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We have 31419 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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United Stoats Of America Star Spangled Bangers

United Stoats Of America - Star Spangled Bangers

1.Tugboat Captain 2. Clothes Shopping 3. Folsom Prison Blues 4. Whole Again 5. Steve's Last Ramble. 6.Hotel Yorba 7. Wrong 'Em Boyo. 8. I'd Rather Go To Hell 9. Thinkin' About Drinkin' 10. Fisherman Blues 11. Never Make It Home 12 I Don't Feel Like Dancing 13. I Gotta Feeling 14. Those Were The Days 15. I Saw The Light 16. Vincent Black Lightning
Various AWOL: A Way Of Life - Live

Various - AWOL: A Way Of Life - Live

UK 3xLP from 1995 - cover has a little creasing - A1: DJ Biggs – The Hunter A2: Splash – Babylon B1: Northern Connexion – Reel Funk (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix) B2: P-Funk – P. Funk Era (V.I.P. Mix) B3: Cool Hand Flex – The Melody Madness (V.I.P. Mix) C1: Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix) C2: Dark Man – Dis Sound Ruff C3: Kenny Ken – The Pied Piper (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix) D1: D.R.S. – Everyman (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix) D2: Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – The Dreamer (DJ Aphrodite V.I.P. Mix) E1: Prizna – Fire (Dr. S. Gachet V.I.P. Mix) E2: Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – Touch My Toes (Dreamteam V.I.P. Mix) F1: Aladdin – Mash Up Yer Know (V.I.P. Mix) F2: Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – A.W.O.L. (V.I.P. Mix) F3: L Double – Da Base 2 Dark (Mickey Finn Special Mix)
Aïsha Devi  Hakken Dub

Aïsha Devi - Hakken Dub

Swiss 12" from 2014 - A1: Hakken Dub 4:54 A2: Throat Dub (Tool) 9:12 B1: Hakken Dub (IVVVO Mix) 4:43 B2: Throat Dub (The Hieroglyphic Being Experience 9) 9:34
Si Begg  Permission To Explode

Si Begg - Permission To Explode

French 2xLP from 2013 - Limited / Numbered (4 / 100) A1: From My Laptop 6:16 B1: Lets Roll 5:09 B2: Runnings 6:33 C1: Out Of Sight 7:12 D1: The Mother Ship Has Landed 5:31 D2: Buffer State 5:08
Beatles  Please Please Me

Beatles - Please Please Me

Original UK Mono LP from 1963 - 1st Pressing, Gold & Black Label, Dick James Credits - Second issue sleeve, the credit Angus Mc Bean starts under the G - Matrix:- XEX 421-1N 1 / XEX 422-1N 1 - A1: I Saw Her Standing There 2:50 A2: Misery 1:44 A3: Anna (Go To Him) 2:52 A4: Chains 2:20 A5: Boys 2:20 A6: Ask Me Why 2:20 A7: Please Please Me 1:58 B1: Love Me Do 2:15 B2: P.S. I Love You 2:00 B3: Baby It's You 2:29 B4: Do You Want To Know A Secret 1:52 B5: A Taste Of Honey 1:59 B6: There's A Place 1:46 B7: Twist And Shout 2:30
Hefner Boxing Hefner

Hefner - Boxing Hefner

UK LP compilation from 2000 with gatefold sleeve - A1: Christian Girls A2: Lee Remick A3: Pull Yourself Together A4: Blind Girl With Halo A5: Hello Kitten A6: Destroyed Cowboy Falls B1: The Hymn For The Coffee B2: Mary Lee B3: The Hymn For The Things We Didn't Do B4: To Hide A Little Thought B5: The Science Fiction B6: Twisting Mary's Arm
Wu-Tang Clan  Wu-Tang Forever

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

UK 4xLP from 1997 - A1: Wu-Revolution 6:17 A2: Reunited 5:23 B1: For Heavens Sake 4:13 B2: Cash Still Rules/ Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But The Money) 3:06 B3: Visionz 3:09 C1: As High As Wu-Tang Gets 2:39 C2: Severe Punishment 4:49 C3: Older Gods 3:07 D1: Maria 2:34 D2: A Better Tommorrow 4:58 D3: It's Yourz 4:15 E1: Intro 2:05 E2: Triumph 5:38 E3: Impossible 4:28 E4: Little Ghetto Boys 4:31 F1: Deadly Melody 4:03 F2: The City 4:07 F3: The Projects 3:15 F4: Bells Of War 5:12 G1: The M.G.M. 2:39 G2: Dog Sh*t 2:39 G3: Duck Seazon 5:20 G4: Hellz Wind Staff 4:52 H1: Heaterz 4:19 H2: Black Shampoo 3:50 H3: Second Coming 4:35 H4: The Closing 2:43
Rolling Stones  Exile On Main St.

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St.

Original UK 2xLP pressing from 1972 with gatefold sleeve, printed inners and all 12 postcards in unbroken strip - Matrix:- A1 / B2 / C2 / D2 - A1: Rocks Off 4:33 A2: Rip This Joint 2:24 A3: Shake Your Hips 2:58 A4: Casino Boogie 3:30 A5: Tumbling Dice 3:30 B1: Sweet Virginia 4:25 B2: Torn And Frayed 3:40 B3: Sweet Black Angel 3:05 B4: Loving Cup 4:22 C1: Happy 3:00 C2: Turd On The Run 2:33 C3: Ventilator Blues 3:20 C4: I Just Want To See His Face 3:15 C5: Let It Loose 5:17 D1: All Down The Line 3:50 D2: Stop Breaking Down 4:34 D3: Shine A Light 4:15 D4: Soul Survivor 3:50
John Coltrane  Like Someone In Love

John Coltrane - Like Someone In Love

Original UK Mono pressing from 1967 - A1: Like Someone In Love 4:55 A2: I Love You 5:28 A3: Trane's Slow Blues 6:00 B1: Lush Life 13:51 B2: I Hear A Rhapsody 5:57
Cure  I'm A Cult Hero

Cure - I'm A Cult Hero

Comes in paper inner sleeve with a cutout together with a biographic 108-page The Cure book, which contains the history and discography of The Cure in Italian and lyrics up to "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" in English and translated to Italian. A: I'm A Cult Hero 3:50 B: I Dig You 3:27
Theoretical Girls  U.S. Millie

Theoretical Girls - U.S. Millie

U.S. 7" from 1978 - Issued with double-sided artwork with lyrics on back and record in plain white generic sleeve. - A: U.S. Millie 2:56 B: You Got Me 3:47
Roy Harper  Valentine

Roy Harper - Valentine

Original UK LP from 1974 - labels with "The Gramophone Co. Ltd..." on the upper perimeter text - includes booklet - A1: Forbidden Fruit A2: Male Chauvinist Pig Blues A3: I'll See You Again A4: Twelve Hours Of Sunset A5: Acapulco Gold B1: Commune B2: Magic Woman (Liberation Reshuffle) B3: Che B4: North Country B5: Forever
Hawkwind  The Chronicle Of The Black Sword

Hawkwind - The Chronicle Of The Black Sword

Original UK LP from 1985 with lyric inner sleeve - also includes accompanying tour programme, which has been signed by all members - A1: Song Of The Swords A2: Shade Gate A3: The Sea King A4: The Pulsing Cavern A5: Elric The Enchanter B1: Needle Gun B2: Zarozinia B3: The Demise B4: Sleep Of A Thousand Tears B5: Chaos Army B6: Horn Of Destiny
Nucleus  Elastic Rock

Nucleus - Elastic Rock

Original UK LP from 1970 with die-cut sleeve nd original Vertigo swirl inner - A1: 1916 A2: Elastic Rock A3: Striation A4: Taranaki A5: Twisted Track A6: Crude Blues (Part 1) A7: Crude Blues (Part 2) A8: 1916-The Battle Of Boogaloo B1: Torrid Zone B2: Stonescape B3: Earth Mother B4: Speaking For Myself, Personally, In My Own Opinion, I Think... B5: Persephones Jive
Pink Floyd  Apples And Oranges

Pink Floyd - Apples And Oranges

UK 7" Mono pressing from 1967 with solid centre - Matrix:- 7XCA 30453-2 A KT 1 / 7XCA 30454-1 G KT 1 - A: Apples And Oranges B: Paint Box
Isao Suzuki Trio Featuring Tsuyoshi Yamamoto  Black Orpheus

Isao Suzuki Trio Featuring Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Black Orpheus

Japanese Reissue from 1977 - No OBI - back cover is torn in 2 places - pics available on request - A1: Manha De Carnaval A2: Angel Eyes B1: Who Can I Turn To B2: In A Sentimental Mood B3: Blues
David Bowie  Hunky Dory

David Bowie - Hunky Dory

UK LP Repress from 1972 - A1: Changes 3:38 A2a: Oh! You Pretty Things 3:14 A2b: Eight Line Poem 2:55 A3: Life On Mars? 3:56 A4: Kooks 2:54 A5: Quicksand 5:06 B1a: Fill Your Heart 3:10 B1b: Andy Warhol 3:55 B2: Song For Bob Dylan 4:13 B3: Queen Bitch 3:21 B4: The Bewlay Brothers 5:30
Outcasts  Self Conscious Over You

Outcasts - Self Conscious Over You

UK 7" from 1979 with picture cover on Good Vibrations Records - A: Self Conscious Over You B: Love You For Never
Birthday Party  Nick The Stripper

Birthday Party - Nick The Stripper

Australian 7" Pressing from 1982 - A: Nick The Stripper 3:47 B: Blundertown 2:50
Nachthexen Nachthexen

Nachthexen - Nachthexen

Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl - includes insert - A1: Ring Ring 3:17 A2: Fuck The Diet 2:10 B1: Drunk Lads 1:57 B2: Cheer Up Luv 2:24
My Bloody Valentine  Loveless

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

2018 Remaster on MBV Records – mbv 03 - Mastered from analog ½" tapes using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80. Comes in a heavy weight tip-on style gatefold sleeve with poly lined printed inner sleeve. - A1: Only Shallow A2: Loomer A3: Touched A4: To Here Knows When A5: When You Sleep A6: I Only Said B1: Come In Alone B2: Sometimes B3: Blown A Wish B4: What You Want B5: Soon
Aalto  Rush

Aalto - Rush

UK 12" from 2003 in plain sleeve / no picture cover - A: Rush (Original Mix) 7:09 B: Rush (Super8 Vs. Orkidea Remix) 7:57
Traffic  Mr. Fantasy

Traffic - Mr. Fantasy

UK Mono LP from 1967 with gatefold sleeve and rough paper labels - plays superbly - A1: Heaven Is In Your Mind A2: Berkshire Poppies A3: House For Everyone A4: No Face, No Name And No Number A5: Dear Mr Fantasy B1: Dealer B2: Utterly Simple B3: Coloured Rain B4: Hope I Never Find Me There B5: Giving To You
Pink Floyd  Animals

Pink Floyd - Animals

Original UK LP from 1977 with gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeve - Matrix:- SHVL 815 A-2U / SHVL 815 B-3U - A1: Pigs On The Wing 1 1:24 A2: Dogs 17:01 B1: Pigs (Three Different Ones) 11:20 B2: Sheep 10:22 B3: Pigs On The Wing 2 1:24
Adverts  Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts

Adverts - Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts

2xLP Reissue from 2011 with gatefold sleeve on Fire Records - A1: One Chord Wonders A2: Bored Teenagers A3: New Church A4: On The Roof A5: Newboys A6: Gary Gilmore's Eyes A7: Bombsite Boy B8: No Time To Be 21 B9: Safety In Numbers B10: New Day Dawning B11: Drowning Men B12: On Wheels B13: Great British Mistake Singles C14: One Chord Wonders C15: Quickstep C16: Gary Gilmore's Eyes C17: Bored Teenagers C18: Safety In Numbers C19: We Who Wait Live D20: On Wheels D21: Newboys D22: New Church D23: Gary Gilmore's Eyes D24: Drowning Men D25: No Time To Be 21
187 Lockdown / Various Sunday Flavaz Volume One

187 Lockdown / Various - Sunday Flavaz Volume One

UK 2xLP compilation from 1997 - A1: Dreem Teem - The Theme (Dreem Teem Full Vocal Mix) A2: Tuff Jam - Keep Holdin' (Up Mix) A3: R.I.P. Productions - Deep Inspiration (Tuff Jam Mix) B1: Banana Republic & Zoo Experience - Days Go By B2: A Baffled Republic - Bad Boys (Move In Silence) B3: R.I.P. Productions - Red Hot & Sexy C1: C-Ken - Crazee C2: Colour Girl - Tears (Underground Solution Dub) C3: Serious Danger - Deeper D1: Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T Mix) D2: Zoo Experience - Just Open Up Your Mind (Underground Solution Mix) D3: Todd Edwards - Can't Live Without U
Fall  The Infotainment Scan

Fall - The Infotainment Scan

UK LP from 1993 - cover has some edgewear - A1: Ladybird (Green Grass) 3:59 A2: Lost In Music 3:49 A3: Glam-Racket 3:12 A4: I'm Going To Spain 3:27 A5: It's A Curse 5:19 B1: Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room 4:27 B2: Service 4:11 B3: The League Of Bald-Headed Men 4:07 B4: A Past Gone Mad 4:19 B5: Light/ Fireworks 3:46
Smiths  Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

UK 12" from 1987 with original inner sleeve - A: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me B1: Rusholme Ruffians B2: Nowhere Fast
Tim Hecker / Daniel Lopatin  Instrumental Tourist

Tim Hecker / Daniel Lopatin - Instrumental Tourist

Sealed - U.S. 2xLP + CD - A1: Uptown Psychedelia A2: Scene From A French Zoo A3: Vaccination (For Thomas Mann) B1: Intrusions B2: Whole Earth Tascam B3: GRM Blue I B4: GRM Blue II C1: Racist Drone C2: Grey Geisha D1: Instrumental Tourist D2: Ritual For Consumption D3: Vaccination No.2
Sunnyland Slim  Midnight Jump

Sunnyland Slim - Midnight Jump

UK Mono LP from 1969 - A1: Layin' In My Cell, Sleepin' 3:10 A2: I Am The Blues 4:11 A3: Sunnyland Special 3:42 A4: Heartache 3:00 A5: Lowland Blues 4:36 B1: Stepmother 2:55 B2: Get To My Baby 3:00 B3: Stella Mae 3:41 B4: Midnight Jump 3:17 B5: Depression Blues 2:50
Psychic TV  Towards Thee Infinite Beat

Psychic TV - Towards Thee Infinite Beat

UK LP from 1990 in gatefold sleeve - A1: Infinite Beat 6:16 A2: Bliss 5:00 A3: Drone Zone 3:14 A4: S.M.I.L.E. 5:58 A5: I.C. Water 6:12 B1: Black Rainbow 5:49 B2: A Short Sharp Taste Ov Mistress Mix 1:00 B3: Horror House 6:08 B4: Jigsaw 5:07 B5: Alien Be-In 5:23
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  The Good Son

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Good Son

Limited Edition Original UK LP from 1990 with lyric inner sleeve and bonus 7"- slight tear on back cover and beginning of seam split on spine - A1: Foi Na Cruz 5:39 A2: The Good Son 6:04 A3: Sorrow's Child 4:38 A4: The Weeping Song 4:11 B1: The Ship Song 4:15 B2: The Hammer Song 4:17 B3: Lament 4:54 B4: The Witness Song 4:58 B5: Lucy 4:17 "Acoustic Versions" Of Songs From "Tender Prey" A: The Mercy Seat 3:40 B1: City Of Refuge 2:41 B2: Deanna 2:47
David Bowie  The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spider

David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spider

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - Original UK Lp from 1972 with lyric inner sleeve (which has a small bit of writing on) - Matrix:- BGBS - 0864 - 6E / BGBS 0865 - 4E - A1: Five Years 4:42 A2: Soul Love 3:34 A3: Moonage Daydream 4:40 A4: Starman 4:10 A5: It Ain't Easy 2:58 B1: Lady Stardust 3:22 B2: Star 2:47 B3: Hang On To Yourself 2:40 B4: Ziggy Stardust 3:13 B5: Suffragette City 3:25 B6: Rock 'N' Roll Suicide 2:58
Crisis  No Town Hall (Southwark)

Crisis - No Town Hall (Southwark)

UK 7" from 1978 - A: No Town Hall (Southwark) B1: Holocaust B2: P.C. One Nine Eight Four
Pisse  Kohlrübenwinter #1

Pisse - Kohlrübenwinter #1

Original German 7" from 2016 (1st Pressing) A1: Fahrradsattel A2: Alt Sein B1: Hundegelatine B2: Drehtür
Sonic Youth  Silver Rocket

Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket

U.S. 7" from 1988 - A1: Silver Rocket A2: You Pose You Lose B: Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee
Charlie Mingus Blues & Roots

Charlie Mingus - Blues & Roots

Original UK LP from 1960 - age-related staining around the edges of cover - A1: Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting A2: Cryin' Blues A3: Moanin' B1: Tensions B2: My Jelly Roll Soul B3: E's Flat Ah's Flat Too
Spiritualized  Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space B P

Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space B P

U.S. 2xLP Reissue from 2010 - A1: Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space A2: Come Together A3: I Think I'm In Love B1: All Of My Thoughts B2: Stay With Me B3: Electricity B4: Home Of The Brave C1: The Individual C2: Broken Heart C3: No God Only Religion C4: Cool Waves D1: Cop Shoot Cop...
Wire  On Returning (1977-1979)

Wire - On Returning (1977-1979)

UK LP Compilation from 1989 - A1: 1.2.X.U. A2: It's So Obvious A3: Mr Suit A4: Three Girl Rhumba A5: Ex Lion Tamer A6: Lowdown A7: Strange A8: Reuters A9: Feeling Called Love A10: I Am The Fly A11: Practice Makes Perfect A12: French Film Blurred B1: I Feel Mysterious Today B2: Marooned B3: Sand In My Joints B4: Outdoor Miner B5: A Question Of Degree B6: I Should Have Known Better B7: The Other Window B8: 40 Versions B9: A Touching Display B10: On Returning
Strangers Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)

Strangers - Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)

UK 7" Promo with soild centre from 1967 - writing on B side label - A: Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) B: Mary, Mary
Joy Division  Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

Original UK LP from 1979 with textured cover and printed inner sleeve - Outside A1: Disorder 3:36 A2: Day Of The Lords 4:43 A3: Candidate 3:00 A4: Insight 4:00 A5: New Dawn Fades 4:47 Inside B1: She's Lost Control 3:40 B2: Shadowplay 3:50 B3: Wilderness 2:35 B4: Interzone 2:10 B5: I Remember Nothing 6:00
Clash  Clash

Clash - Clash

Early UK LP Repress with the CBS sunburst label - A1: Janie Jones 2:05 A2: Remote Control 3:00 A3: I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. 2:24 A4: White Riot 1:55 A5: Hate & War 2:04 A6: What's My Name 1:40 A7: Deny 3:03 A8: London's Burning 2:10 B1: Career Opportunities 1:51 B2: Cheat 2:06 B3: Protex Blue 1:46 B4: Police & Thieves 6:00 B5: 48 Hours 1:34 B6: Garage Land 3:13
Spacemen 3  Transparent Radiation (demo)

Spacemen 3 - Transparent Radiation (demo)

U.S. 7" from 1989 - A: Transparent Radiation B: Honey
X-Ray Spex  Identity

X-Ray Spex - Identity

UK 7" Limited Edition on Pink Vinyl from 1978 - A: Identity 2:23 B: Let's Submerge 3:24
Melanie De Biasio No Deal

Melanie De Biasio - No Deal

A1: I Feel You 1:42 A2: The Flow 5:17 A3: No Deal 4:20 A4: With Love 2:46 B1: Sweet Darling Pain 6:29 B2: I'm Gonna Leave You 4:22 B3: With All My Love 8:20
Phoebe Bridgers  Punisher

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

UK Limited Edition LP, Blue And Green And Swirly [Peacock Splash] - includes booklet, but not signed print - A1: DVD Menu A2: Garden Song A3: Kyoto A4: Punisher A5: Halloween A6: Chinese Satellite B1: Moon Song B2: Savior Complex B3: ICU B4: Graceland Too B5: I Know The End
Black Sabbath  Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Original UK LP pressing from 1970 with matt gatefold sleeve - Vertigo ''large swirl'' label - with the wording ''Vertigo'' credited below the spindle hole on label side B. - includes Vertigo swirl inner. No management credit - A1: War Pigs 7:58 A2: Paranoid 2:53 A3: Planet Caravan 4:35 A4: Iron Man 5:57 B1: Electric Funeral 4:53 B2: Hand Of Doom 7:08 B3: Rat Salad 2:31 B4: Fairies Wear Boots 6:14
Yardbirds  Five Live Yardbirds

Yardbirds - Five Live Yardbirds

Original UK Mono LP from 1964 - back cover has some staining - A1: Too Much Monkey Business A2: I Got Love If You Want It A3: Smokestack Lightnin' A4: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl A5: Respectable B1: Five Long Years B2: Pretty Girl B3: Louise B4: I'm A Man B5: Here 'Tis
Hawkwind  Space Ritual

Hawkwind - Space Ritual

UK 2xLP from 1973 with giant fold-out sleeve and printed inners - A1: Earth Calling 1:46 A2: Born To Go 9:56 A3: Down Through The Night 6:16 A4: The Awakening 1:32 B1: Lord Of Light 7:21 B2: The Black Corridor 1:51 B3: Space Is Deep 8:13 B4: Electronic No. 1 2:26 C1: Orgone Accumulator 9:59 C2: Upside Down 2:43 C3: 10 Seconds Of Forever 2:05 C4: Brainstorm 9:20 D1: 7 By 7 6:13 D2: Sonic Attack 2:54 D3: Time We Left This World Today 5:47 D4: Master Of The Universe 7:37 D5: Welcome To The Future 2:03
Miles Davis My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis In Concert

Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis In Concert

UK LP from 1965 - Stereo Pressing (Mono sleeve has stereo sticker) - A1: My Funny Valentine 14:58 A2: All Of You 14:55 B1: Stella By Starlight 12:54 B2: All Blues 8:52 B3: I Thought About You 11:14
Beatles  Help!

Beatles - Help!

Original UK Mono pressing from 1965. Matrix:- XEX 549-2 / XEX 550-2 - MKT tax code on Side 2 label - play tested - name written on back cover and original Emitex inner - A1: Help! A2: The Night Before A3: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away A4: I Need You A5: Another Girl A6: You're Going To Lose That Girl A7: Ticket To Ride B1: Act Naturally B2: It's Only Love B3: You Like Me Too Much B4: Tell Me What You See B5: I've Just Seen A Face B6: Yesterday B7: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

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