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United Stoats Of America Star Spangled Bangers

United Stoats Of America - Star Spangled Bangers

1.Tugboat Captain 2. Clothes Shopping 3. Folsom Prison Blues 4. Whole Again 5. Steve's Last Ramble. 6.Hotel Yorba 7. Wrong 'Em Boyo. 8. I'd Rather Go To Hell 9. Thinkin' About Drinkin' 10. Fisherman Blues 11. Never Make It Home 12 I Don't Feel Like Dancing 13. I Gotta Feeling 14. Those Were The Days 15. I Saw The Light 16. Vincent Black Lightning
Iggy And The Stooges Raw Power

Iggy And The Stooges - Raw Power

Original UK pressing with printed inner sleeve (with close-up shots of Iggy) from 1973 - A1: Search And Destroy 3:26 A2: Gimme Danger 3:28 A3: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Originally Titled "Hard To Beat") 4:52 A4: Penetration 3:35 B1: Raw Power 4:22 B2: I Need Somebody 4:50 B3: Shake Appeal 3:00 B4: Death Trip 5:53
Nic Jones  Penguin Eggs

Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs

Original UK pressing from 1980 - A1: Canadee-i-o 5:54 A2: The Drowned Lovers 6:25 A3: The Humpback Whale 6:01 A4: The Little Pot Stove 5:34 B1: Courting Is A Pleasure 5:17 B2: Barrack Street 4:24 B3: Planxty Davis 2:46 B4: The Flandyke Shore 2:48 B5: Farewell To The Gold 5:17
John Martyn  London Conversation

John Martyn - London Conversation

Island Records Mono Repress from 1969 with pink "i" labels - A1: Fairy Tale Lullaby A2: Sandy Grey A3: London Conversation A4: Ballad Of An Elder Woman A5: Cocain A6: Run Honey Run B1: Back To Stay B2: Rolling Home B3: Who's Grown Up Now B4: Golden Girl B5: This Time B6: Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Edgar Broughton Band Sing Brother Sing

Edgar Broughton Band - Sing Brother Sing

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve, which has a small bit of tape residue inside the cover - includes lyric insert - plain inner sleeve - A1: There's No Vibrations, But Wait! 4:10 The Moth A2a: The Moth 1:45 A2b: The People 1:00 A2c: Peter 2:27 A3: Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freak's A Rollin') 3:05 A4: Refugee 3:29 A5: Officer Dan 1:36 B1: Old Gopher 3:50 B2: Aphrodite 4:04 B3: Granma 2:24 Psychopath B4a: The Psychopath 2:19 B4b: Is For Butterflies 4:30 B5: It's Falling Away 5:30
Rolling Stones  Let It Bleed

Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed

Original Mono pressing from 1969. Includes poster, which is VG+, hype sticker on cover, and original red inner sleeve. Matrix:- XARL-9363.P-1A / XARL-9364.P-2A - A1: Gimmie Shelter A2: Love In Vain A3: Country Honk A4: Live With Me A5: Let It Bleed B1: Midnight Rambler B2: You Got The Silver B3: Monkey Man B4: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Various A Factory Sample

Various - A Factory Sample

Unofficial 2008 Reissue - poster sleeve that opens up into a 14" x 14" square. All 5 stickers are present - Aside A1: Joy Division - Digital 2:50 A2: Joy Division - Glass 3:51 Beside B1: The Durutti Column - No Communication 4:57 B2: The Durutti Column - Thin Ice (Detail) 3:16 Seaside C1: John Dowie - Acne 1:43 C2: John Dowie - Idiot 1:53 C3: John Dowie - Hitler's Liver 2:27 Decide D1: Cabaret Voltaire - Baader Meinhof 3:15 D2: Cabaret Voltaire - Sex In Secret 3:28
Popol Vuh  In Den Gärten Pharaos

Popol Vuh - In Den Gärten Pharaos

Comes in a CD sized papersleeve album replica (gatefold), with Obi-strip and insert.- 1. In Den Gärten Pharaos 17:37 2. Vuh 19:48 ボーナス·トラック = Bonus Tracks 3. Kha-White Structures 1 10:14 4. Kha-White Structures 2 10:09
Beatles  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Singapore pressing from 1967 - slightly dished, but plays OK - A1: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band A2: With A Little Help From My Friends A3: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds A4: Getting Better A5: Fixing A Hole A6: She's Leaving Home A7: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! B1: Within You Without You B2: When I'm Sixty-Four B3: Lovely Rita B4: Good Morning Good Morning B5: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) B6: A Day In The Life
Budgie  Budgie

Budgie - Budgie

Original UK pressing from 1972 with black and blue MCA labels - front cover has a couple of small tears - A1: Guts 4:20 A2: Everything In My Heart 1:00 A3: The Author 6:25 A4: Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman 8:30 B1: Rape Of The Locks 6:10 B2: All Night Petrol 6:00 B3: You And I 1:45 B4: Homicidal Suicidal 6:30
Damier Can You Feel It

Damier - Can You Feel It

1. Can You Feel It (Radio-Active Mix) 4:51 2. Can You Feel It (Club Mix) 3:52 3. Can You Feel It (Low And Sleazy Mix) 4:33 4. Can You Feel It (Club Vocal) 5:09 5. Can You Feel It (Dubby Dub) 5:01 6. Can You Feel It (New York Dub) 5:34
Death Grips  Ex Military

Death Grips - Ex Military

Unsealed to check colour of vinyl and specific pressing - unplayed - A1: Beware 5:49 A2: Guillotine 3:35 A3: Spread Eagle Cross The Block 3:49 A4: Lord Of The Game 3:22 A5: Takyon (Death Yon) 2:47 A6: Cut Throat (Instrumental) 1:02 A7: Klink 2:46 B1: Culture Shock 4:15 B2: 5D 0:24 B3: Thru The Walls 3:37 B4: Known For It 4:04 B5: I Want It I Need It (Death Heated) 6:06 B6: Blood Creepin 4:35
Little River Band  First Under The Wire

Little River Band - First Under The Wire

Limited Edition Remastered Reissue on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ‎- A1: Lonesome Loser 3:58 A2: The Rumor 4:18 A3: By My Side 4:25 A4: Cool Change 5:14 A5: It's Not A Wonder 3:56 B1: Hard Life (Prelude) 2:42 B2: Hard Life 4:46 B3: Middle Man 4:24 B4: Man On The Run 4:16 B5: Mistress Of Mine 5:32
Jerry Lee Lewis And The Nashville Teens Live At The Star Club, Hamburg

Jerry Lee Lewis And The Nashville Teens - Live At The Star Club, Hamburg

Original UK pressing from 1964 - A1: I Got A Woman A2: High School Confidential A3: Money A4: Matchbox A5: What'd I Say - Part l A6: What'd I Say - Part ll B1: Great Balls Of Fire B2: Good Golly, Miss Molly B3: Lewis' Boogie B4: Your Cheating Heart B5: Hound Dog B6: Long, Tall Sally B7: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Velvet Underground & Nico Velvet Underground & Nico

Velvet Underground & Nico - Velvet Underground & Nico

UK Reissue in gatefold sleeve, which has tear on the back where catalogue number is :- A1: Sunday Morning 2:53 A2: I'm Waiting For The Man 4:37 A3: Femme Fatale 2:35 A4: Venus In Furs 5:07 A5: Run, Run, Run 4:18 A6: All Tomorrow's Parties 5:55 B1: Heroin 7:05 B2: There She Goes Again 2:30 B3: I'll Be Your Mirror 2:01 B4: Black Angel's Death Song 3:10 B5: European Son To Delmore Schwartz 7:40
Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart  Take Me To God

Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Take Me To God

Original UK pressing from 1994 - Limited / Numbered (2850) - A1: God In The Beginning A2: Becoming More Like God A3: Whisky Priests A4: I'm An Algerian B1: Amor B2: Amor Dub B3: Take Me To God B4: The Sun Does Rise C1: When The Storm Comes C2: I Love Everybody C3: Yoga Of The Nightclub C4: I Am The Music D1: The Bonds Of Love D2: Angels D3: No Change Is Sexy D4: Raga D5: Forever
Sneaker Pimps  Becoming X

Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X

Original UK pressing from 1996 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Low Place Like Home 4:37 A2: Tesko Suicide 3:44 A3: 6 Underground 4:05 A4: Becoming X 4:14 A5: Spin Spin Sugar 4:20 B1: Post-Modern Sleaze 5:11 B2: Waterbaby 4:10 B3: Roll On 4:27 B4: Wasted Early Sunday Morning 4:27 B5: Walking Zero 4:31 B6: How Do 5:01
Iggy Pop  The Idiot

Iggy Pop - The Idiot

Original UK pressing from 1977 -RCA Victor PL 12275 - A1: Sister Midnight 4:19 A2: Nightclubbing 4:14 A3: Funtime 2:54 A4: Baby 3:24 A5: China Girl 5:08 B1: Dum Dum Boys 7:12 B2: Tiny Girls 2:59 B3: Mass Production 8:24
Divine Comedy  Liberation

Divine Comedy - Liberation

UK pressing from 1993 - A1: Festive Road 1:56 A2: Death Of A Supernaturalist 3:16 A3: Bernice Bobs Her Hair 4:00 A4: I Was Born Yesterday 3:29 A5: Your Daddys Car 3:55 A6: Europop 4:31 A7: Timewatching 3:47 B1: The Pop Singers Fear Of The Pollen Count 4:19 B2: Queen Of The South 4:25 B3: Victoria Fall 4:09 B4: Three Sisters 4:42 B5: Europe By Train 4:27 B6: Lucy 4:3
Bjork  Debut

Bjork - Debut

Original UK pressing from 1993 - Includes additional 16-page 12-inch size booklet. - A1: Human Behaviour 4:12 A2: Crying 4:49 A3: Venus As A Boy 4:41 A4: There's More To Life Than This 3:21 A5: Like Someone In Love 4:33 A6: Big Time Sensuality 3:56 B1: One Day 5:24 B2: Aeroplane 3:54 B3: Come To Me 4:55 B4: Violently Happy 4:58 B5: The Anchor Song 3:32
Bernard Herrmann Twisted Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A1: Main Titles A2: The Detective A3: Henry Complains A4: Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version) A5: Second Meeting A6: Martin's Anger A7: The Mirror A8: The Letter A9: Georgie A10: Washing-Up A11: Playing Cards A12: Psychopathia Sexualis / Hot Chocolate A13: The Rocking Horse A14: The Scissors / Peeping Georgie / Leaving The House A15: The Murder / Henry's Dead A16: George's Nightmare / Just Lie Still / Ready And Willing A17: The Body A18: Twisted Nerve (Pop Version) B1: Swimming / Drowning B2: Getting Dressed / Flowers I / The Kiss B3: Flowers II / Henry Calls B4: The Signature B5: The Newspaper B6: The Shed / The Portrait B7: The Dresser / The Axe B8: The Telephone / There Was No Reply / The House / The Front Door B9: The Bedroom / No Bloody Wood / He's Not A Mongrel / The Struggle B10: The Assault B11: George's Madness B12: The Cell B13: Finale A1: Twisted Nerve (Pop Version) 1:23 B1: Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version) 2:46 B2: Twisted Nerve (Alternate Jazz Version) 2:35
Jimi Hendrix Experience  Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

UK Repress from 1972 with glossy gatefold cover - A1: And The Gods Made Love A2: Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) A3: Cross Town Traffic A4: Voodoo Chile B1: Little Miss Strange B2: Long Hot Summer Night B3: Come On B4: Gypsy Eyes B5: The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp C1: Rainy Day, Dream Away C2: 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) C3: Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away D1: Still Raining, Still Dreaming D2: House Burning Down D3: All Along The Watchtower D4: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
ABBA  Arrival

ABBA - Arrival

U.S. Pressing - Remastered / Half Speed Master - A1: When I Kissed The Teacher 3:00 A2: Dancing Queen 3:50 A3: My Love, My Life 3:52 A4: Dum Dum Diddle 2:53 A5: Knowing Me, Knowing You 4:02 B1: Money, Money, Money 3:05 B2: That's Me 3:15 B3: Why Did It Have To Be Me 3:20 B4: Tiger 2:55 B5: Arrival 3:00
Beatles  The White Album

Beatles - The White Album

UK Stereo pressing from 1968 with top opening sleeves, embossed lettering (The Beatles) on the cover. Limited Edition Number: 0307038. “An E.M.I. Recording” text to the left of ALL labels, above the “33 1/ 3″ text. Matrix:- 709-1 / 710-1 / 711-1 / 712-1 - cannot find K/ T tax code on label. This is does not include any photos or poster - A1: Back In The U.S.S.R. A2: Dear Prudence A3: Glass Onion A4: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da A5: Wild Honey Pie A6: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill A7: While My Guitar Gently Weeps A8: Happiness Is A Warm Gun B1: Martha, My Dear B2: I'm So Tired B3: Blackbird B4: Piggies B5: Rocky Raccoon B6: Don't Pass Me By B7: Why Dont We Do It In The Road B8: I Will B9: Julia C1: Birthday C2: Yer Blues C3: Mother Nature's Son C4: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey C5: Sexy Sadie C6: Helter Skelter C7: Long, Long, Long D1: Revolution 1 D2: Honey Pie D3: Savoy Truffle D4: Cry, Baby, Cry D5: Revolution 9 D6: Good Night
Ty Segall  Manipulator

Ty Segall - Manipulator

Limited Edition Orange / Yellow Vinyl - A1: Manipulator 3:09 A2: Tall Man Skinny Lady 4:02 A3: The Singer 4:15 A4: It's Over 3:00 B1: Feel 4:15 B2: The Faker 4:07 B3: The Clock 2:52 B4: Green Belly 2:32 C1: The Connection Man 2:17 C2: Mister Main 2:47 C3: The Hand 4:43 C4: Susie Thumb 2:29 C5: Don't You Want To Know? (Sue) 2:34 D1: The Crawler 2:24 D2: Who's Producing You? 2:53 D3: The Feels 3:08 D4: Stick Around 4:33
Alice Cooper  School's Out

Alice Cooper - School's Out

Original UK pressing from 1972 - includes paper panties, but not report - A1: School's Out 3:26 A2: Luney Tune 3:36 A3: Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets 4:39 A4: Street Fight 0:55 A5: Blue Turk 5:29 B1: My Stars 5:46 B2: Public Animal #9 3:53 B3: Alma Mater 3:39 B4: Grande Finale 4:36
Various Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score

Various - Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score

Original UK pressing from 1972 - 3 inserts included, - no outer or bands insert - A: The Grateful Dead - Dark Star 24:06 B1: Brinsley Schwarz - Love Song 4:02 B2: Mighty Baby - A Blanket In My Muesli 16:06 C1: Marc Bolan - Sunken Rags 2:36 C2: Pete Townshend - Classified 3:58 C3: David Bowie - Supermen 2:44 C4: Hawkwind - Silver Machine And Welcome 7:28 C5: Skin Alley - Sun Music 5:20 D: Daevid Allen & Gong - Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory 23:00 E1: The Pink Fairies - Do It 3:20 E2: The Pink Fairies - Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out 19:43 F: The Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out 20:00
Clash  Clash

Clash - Clash

Original UK pressing from 1977. Matrix:- CBS-S-82000-A-5 / CBS-S-82000-B-3 - A1: Janie Jones 2:05 A2: Remote Control 3:00 A3: I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. 2:24 A4: White Riot 1:55 A5: Hate & War 2:04 A6: What's My Name 1:40 A7: Deny 3:03 A8: London's Burning 2:10 B1: Career Opportunities 1:51 B2: Cheat 2:06 B3: Protex Blue 1:46 B4: Police & Thieves 6:00 B5: 48 Hours 1:34 B6: Garage Land 3:13
Who  A Quick One

Who - A Quick One

Original UK Mono pressing from 1966 - A1: Run Run Run A2: Boris The Spider A3: I Need You A4: Whiskey Man A5: Heatwave A6: Cobwebs And Strange B1: Don't Look Away B2: See My Way B3: So Sad About Us B4: A Quick One, While He's Away
Pink Floyd  The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

First UK Stereo pressing from 1967 - Matrix:- YAX 3419-1 G / YAX 3420-1 G. Vinyl looks VG, but apart from a whooshing sound on the opening 8 seconds of A1, the rest plays VG+. Includes original cream EMI inner sleeve - Outer sleeve is only G+ and has a seam split across the top - A1: Astronomy Domine A2: Lucifer Sam A3: Matilda Mother A4: Flaming A5: Pow R. Toc H. A6: Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk B1: Interstellar Overdrive B2: The Gnome B3: Chapter 24 B4: The Scarecrow B5: Bike
Holy Ghost Inc. Mad Monks On Zinc

Holy Ghost Inc. - Mad Monks On Zinc

A: Mad Monks On Zinc 8:20 B1: Liquidation 5:06 B2: Stealth 4:29
Rolling Stones  Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones

Original UK Mono pressing with unboxed red Decca labels - Sleeve credits Reed for A3 Label credits "Hurran-Calvert. Track A4 is "I Need You Baby" - Discogs B2V variant - Matrix:- XARL-6271-2A / XARL-6272-4A - cover has No flipbacks, Printed In England by MacNeil Press Ltd. S.E.1 - includes red mono inner - A1: Route 66 A2: I Just Want To Make Love To You A3: Honest I Do A4: I Need You Baby A5: Now I've Got A Witness (Like Uncle Gene And Uncle Phil) A6: Little By Little B1: I'm A King Bee B2: Carol B3: Tell Me (You're Coming Back) B4: Can I Get A Witness B5: You Can Make It If You Try B6: Walking The Dog
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Pendulum

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Pendulum

U.S. Liberty label pressing with Fantasy Catalog F 8410. Record Label is the the US Rainbow/ Black/ Liberty logo, with "Liberty/ UA inc, Los Angeles, California". label text on bottom and "...visual sound STEREO Pendulum Creedence Clearwater Revival" A1: Pagan Baby 6:25 A2: Sailor's Lament 3:47 A3: Chameleon 3:05 A4: Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2:39 A5: (Wish I Could) Hideaway 3:53 B1: Born To Move 5:39 B2: Hey Tonight 2:43 B3: It's Just A Thought 3:45 B4: Molina 2:41 B5: Rude Awakening Number Two 6:19
Beacon Street Union The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union

Beacon Street Union - The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union

U.S. Promo copy with gatefold sleeve and full artwork - A1: My Love Is 4:07 A2: Beautiful Delilah 2:09 A3: Sportin' Life 3:09 A4: Four Hundred And Five 2:09 A5: Mystic Mourning 5:58 B1: Sadie Said No 2:46 B2: Speed Kills 1:42 B3: Blue Avenue 2:50 B4: South End Incident (I'm Afraid) 3:53 B5: Green Destroys The Gold 4:00 B6: The Prophet 4:33
Elvis Costello & The Attractions  This Year's Modal

Elvis Costello & The Attractions - This Year's Modal

Limited Edition includes 7" - no hype sticker on cover - A1: No Action 1:57 A2: This Year's Girl 3:16 A3: The Beat 3:42 A4: Pump It Up 3:12 A5: Little Triggers 2:38 A6: You Belong To Me 2:19 B1: Hand In Hand 2:30 B2: (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea 3:06 B3: Lip Service 2:34 B4: Living In Paradise 3:51 B5: Lipstick Vogue 3:29 B6: Night Rally 2:40 C: Elvis Costello - Stranger In The House D: Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Neat, Neat, Neat
Beatles White Album

Beatles - White Album

UK Stereo Repress with right side opening on gatefold. No. 107217 - includes 4 glossy photographs and poster - embossed Beatles logo - ("An E.M.I Recording") and 'Mfd. in the U.K.' displayed on label. Matrix:- YEX 709-1 OOG / YEX 710-1 CPT / YEX 711-2 GHT / YEX 712-2 GPD - only one original black inner - A1: Back In The U.S.S.R. A2: Dear Prudence A3: Glass Onion A4: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da A5: Wild Honey Pie A6: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill A7: While My Guitar Gently Weeps A8: Happiness Is A Warm Gun B1: Martha, My Dear B2: I'm So Tired B3: Blackbird B4: Piggies B5: Rocky Raccoon B6: Don't Pass Me By B7: Why Dont We Do It In The Road B8: I Will B9: Julia C1: Birthday C2: Yer Blues C3: Mother Nature's Son C4: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey C5: Sexy Sadie C6: Helter Skelter C7: Long, Long, Long D1: Revolution 1 D2: Honey Pie D3: Savoy Truffle D4: Cry, Baby, Cry D5: Revolution 9 D6: Good Night
Beach Boys Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys

Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys

Comes in a special cardboard box including 4 jewel case CDs, two bonus CDs in cardboard packaging, a 60 page booklet, and a sticker showing this box set's logo. 1-1 Surfin' U.S.A. (Demo Version) 1:49 1-2 Little Surfer Girl 0:31 1-3 Surfin' (Rehearsal) 1:31 1-4 Surfin' 2:29 1-5 Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Demo) 2:35 1-6 Surfin' Safari 2:16 1-7 409 2:09 1-8 Punchline (Instrumental) 1:53 1-9 Surfin' U.S.A. 2:29 1-10 Shut Down 1:51 1-11 Surfer Girl 2:26 1-12 Little Deuce Coupe 1:49 1-13 In My Room 2:15 1-14 Catch A Wave 2:18 1-15 The Surfer Moon 2:19 1-16 Be True To Your School 2:07 1-17 Spirit Of America 2:20 1-18 Little Saint Nick (45 RPM) 1:59 1-19 Things We Did Last Summer 2:27 1-20 Fun, Fun, Fun 2:20 1-21 Don't Worry Baby 2:49 1-22 Why Do Fools Fall In Love 2:09 1-23 The Warmth Of The Sun 2:50 1-24 I Get Around 2:14 1-25 All Summer Long 2:08 1-26 Little Honda 1:51 1-27 Wendy 2:21 1-28 Don't Back Down 1:53 1-29 Do You Wanna Dance 2:17 1-30 When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) 2:02 1-31 Dance, Dance, Dance 1:59 1-32 Please Let Me Wonder 2:46 1-33 She Knows Me Too Well 2:29 1-34 Radio Station Jingle 1:03 1-35 Concert Promo / Hushabye (Live) 3:59 2-1 California Girls 2:38 2-2 Help Me, Rhonda 2:47 2-3 Then I Kissed Her 2:16 2-4 And Your Dream Comes True 1:06 2-5 The Little Girl I Once Knew (45 Version) 2:37 2-6 Barbara Ann (45 Version) 2:05 2-7 Ruby Baby 2:10 2-8 KOMA (Radio Promo Spot) 0:11 2-9 Sloop John B 2:57 2-10 Wouldn't It Be Nice 2:23 2-11 You Still Believe In Me 2:30 2-12 God Only Knows 2:49 2-13 Hang On To Your Ego 3:13 2-14 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times 3:12 2-15 Pet Sounds 2:22 2-16 Caroline, No 2:52 2-17 Good Vibrations (45 Version) 3:38 2-18 Our Prayer 1:07 2-19 Heroes And Villains (Alternate Version) 2:57 2-20 Heroes And Villains (Sections) 6:41 2-21 Wonderful 2:03 2-22 Cabinessence 3:34 2-23 Wind Chimes 2:33 2-24 Heroes And Villains (Intro) 0:35 2-25 Do You Like Worms 4:01 2-26 Vegetables 3:30 2-27 I Love To Say Da Da 1:35 2-28 Surf's Up 3:39 2-29 With Me Tonight 2:17 3-1 Heroes And Villains (45 Version) 3:38 3-2 Darlin' 2:13 3-3 Wild Honey 2:38 3-4 Let The Wind Blow 2:22 3-5 Can't Wait Too Long 3:51 3-6 Cool Cool Water 1:13 3-7 Meant For You 0:41 3-8 Friends 2:32 3-9 Little Bird 1:59 3-10 Busy Doin' Nothin' 3:04 3-11 Do It Again 2:28 3-12 I Can Hear Music 2:32 3-13 I Went To Sleep 1:39 3-14 Time To Get Alone 2:44 3-15 Breakaway 2:56 3-16 Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (45 Version) 3:03 3-17 San Miguel 2:26 3-18 Games Two Can Play 2:02 3-19 I Just Got My Pay 2:20 3-20 This Whole World 1:57 3-21 Add Some Music 3:33 3-22 Forever 2:41 3-23 Our Sweet Love 2:38 3-24 H.E.L.P. Is On The Way 2:30 3-25 4th Of July 2:45 3-26 Long Promised Road 3:27 3-27 Disney Girls 4:08 3-28 Surf's Up 4:13 3-29 Till I Die 2:31 4-1 Sail On Sailor 3:19 4-2 California 3:21 4-3 Trader 5:05 4-4 Funky Pretty 4:11 4-5 Fairy Tale Music 4:06 4-6 You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone 3:27 4-7 Marcella 3:53 4-8 All This Is That 4:00 4-9 Rock And Roll Music 2:28 4-10 It's OK 2:12 4-11 Had To Phone Ya 1:44 4-12 That Same Song 2:15 4-13 It's Over Now 2:50 4-14 Still I Dream Of It 3:27 4-15 Let Us Go On This Way 1:59 4-16 The Night Was So Young 2:15 4-17 I'll Bet He's Nice 2:36 4-18 Airplane 3:05 4-19 Come Go With Me 2:04 4-20 Our Team 2:34 4-21 Baby Blue 3:18 4-22 Good Timin' 2:11 4-23 Goin' On 3:03 4-24 Getcha Back 3:03 4-25 Kokomo 3:35 Bonus Disc 5-1 In My Room (Demo) 2:33 5-2 Radio Spot #1 0:10 5-3 I Get Around (Track Only) 2:20 5-4 Radio Spot #2 0:15 5-5 Dance, Dance, Dance (Tracking Session) 2:13 5-6 Hang On To Your Ego (Sessions) 6:41 5-7 God Only Knows (Tracking Session) 9:14 5-8 Good Vibrations (Sessions) 15:18 5-9 Heroes And Villains (Track Only) 0:47 5-10 Cabinessence (Track Only) 4:00 5-11 Surf's Up (Track Only) 1:40 5-12 Radio Spot #3 0:07 5-13 All Summer Long (Vocals) 2:12 5-14 Wendy (Vocals) 2:27 5-15 Hushabye (Vocals) 2:44 5-16 When I Grow Up To Be A Man (Vocals) 2:18 5-17 Wouldn't It Be Nice (Vocals) 2:44 5-18 California Girls (Vocals) 2:33 5-19 Radio Spot #4 0:12 5-20 Concert Intro / Surfin' U.S.A. (Live 1964) 3:16 5-21 Surfer Girl (Live 1964) 2:52 5-22 Be True To Your School (Live 1964) 2:30 5-23 Good Vibrations (Live 1966) 5:15 5-24 Surfer Girl (Live In Hawaii Rehearsals - 1967) 2:18 Special Bonus CD 6-1 Bluebirds Over The Mountain 2:53 6-2 Tears In The Morning 4:09 6-3 Here Comes The Night (12" Version) 10:45 6-4 Lady Lynda 4:00 6-5 Sumahama 4:09
Beatles  Abbey Road

Beatles - Abbey Road

First press variation from 1969 -. Apple logo IS misaligned with the rest of the text on the sleeve. "Her Majesty" IS included on the vinyl label but not on the sleeve. - A1: Come Together 4:21 A2: Something 3:03 A3: Maxwell's Silver Hammer 3:27 A4: Oh! Darling 3:27 A5: Octopus's Garden 2:51 A6: I Want You (She's So Heavy) 7:47 B1: Here Comes The Sun 3:05 B2: Because 2:46 B3: You Never Give Me Your Money 4:02 B4: Sun King 2:27 B5: Mean Mr. Mustard 1:06 B6: Polythene Pam 1:13 B7: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1:57 B8: Golden Slumbers 1:32 B9: Carry That Weight 1:37 B10: The End 2:20 B11: Her Majesty 0:23
Sex Pistols  Spunk

Sex Pistols - Spunk

Original UK first pressing from 1977 - A1: Seventeen A2: Satellite A3: No Feelings A4: I Wanna Be Me A5: Submission A6: Anarchy In The U.K. B1: God Save The Queen B2: Problems B3: Pretty Vacant B4: Liar B5: EMI B6: New York
New Order  Blue Monday

New Order - Blue Monday

UK 12" Repress with die-cut sleeve and plain black inner. Matrix:- FAC-73-A-1 MT.1 STRAWBERRY OUT VOTED! / FAC-73-B-1 MT.2 HO.EL+TEL! STRAWBERRY - A: Blue Monday B: The Beach
Swans  The Burning World

Swans - The Burning World

Original UK pressing from 1989 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: The River That Runs With Love Won't Run Dry 4:15 A2: Let It Come Down 4:28 A3: Can't Find My Way Home 4:54 A4: Mona Lisa, Mother Earth 4:22 A5: (She's A) Universal Emptiness 3:57 B1: Saved 4:24 B2: I Remember Who You Are 4:24 B3: Jane Mary, Cry One Tear 3:52 B4: See No More 5:30 B5: God Damn The Sun 4:22
Seefeel  Quique

Seefeel - Quique

Original UK pressing from 1993 with card insert - A1: Climactic Phase #3 8:23 A2: Polyfusion 6:22 B1: Industrious 6:38 B2: Imperial 6:37 C1: Plainsong 7:40 C2: Charlotte's Mouth 7:25 C3: Through You 5:46 D1: Filter Dub 8:45 D2: Signals 5:47
New Order  Republic

New Order - Republic

Original UK pressing from 1993 with black inner sleeve and labels - A1: Regret A2: World A3: Ruined In A Day A4: Spooky A5: Everyone Everywhere B1: Young Offender B2: Liar B3: Chemical B4: Times Change B5: Special B6: Avalanche
Cure  Three Imaginary Boys

Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

Early UK pressing (Fiction Deluxe on back cover) with printed inner sleeve - Matrix:- FIX 1 A/ / 2▽420 11 / FIX 1 B/ / 2▽420 w 1 2 - A1: 10:15 Saturday Night 3:40 A2: Accuracy 2:16 A3: Grinding Halt 2:48 A4: Another Day 3:41 A5: Object 2:59 A6: Subway Song 1:56 B1: Foxy Lady 2:26 B2: Meathook 2:16 B3: So What? 2:33 B4: Fire In Cairo 3:19 B5: It's Not You 2:49 B6: Three Imaginary Boys 3:13 B7: The Weedy Burton 0:50
Bauhaus  In The Flat Field

Bauhaus - In The Flat Field

Original 4AD pressing from 1980 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Double Dare 4:57 A2: In The Flat Field 4:00 A3: A God In An Alcove 4:07 A4: Dive 2:10 A5: The Spy In The Cab 4:27 B1: Small Talk Stinks 3:35 B2: St. Vitus Dance 3:30 B3: Stigmata Martyr 3:37 B4: Nerves 7:10
Bill Evans / Jim Hall  Intermodulation

Bill Evans / Jim Hall - Intermodulation

UK Mono Pressing from 1966 - A1: I've Got You Under My Skin 3:20 A2: My Man's Gone Now (From The Folk Opera "Porgy And Bess") 6:50 A3: Turn Out The Stars 6:19 B1: Angel Face 6:30 B2: Jazz Samba 3:06 B3: All Across The City 4:45
Spacemen 3  Recurring

Spacemen 3 - Recurring

UK Pressing from 1991 - A1: Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) A2: Just To See You Smile (Orchestral Mix) A3: I Love You A4: Set Me Free/ I've Got The Key A5: Set Me Free (Reprise) B1: Feel So Sad (Reprise) B2: Hypnotized B3: Sometimes B4: Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit) B5: Billy Whizz/ Blue 1
Main  Hz

Main - Hz

6 x CD in box set - looks unplayed - 1-1: Corona Part I 9:49 1-2: Corona Part II 10:00 2-1: Terminus Part I 3:58 2-2: Terminus Part II 2:04 2-3: Terminus Part III 13:11 3-1: Maser Part I 5:06 3-2: Maser Part II 1:52 3-3: Maser Part III 5:02 3-4: Maser Part IV 7:28 4-1: Haloform Part I 6:45 4-2: Haloform Part II 6:48 4-3: Haloform Part III 7:21 5-1: Kaon Part I 2:29 5-2: Kaon Part II 3:47 5-3: Kaon Part III 5:39 5-4: Kaon Part IV 4:35 5-5: Kaon Part V 4:24 6-1: Neper Part I 3:15 6-2: Neper Part II 5:58 6-3: Neper Part III 10:27
Cigarettes After Sex  Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex - Cigarettes After Sex

Limited Edition Grey Vinyl - New, but unsealed - includes lyric inner sleeve - A1: K. A2: Each Time You Fall In Love A3: Sunsetz A4: Apocalypse A5: Flash B1: Sweet B2: Opera House B3: Truly B4: John Wayne B5: Young & Dumb
Fever Tree  Another Time Another Place

Fever Tree - Another Time Another Place

Original UK pressing from 1968 - A1: Man Who Paints The Pictures -- Part II A2: What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City? A3: Don't Come Crying To Me Girl A4: Fever A5: Grand Candy Young Sweet B1: Jokes Are For Sad People B2: I've Never Seen Evergreen B3: Peace Of Mind B4: Death Is The Dancer
Oasis  Live

Oasis - Live

U.S. PROMO - No artwork - Recorded Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago 10/ 15/ 1994 - 1. Rock 'N' Roll Star 2. Columbia 3. Fade Away 4. Digsy's Dinner 5. Shakermaker 6. Live Forever 7. Bring It On Down 8. Up In The Sky 9. Slide Away 10. Cigarettes & Alcohol 11. Married With Children 12. Supersonic 13. I Am The Walrus

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