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United Stoats Of America Star Spangled Bangers

United Stoats Of America - Star Spangled Bangers

1.Tugboat Captain 2. Clothes Shopping 3. Folsom Prison Blues 4. Whole Again 5. Steve's Last Ramble. 6.Hotel Yorba 7. Wrong 'Em Boyo. 8. I'd Rather Go To Hell 9. Thinkin' About Drinkin' 10. Fisherman Blues 11. Never Make It Home 12 I Don't Feel Like Dancing 13. I Gotta Feeling 14. Those Were The Days 15. I Saw The Light 16. Vincent Black Lightning
Bonzo Dog Band Keynsham

Bonzo Dog Band - Keynsham

UK Pressing from 1969 with gatefold sleeve and blue Liberty labels - A1: You Done My Brain In 1:40 A2: Keynsham 2:20 A3: Quiet Talks And Summer Walks 3:15 A4: Tent 3:20 A5: We Were Wrong 2:30 A6: Joke Shop Man 1:23 A7: The Bride Stripped Bare By ''Bachelors'' 2:35 A8: Look At Me I'm Wonderful 1:45 B1: What Do You Do? 3:15 B2: Mr. Slaters' Parrot 2:18 B3: Sport (The Odd Boy) 3:20 B4: I Want To Be With You 2:15 B5: Noises For The Leg 2:15 B6: Busted 5:40
Neil Young  Decade

Neil Young - Decade

UK pressing from 1977 with double gatefold sleeve - A1: Buffalo Springfield - Down To The Wire 2:25 A2: Buffalo Springfield - Burned 2:14 A3: Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul 2:41 A4: Buffalo Springfield - Broken Arrow 6:13 A5: Buffalo Springfield - Expecting To Fly 3:44 A6: Neil Young - Sugar Mountain 5:43 B1: Neil Young - I Am A Child 2:17 B2: Neil Young - The Loner 3:50 B3: Neil Young - The Old Laughing Lady 5:59 B4: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cinnamon Girl 2:59 B5: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Down By The River 9:16 C1: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cowgirl In The Sand 10:01 C2: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - I Believe In You 3:27 C3: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - After The Gold Rush 3:45 C4: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Southern Man 5:31 C5: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Helpless 3:34 D1: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio 2:56 D2: Neil Young - Soldier 2:28 D3: Neil Young - Old Man 3:21 D4: Neil Young - A Man Needs A Maid 3:58 D5: Neil Young - Harvest 3:08 D6: Neil Young - Heart Of Gold 3:06 D7: Neil Young - Star Of Bethlehem 2:46 E1: Neil Young - The Needle And The Damage Done 2:02 E2: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Tonight's The Night (Part 1) 4:41 E3: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Tired Eyes 4:33 E4: Neil Young - Walk On 2:40 E5: Neil Young - For The Turnstiles 3:01 E6: Neil Young - Winterlong 3:05 E7: Neil Young - Deep Forbidden Lake 3:39 F1: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Like A Hurricane 8:16 F2: Neil Young - Love Is A Rose 2:16 F3: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cortez The Killer 7:29 F4: Stills Young Band - Campaigner 3:30 F5: Stills Young Band - Long May You Run 3:48
Nick Drake  Fruit Tree · The Complete Recorded Works

Nick Drake - Fruit Tree · The Complete Recorded Works

3 x LP box set from 1979 - Fruit Tree · The Complete Recorded Works · One A1: Time Has Told Me 3:56 A2: River Man 4:28 A3: Three Hours 6:01 A4: Way To Blue 3:05 A5: Day Is Done 2:22 B1: 'Cello Song 3:58 B2: The Thoughts Of Mary Jane 3:12 B3: Man In A Shed 3:49 B4: Fruit Tree 4:42 B5: Saturday Sun 4:00 Fruit Tree · The Complete Recorded Works · Two C1: Introduction 1:33 C2: Hazey Jane II 3:41 C3: At The Chime Of A City Clock 4:42 C4: One Of These Things First 4:46 C5: Hazey Jane I 4:24 D1: Bryter Layter 3:16 D2: Fly 2:56 D3: Poor Boy 6:30 D4: Northern Sky 3:42 D5: Sunday 3:39 Fruit Tree · The Complete Recorded Works · Three E1: Pink Moon 2:00 E2: Place To Be 2:39 E3: Road 1:58 E4: Which Will 2:56 E5: Horn 1:19 E6: Things Behind The Sun 3:23 E7: Know 2:23 E8: Ride 2:57 F1: Parasite 3:30 F2: Harvest Breed 1:00 F3: From The Morning 2:25 F4: Voice From The Mountain 3:40 F5: Rider On The Wheel 2:30 F6: Black Eyed Dog 3:20 F7: Hanging On A Star 2:42
Procol Harum  A Salty Dog

Procol Harum - A Salty Dog

First UK (Stereo) pressing from 1969 - A1: A Salty Dog 4:36 A2: The Milk Of Human Kindness 3:42 A3: Too Much Between Us 3:39 A4: The Devil Came From Kansas 4:33 A5: Boredom 4:29 B1: Juicy John Pink 2:03 B2: Wreck Of The Hesperus 3:43 B3: All This And More 3:48 B4: Crucifiction Lane 4:55 B5 Pilgrim's Progress 4:27
Ian Carr's Nucleus Roots

Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots

Original UK pressing from 1973 with gatefold sleeve - A1: Roots A2: Images A3: Caliban B1: Whapatiti B2: Capricorn B3: Odokamona B4: Southern Roots And Celebration
David Bowie  Heroes

David Bowie - Heroes

UK Release from 1977, but Record Manufactured in Italy, Sleeve Printed in England. "MANUFACTURED BY RCA SPA ROME ITALY FROM MASTER RECORDINGS OF RCA RECORDS TM(S) ® MARCA (S) USED BY AUTHORITY OF RCA CORPORATION" - includes lyric insert - A1: Beauty And The Beast A2: Joe The Lion A3: "Heroes" A4: Sons Of The Silent Age A5: Blackout B1: V-2 Schneider B2: Sense Of Doubt B3: Moss Garden B4: Neuköln B5: The Secret Life Of Arabia
Queen  Jazz

Queen - Jazz

Original UK pressing from 1978 with embossed gatefold sleeve, glossy inner sleeve and Bicycle Race poster (not attached) - A1: Mustapha A2: Fat Bottomed Girls A3: Jealousy A4: Bicycle Race A5: If You Can't Beat Them A6: Let Me Entertain You B1: Dead On Time B2: In Only Seven Days B3: Dreamer's Ball B4: Fun It B5: Leaving Home Ain't Easy B6: Don't Stop Me Now B7: More Of That Jazz
Byzantium Byzantium

Byzantium - Byzantium

UK Pressing from 1972 - A1: What Is Happening? A2: I Am A Stranger To My Life A3: Come Fair One A4: Baby I Can Hear You Calling Me B1: Trade Wind B2: Into The Country B3: Lady Friend B4: Why Or Maybe It's Because
Tempest Tempest

Tempest - Tempest

Original UK pressing from 1973 - Released with 1½ gatefold sleeve and cardboard inner sleeve with lyrics printed on. - A1: Gorgon 5:41 A2: Foyers Of Fun 3:38 A3: Dark House 5:00 A4: Brothers 3:35 B1: Up And On 4:18 B2: Grey And Black 2:26 B3: Strangeher 4:07 B4: Upon Tomorrow 6:15
Jethro Tull  Stand Up

Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Original UK pressing from 1969 with matt gatefold sleeve with pop-up of band. Orange bullseye pink label - does not have "Printed and made by Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd., London W.11.", on the back cover. - A1: A New Day Yesterday A2: Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square A3: Bourée A4: Back To The Family A5: Look Into The Sun B1: Nothing Is Easy B2: Fat Man B3: We Used To Know B4: Reasons For Waiting B5: For A Thousand Mothers
McDonald And Giles McDonald And Giles

McDonald And Giles - McDonald And Giles

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve and Island pink "I" label - A1: Suite In C (Including Turnham Green, Here I Am And Others) 11:21 A2: Flight Of The Ibis 3:18 A3: Is She Waiting? 2:40 A4: Tomorrow's People - The Children Of Today 7:00 Birdman (21:45) B1.a: The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T) B1.b: The Workshop B1.c: Wishbone Ascension B1.d: Birdman Flies! B1.e: Wings In The Sunset B1.f: Birdman - The Reflection
John Williams / The London Symphony Orchestra The Empire Strikes Back (The Original Soundtrack F

John Williams / The London Symphony Orchestra - The Empire Strikes Back (The Original Soundtrack F

The Empire Strikes Back (The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture). Original UK pressing from 1980 with printed inner sleeve - A1: The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) 2:59 A2: Yoda's Theme 3:24 A3: The Asteroid Field 4:10 A4: Han Solo And The Princess (Love Theme) 3:25 A5: Finale 6:28 B1: Star Wars (Main Theme) 5:49 B2: The Training Of Jedi Knight 3:17 B3: Yoda And The Force 4:01 B4: The Duel 4:07 B5: The Battle In The Snow 3:48
Hotpoints  Live At Randys

Hotpoints - Live At Randys

UK pressing from 1980 - A1: Hightime A2: Midnight Hour A3: Rather Go Blind A4: What Are We Fighting For A5: Ruby B1: Keep On Looking B2: Put The Wood On The Fire B3: Waiting For Visitors B4: Schoolgirl Calypso
Van Der Graaf Generator  World Record

Van Der Graaf Generator - World Record

Original UK pressing from 1976 with Small Hatter Labels - A1: When She Comes A2: A Place To Survive A3: Masks B1: Meurglys III, The Songwriter's Guild B2: Wondering
Sandy Denny The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

Sandy Denny - The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

Original UK pressing from 1971 with gatefold sleeve - A1: Late November 4:25 A2: Blackwaterside 4:07 A3: The Sea Captain 3:07 A4: Down In The Flood 3:17 A5: John The Gun 4:35 B1: Next Time Around 4:20 B2: The Optimist 3:21 B3: Let's Jump The Broomstick 2:40 B4: Wretched Wilbur 2:34 B5: The North Star Grassman And The Ravens 3:25 B6: Crazy Lady Blues 3:21
Beatles  Abbey Road

Beatles - Abbey Road

Toshiba Pro Use Series. Direkt Disc. Japanese pressing (Reissue) from 1978 - includes insert and Obi Strip - A1: Come Together 4:21 A2: Something 3:03 A3: Maxwell's Silver Hammer 3:27 A4: Oh! Darling 3:27 A5: Octopus's Garden 2:51 A6: I Want You (She's So Heavy) 7:47 B1: Here Comes The Sun 3:05 B2: Because 2:46 B3: You Never Give Me Your Money 4:02 B4: Sun King 2:27 B5: Mean Mr. Mustard 1:06 B6: Polythene Pam 1:13 B7: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1:57 B8: Golden Slumbers 1:32 B9: Carry That Weight 1:37 B10: The End 2:20
King Crimson  Starless And Bible Black

King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black

Original UK pressing from 1974 with textured cover and lyric inner sleeve - A1: The Great Deceiver 4:02 A2: Lament 4:00 A3: We'll Let You Know 3:46 A4: The Night Watch 4:37 A5: Trio 5:41 A6: The Mincer 4:10 B1: Starless And Bible Black 9:11 B2: Fracture 11:14
Iggy And The Stooges Raw Power

Iggy And The Stooges - Raw Power

Original UK pressing with printed inner sleeve (with close-up shots of Iggy) from 1973 - A1: Search And Destroy 3:26 A2: Gimme Danger 3:28 A3: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Originally Titled "Hard To Beat") 4:52 A4: Penetration 3:35 B1: Raw Power 4:22 B2: I Need Somebody 4:50 B3: Shake Appeal 3:00 B4: Death Trip 5:53
Nic Jones  Penguin Eggs

Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs

Original UK pressing from 1980 - A1: Canadee-i-o 5:54 A2: The Drowned Lovers 6:25 A3: The Humpback Whale 6:01 A4: The Little Pot Stove 5:34 B1: Courting Is A Pleasure 5:17 B2: Barrack Street 4:24 B3: Planxty Davis 2:46 B4: The Flandyke Shore 2:48 B5: Farewell To The Gold 5:17
John Martyn  London Conversation

John Martyn - London Conversation

Island Records Mono Repress from 1969 with pink "i" labels - A1: Fairy Tale Lullaby A2: Sandy Grey A3: London Conversation A4: Ballad Of An Elder Woman A5: Cocain A6: Run Honey Run B1: Back To Stay B2: Rolling Home B3: Who's Grown Up Now B4: Golden Girl B5: This Time B6: Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Edgar Broughton Band Sing Brother Sing

Edgar Broughton Band - Sing Brother Sing

Original UK pressing from 1970 with gatefold sleeve, which has a small bit of tape residue inside the cover - includes lyric insert - plain inner sleeve - A1: There's No Vibrations, But Wait! 4:10 The Moth A2a: The Moth 1:45 A2b: The People 1:00 A2c: Peter 2:27 A3: Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freak's A Rollin') 3:05 A4: Refugee 3:29 A5: Officer Dan 1:36 B1: Old Gopher 3:50 B2: Aphrodite 4:04 B3: Granma 2:24 Psychopath B4a: The Psychopath 2:19 B4b: Is For Butterflies 4:30 B5: It's Falling Away 5:30
Rolling Stones  Let It Bleed

Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed

Original Mono pressing from 1969. Includes poster, which is VG+, hype sticker on cover, and original red inner sleeve. Matrix:- XARL-9363.P-1A / XARL-9364.P-2A - A1: Gimmie Shelter A2: Love In Vain A3: Country Honk A4: Live With Me A5: Let It Bleed B1: Midnight Rambler B2: You Got The Silver B3: Monkey Man B4: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Various A Factory Sample

Various - A Factory Sample

Unofficial 2008 Reissue - poster sleeve that opens up into a 14" x 14" square. All 5 stickers are present - Aside A1: Joy Division - Digital 2:50 A2: Joy Division - Glass 3:51 Beside B1: The Durutti Column - No Communication 4:57 B2: The Durutti Column - Thin Ice (Detail) 3:16 Seaside C1: John Dowie - Acne 1:43 C2: John Dowie - Idiot 1:53 C3: John Dowie - Hitler's Liver 2:27 Decide D1: Cabaret Voltaire - Baader Meinhof 3:15 D2: Cabaret Voltaire - Sex In Secret 3:28
Popol Vuh  In Den Gärten Pharaos

Popol Vuh - In Den Gärten Pharaos

Comes in a CD sized papersleeve album replica (gatefold), with Obi-strip and insert.- 1. In Den Gärten Pharaos 17:37 2. Vuh 19:48 ボーナス·トラック = Bonus Tracks 3. Kha-White Structures 1 10:14 4. Kha-White Structures 2 10:09
Beatles  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Singapore pressing from 1967 - slightly dished, but plays OK - A1: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band A2: With A Little Help From My Friends A3: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds A4: Getting Better A5: Fixing A Hole A6: She's Leaving Home A7: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! B1: Within You Without You B2: When I'm Sixty-Four B3: Lovely Rita B4: Good Morning Good Morning B5: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) B6: A Day In The Life
Queen  A Day At The Races

Queen - A Day At The Races

First UK pressing with gatefold sleeve. Thick card inner sleeve, die cut on one side with radial cut corners. A1: Tie Your Mother Down A2: You Take My Breath Away A3: Long Away A4: The Millionaire Waltz A5: You And I B1: Somebody To Love B2: White Man B3: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy B4: Drowse B5: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
Darien Spirit  Elegy To Marilyn

Darien Spirit - Elegy To Marilyn

Original UK pressing from 1973 - Released in a cover with a 'magic 3D' part glued over the mouth of Marilyn. - A1: Tailor A2: Elegy To Marilyn A3: Roads A4: If You´re Old Enough A5: For All The Years A6: It Isn´t What You Have B1: Hennessy Gunn B2: Long Long Way B3: Legacy B4: The Man I Am B5: Maude
Procol Harum  Home

Procol Harum - Home

Original UK Stereo pressing from 1970 on Regal Zonophone ‎with lyric insert - A1: Whisky Train A2: The Dead Man's Dream A3: Still There'll Be More A4: Nothing That I Didn't Know A5: About To Die B1: Barnyard Story B2: Piggy Pig Pig B3: Whaling Stories B4: Your Own Choice
Procol Harum  Shine On Brightly

Procol Harum - Shine On Brightly

Original UK Stereo pressing on Regal Zonophone ‎– SLRZ 1004 - A1: Quite Rightly So A2: Shine On Brightly A3: Skip Softly (My Moonbeams) A4: Wish Me Well A5: Rambling On B1: Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) In Held Twas In I B2a: Glimpses Of Nirvana B2b: Twas Tea Time At The Circus B2c: In The Autumn Of My Madness B2d: Look To Your Soul B2e: Grand Finale
Various Dark Horse Records '76

Various - Dark Horse Records '76

Vinyl Promo sampler from 1976 - A & M SAMPLE - Not For Sale sticker on front cover - plus 2 page letter insert signed by Jonathan Clyde (Dark Horse MD) - A1a: Stairsteps - From Us To You A1b: Stairsteps - Far East A1c: Stairsteps - Throwin' Stones Atcha A1d: Stairsteps - Salaam A2a: Henry McCullough - You Better Run A2b: Henry McCullough - Baby What You Do To Me A2c: Henry McCullough - Lord Knows A2d: Henry McCullough - Mind Your Own Business A3a: Ravi Shankar - Tabla Tarang A3b: Ravi Shankar - Naderdani A3c: Ravi Shankar - Heer A3d: Ravi Shankar - Tarana A3e: Ravi Shankar - Kajri A3f: Ravi Shankar - Naderdani B1a: Attitudes - Ain't Love Enough B1b: Attitudes - Chump Change Romeo B1c: Attitudes - Honey Don't Leave L.A. B1d: Attitudes - Lend A Hand B2a: Jiva - Take My Love B2b: Jiva - Something's Goin' On Inside L.A. B2c: Jiva - It's Time You Know B3a: Splinter - Please Help Me B3b: Splinter - Lonely Man B3c: Splinter - Which Way Will I Get Home
Beatles  Beatles For Sale

Beatles - Beatles For Sale

UK Mono pressing from 1964 - Black & yellow Parlophone label with perimeter rim copyright text beginning, 'THE PARLOPHONE CO LTD...', and the text 'RECORDING FIRST PUBLISHED 1964' above the side indicator numeral, and the text 'SOLD IN U.K. SUBJECT TO...' across the middle. K/ T Tax code - Matrix:- XEX 503-3N / XEX 504-3N - A1: No Reply A2: I'm A Loser A3: Baby's In Black A4: Rock And Roll Music A5: I'll Follow The Sun A6: Mr. Moonlight A7: Kansas City B1: Eight Days A Week B2: Words Of Love B3: Honey Don't B4: Every Little Thing B5: I Don't Want To Spoil The Party B6: What You're Doing B7: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Caravan  Waterloo Lily

Caravan - Waterloo Lily

Original UK pressing from 1972 with Deram brown / white labels, but comes in gatefold sleeve with catalogue number SDL-R 8 on top right back. I'm not sure if this is a transitional release or just a case of wrong record / cover - A1: Waterloo Lily A2a: Nothing At All A2b: It's Coming Soon A2c: Nothing At All (Reprise) A3: Songs And Signs B1: Aristocracy B2a: The Love In Your Eye B2b: To Catch Me A Brother B2c: Subsultus B2d: Debouchement B2e: Tilbury Kecks B3: The World Is Yours
Beatles  From Then To You - The Beatles Christmas Record 19

Beatles - From Then To You - The Beatles Christmas Record 19

From Then To You - The Beatles Christmas Record 1970. Matrix Reversed: Side One:- LYN.2154 / Side Two:- LYN.2153 - A1: 1963 A2: 1964 A3: 1965 A4: 1966 B1: 1967 B2: 1968 B3: 1969
Genesis  Trespass

Genesis - Trespass

Original UK pressing from 1970 with textured gatefold sleeve and pink scroll labels - includes lyric insert - A1: Looking For Someone A2: White Mountain A3: Visions Of Angels B1: Stagnation B2: Dusk B3: The Knife
Queen  The Game

Queen - The Game

Original UK pressing from 1980 with foil sleeve and printed inner sleeve - has been in plastic sleeve since release, but you can see a little shelf wear if you look hard enough - A1: Play The Game 3:30 A2: Dragon Attack 4:18 A3: Another One Bites The Dust 3:35 A4: Need Your Loving Tonight 2:48 A5: Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:44 B1: Rock It (Prime Jive) 4:31 B2: Don't Try Suicide 3:52 B3: Sail Away Sweet Sister 3:32 B4: Coming Soon B5: Save Me 3:48
John Williams / The London Symphony Orchestra Star Wars

John Williams / The London Symphony Orchestra - Star Wars

UK first pressing in Gatefold sleeve from 1977, with fold-out poster and 2 page insert with credits and liner notes. Shows as translucent purple when held up to strong light. - A1: Main Title 5:20 A2: Imperial Attack 6:10 A3: Princess Leia's Theme 4:18 A4: The Desert And The Robot Auction 2:51 B1: Ben's Death And TIE Fighter Attack 3:46 B2: The Little People Work 4:02 B3: Rescue Of The Princess 4:46 B4: Inner City 4:12 B5: Cantina Band 2:44 C1: The Land Of The Sand People 2:50 C2: Mouse Robot And Blasting Off 4:01 C3: The Return Home 2:46 C4: The Walls Converge 4:37 C5: The Princess Appears 4:04 D1: The Last Battle 12:05 D2: The Throne Room And End Title 5:28
Caravan  For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night

Caravan - For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night

Original UK pressing from 1973 with gatefold sleeve - A1a: Memory Lain, Hugh 5:00 A1b: Headloss 4:19 A2: Hoedown 3:10 A3: Surprise, Surprise 3:45 A4: C'Thlu Thlu 6:10 B1: The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again 5:53 B2a: Be All Right 6:38 B2b: Chance Of A Lifetime B3a: L'Auberge Du Sanglier 9:46 B3b: A Hunting We Shall Go B3c: Pengola B3d: Backwards B3e: A Hunting Shall We Go (Reprise)
Hemlock Hemlock

Hemlock - Hemlock

Original UK pressing from 1973 - A1: Just An Old Friend A2: A Lover's Not A Thief A3: Mister Horizontal A4: Ship To Nowhere B1: Monopoly B2: Broken Dreams B3: Fool's Gold B4: Garden Of Life B5: Young Man's Prayer
Nick Drake  Bryter Layter

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter

UK Reissue / Repress from 1976 with Blue rim 'palm tree' labels with green tree and orange "sunset" background. - A1: Introduction 1:33 A2: Hazey Jane II 3:41 A3: At The Chime Of A City Clock 4:42 A4: One Of These Things First 4:46 A5: Hazey Jane I 4:24 B1: Bryter Layter 3:16 B2: Fly 2:56 B3: Poor Boy 6:30 B4: Northern Sky 3:42 B5: Sunday 3:39
Tom Waits  Heartattack And Vine

Tom Waits - Heartattack And Vine

Original UK pressing from 1980 with lyeic inner sleeve - A1: Heartattack And Vine 4:42 A2: In Shades 4:04 A3: Saving All My Love For You 3:39 A4: Downtown 4:43 A5: Jersey Girl 5:09 B1: 'Til The Money Runs Out 4:20 B2: On The Nickel 6:17 B3: Mr. Siegal 5:13 B4: Ruby's Arms 5:35
Caravan  If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Ove

Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Ove

Early pressing (pre-June 1972) label variant, with the second 'SKL-R 5052' catalog number, dark blue boxed Decca labels and '℗ 1970' at the bottom of the labels. - Matrix:- ZAL-9752.P-2W / ZAL-9753.P-4W - A1: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You A2: And I Wish I Were Stoned - Don't Worry A3: As I Feel I Die A4: With An Ear To The Ground You Can Make It - Martinian - Only Cox - Reprise B1: Hello Hello B2: Asforteri 25 B3: Can't Be Long Now - Françoise - For Richard - Warlock B4: Limits
King Crimson  USA

King Crimson - USA

Original UK pressing from 1975 with Island pink rim label and original Island inner sleeve - A1: Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part II A2: Lament A3: Exiles B1: Asbury Park B2: Easy Money B3: 21st Century Schizoid Man
Various Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score

Various - Glastonbury Fayre - The Electric Score

Original UK pressing from 1972 - 3 inserts included, - no outer or bands insert - A: The Grateful Dead - Dark Star 24:06 B1: Brinsley Schwarz - Love Song 4:02 B2: Mighty Baby - A Blanket In My Muesli 16:06 C1: Marc Bolan - Sunken Rags 2:36 C2: Pete Townshend - Classified 3:58 C3: David Bowie - Supermen 2:44 C4: Hawkwind - Silver Machine And Welcome 7:28 C5: Skin Alley - Sun Music 5:20 D: Daevid Allen & Gong - Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory 23:00 E1: The Pink Fairies - Do It 3:20 E2: The Pink Fairies - Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out 19:43 F: The Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out 20:00
Clash  Clash

Clash - Clash

Original UK pressing from 1977. Matrix:- CBS-S-82000-A-5 / CBS-S-82000-B-3 - A1: Janie Jones 2:05 A2: Remote Control 3:00 A3: I'm So Bored With The U.S.A. 2:24 A4: White Riot 1:55 A5: Hate & War 2:04 A6: What's My Name 1:40 A7: Deny 3:03 A8: London's Burning 2:10 B1: Career Opportunities 1:51 B2: Cheat 2:06 B3: Protex Blue 1:46 B4: Police & Thieves 6:00 B5: 48 Hours 1:34 B6: Garage Land 3:13
Who  A Quick One

Who - A Quick One

Original UK Mono pressing from 1966 - A1: Run Run Run A2: Boris The Spider A3: I Need You A4: Whiskey Man A5: Heatwave A6: Cobwebs And Strange B1: Don't Look Away B2: See My Way B3: So Sad About Us B4: A Quick One, While He's Away
Pink Floyd  The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

First UK Stereo pressing from 1967 - Matrix:- YAX 3419-1 G / YAX 3420-1 G. Vinyl looks VG, but apart from a whooshing sound on the opening 8 seconds of A1, the rest plays VG+. Includes original cream EMI inner sleeve - Outer sleeve is only G+ and has a seam split across the top - A1: Astronomy Domine A2: Lucifer Sam A3: Matilda Mother A4: Flaming A5: Pow R. Toc H. A6: Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk B1: Interstellar Overdrive B2: The Gnome B3: Chapter 24 B4: The Scarecrow B5: Bike
Holy Ghost Inc. Mad Monks On Zinc

Holy Ghost Inc. - Mad Monks On Zinc

A: Mad Monks On Zinc 8:20 B1: Liquidation 5:06 B2: Stealth 4:29
Rolling Stones  Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones

Original UK Mono pressing with unboxed red Decca labels - Sleeve credits Reed for A3 Label credits "Hurran-Calvert. Track A4 is "I Need You Baby" - Discogs B2V variant - Matrix:- XARL-6271-2A / XARL-6272-4A - cover has No flipbacks, Printed In England by MacNeil Press Ltd. S.E.1 - includes red mono inner - A1: Route 66 A2: I Just Want To Make Love To You A3: Honest I Do A4: I Need You Baby A5: Now I've Got A Witness (Like Uncle Gene And Uncle Phil) A6: Little By Little B1: I'm A King Bee B2: Carol B3: Tell Me (You're Coming Back) B4: Can I Get A Witness B5: You Can Make It If You Try B6: Walking The Dog
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Pendulum

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Pendulum

U.S. Liberty label pressing with Fantasy Catalog F 8410. Record Label is the the US Rainbow/ Black/ Liberty logo, with "Liberty/ UA inc, Los Angeles, California". label text on bottom and "...visual sound STEREO Pendulum Creedence Clearwater Revival" A1: Pagan Baby 6:25 A2: Sailor's Lament 3:47 A3: Chameleon 3:05 A4: Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2:39 A5: (Wish I Could) Hideaway 3:53 B1: Born To Move 5:39 B2: Hey Tonight 2:43 B3: It's Just A Thought 3:45 B4: Molina 2:41 B5: Rude Awakening Number Two 6:19
Beacon Street Union The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union

Beacon Street Union - The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union

U.S. Promo copy with gatefold sleeve and full artwork - A1: My Love Is 4:07 A2: Beautiful Delilah 2:09 A3: Sportin' Life 3:09 A4: Four Hundred And Five 2:09 A5: Mystic Mourning 5:58 B1: Sadie Said No 2:46 B2: Speed Kills 1:42 B3: Blue Avenue 2:50 B4: South End Incident (I'm Afraid) 3:53 B5: Green Destroys The Gold 4:00 B6: The Prophet 4:33

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