderson, Val Bennett 18. Tribute To Sir KB - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 19. Robin Hood Rides Again - Aubrey Adams & The Boys, Bunny Lee 20. Love Letters - Alton Ellis, Arthur "Duke" Reid, Phyllis Dillon 21. South Parkway Rock - Lynford Anderson, Val Bennett 22. I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman - Byron Lee, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires 23. I'll Be Around - Karl "J.J." Johnson, The Kingstonians 24. Out Of Love - Lloyd Charmers, The Uniques Disc: 2 1. Eastern Organ - Brother Dan's All Stars, Robert 'Dandy' Thompson 2. Jackpot - Joe Gibbs, The Pioneers 3. Penny For Your Song - David Scott, The Federals 4. Memories By The Score - The Paragons 5. Teardrops Falling - Eric Barnett, The Versatiles 6. Combination - Eric Barnett, Keeling Beckford 7. The Fiddler - Nehemiah Reed, Nehemiah Reid 8. The Russians Are Coming (aka Take 5) - Bunny Lee, Val Bennett 9. Born To Love You - Derrick Harriott 10. Way Of Life - Charles Ross, Glen Brown, Joe White 11. Train To Soulsville - Cool Sticky, Joel Gibson 12. Intensified Girls - Anderson's All Stars, Gladstone Anderson 13. Bookie Man - Lynford Anderson, Race Fans 14. Uncle Charlie - Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Mellotones 15. Nana - The Slickers 16. Good Time Rock - Hugh Malcolm, Joel Gibson 17. Rent Too High - George King, Ranny Williams, George Regent 18. My Argument - Bunny Lee, Lloyd Charmers 19. A.B.C. Rocksteady - Harris Seaton, The Gaylads 20. In Like Flint - Byron Lee, The Good Guys 21. Lady With The Starlight - Ken Boothe, Sonia Pottinger 22. Catch The Beat - Joel Gibson, The Pioneers 23. Dance With Me - Delano Stewart, Sonia Pottinger 24. Hold You Jack - Bunny Lee, Derrick Morgan
Egg The Polite Force

Egg - The Polite Force

Original UK pressing from 1971 - A1: A Visit To Newport Hospital 8:25 A2: Contrasong 4:21 A3: Boilk (Incl. Bach: Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verderbt) 9:23 Long Piece No.3 (20:42) Ba: Part One Bb: Part Two Bc: Part Three Bd: Part Four
Throbbing Gristle  Second Annual Report

Throbbing Gristle - Second Annual Report

UK Reissue on Fetish Records from 1981 - A1: Industrial Introduction A2: Slug Bait - ICA A3: Slug Bait - Live At Southampton A4: Slug Bait - Live At Brighton A5: Maggot Death - Studio A6: Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club A7: Maggot Death - Live At Southampton A8: Maggot Death - Live At Brighton B1: After Cease To Exist - The Original Soundtrack Of The Coum Transmissions Film

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