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We have 30532 new & second hand vinyl and CDs, including House, Indie, Garage, Funk, Soul, Drum’N’Bass, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Downtempo, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, World, Country, Ambient, Reggae, Dub, Soundtracks, Blues, Techno, Trance , Progressive House, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Deep House, Electro, Big Beat, Industrial + various other sub-genres...
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Keaton Henson  Romantic Works Featuring Ren Ford

Keaton Henson - Romantic Works Featuring Ren Ford

Limited to 600 copies pressed on 180g vinyl in a matte-textured sleeve with obi strip. Comes in a plastic sleeve. Includes printed inner sleeve (also matte-textured), and one of six signed and numbered art prints (each design is limited to 100 copies - this is 42/ 100 - A1: Preface A2: Elevator Song A3: Healah Dancing A4: Field A5: Josella B6: Petrichor B7: Earnestly Yours B8: Nearly Curtains B9: Emissary B10: La Naissance (Bonus Track) B11: Elevator Song (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) (Bonus Track)
Tape Loop Orchestra  In A Lonely Place

Tape Loop Orchestra - In A Lonely Place

Limited Edition of 300 vinyl copies in a heavy-duty gatefold and printed inner sleeves designed by Craig Tattersall, photography by Joe Borreson, hand numbered/ stamped A2 collage poster designed by Alice Clarke (199/ 300), CD with inserts, 12 x 12 heavy card stock print, download code, plus scent and extras LP-A1: I Was Born When She Kissed Me 11:15 LP-A2: I Died When She Left Me 11:15 LP-B: I Lived A Few Weeks While She Loved Me 22:30
Beatles  The White Album

Beatles - The White Album

Contracted French pressing from mid-1970's. This edition comes in an un-numbered laminated gatefold sleeve. Included are 4 one-sided 29x21 cm sheets with pictures of the musicians and poster - stickers on 2 of the 4 record labels - A1: Back In The U.S.S.R. A2: Dear Prudence A3: Glass Onion A4: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da A5: Wild Honey Pie A6: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill A7: While My Guitar Gently Weeps A8: Happiness Is A Warm Gun B1: Martha My Dear B2: I'm So Tired B3: Blackbird B4: Piggies B5: Rocky Raccoon B6: Don't Pass Me By B7: Why Don't We Do It In The Road B8: I Will B9: Julia C1: Birthday C2: Yer Blues C3: Mother Nature's Son C4: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey C5: Sexy Sadie C6: Helter Skelter C7: Long Long Long D1: Revolution 1 D2: Honey Pie D3: Savoy Truffle D4: Cry Baby Cry D5: Revolution 9 D6: Good Night
Rolling Stones  Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Conce

Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Conce

Rare UK pressing with dark blue labels, but has Gema as the only rights society (no reference to BIEM or NCB) A1: Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:13 A2: Carol 3:35 A3: Stray Cat Blues 3:35 A4: Love In Vain 4:50 A5: Midnight Rambler 8:52 B1: Sympathy For The Devil 5:45 B2: Live With Me 2:58 B3: Little Queenie 4:10 B4: Honky Tonk Women 3:00 B5: Street Fighting Man 3:47
Uriah Heep  The Magician's Birthday

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday

Original UK pressing from 1972 with lyric inner sleeve - there is a sticker on one of the labels. Also includes The Magician's Birthday Tour January 1973 booklet - A1: Sunrise 4:04 A2: Spider Woman 2:25 A3: Blind Eye 3:33 A4: Echoes In The Dark 4:48 A5: Rain 3:59 B1: Sweet Lorraine 4:13 B2: Tales 4:09 B3 The Magician's Birthday 10:23
Iggy Pop  Lust For Life

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

Original UK pressing on RCA Victor from 1977 - A1: Lust For Life 5:12 A2: Sixteen 2:23 A3: Some Weird Sin 3:40 A4: The Passenger 4:40 A5: Tonight 3:38 B1: Success 4:23 B2: Turn Blue 6:53 B3: Neighborhood Threat 3:22 B4: Fall In Love With Me 6:30
David Bowie  The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spider

David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spider

Original UK pressing from 1972 with lyric inner sleeve. Matrix:- BGBS 0864 - 1E / BGBS 0865 - 2E - A1: Five Years 4:42 A2: Soul Love 3:34 A3: Moonage Daydream 4:40 A4: Starman 4:10 A5: It Ain't Easy 2:58 B1: Lady Stardust 3:22 B2: Star 2:47 B3: Hang On To Yourself 2:40 B4: Ziggy Stardust 3:13 B5: Suffragette City 3:25 B6: Rock 'N' Roll Suicide 2:58
Oasis  What's The Story Morning Glory?

Oasis - What's The Story Morning Glory?

Original UK (Damont) pressing from 1995 - only one of the black inner sleeves is present - A1: Hello 3:21 A2: Roll With It 3:59 A3: Wonderwall 4:18 B1: Don't Look Back In Anger 4:48 B2: Hey Now! 5:41 B3: Untitled 0:44 B4: Bonehead's Bank Holiday 3:47 C1: Some Might Say 5:29 C2: Cast No Shadow 4:51 C3: She's Electric 3:40 D1: Morning Glory 5:08 D2: Untitled 0:39 D3: Champagne Supernova 7:27
Supergrass  I Should Coco

Supergrass - I Should Coco

Limited Edition UK pressing from 1995 with bonus 7" - LP-A1: I'd Like To Know 4:02 LP-A2: Caught By The Fuzz 2:16 LP-A3: Mansize Rooster 2:34 LP-A4: Alright 3:01 LP-A5: Lose It 2:37 LP-A6: Lenny 2:41 LP-B1: Strange Ones 4:19 LP-B2: Sitting Up Straight 2:18 LP-B3: She's So Loose 2:59 LP-B4: We're Not Supposed To 2:03 LP-B5: Time 3:10 LP-B6: Sofa (Of My Lethargy) 6:18 LP-B7: Time To Go 1:56 7"-A: Stone Free 3:10 7"-B: Odd? 5:05
Dodgy  Free Peace Sweet

Dodgy - Free Peace Sweet

Original UK pressing from 1996 in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves - 1/ 1/ 1: In A Room 4:15 1/ 1/ 2: Trust In Time 2:41 1/ 1/ 3: You've Gotta Look Up 5:29 1/ 1/ 4: If You're Thinking Of Me 5:53 1/ 2/ 1: Ain't No Longer Asking 1/ 2/ 2: Good Enough 4:01 1/ 2/ 3: Found You 4:54 2/ 1/ 1: Prey For Drinking 3:07 2/ 1/ 2: Jack The Lad 3:40 2/ 1/ 3: Long Life 2/ 2/ 1: One Of Those Rivers 2/ 2/ 2: U.K.R.I.P. 2/ 2/ 3: Homegrown
Radiohead  The Bends

Radiohead - The Bends

Original UK pressing from 1995 with lyric inner sleeve - A1: Planet Telex 4:18 A2: The Bends 4:06 A3: High And Dry 4:18 A4: Fake Plastic Trees 4:50 A5: Bones 3:09 A6: (Nice Dream) 3:53 B1: Just 3:55 B2: My Iron Lung 4:36 B3: Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was 3:29 B4: Black Star 4:07 B5: Sulk 3:43 B6: Street Spirit (Fade Out) 4:12
Glove  Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition)

Glove - Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition)

The Original Album (And Bonus Tracks) (1983) 1-1: Like An Animal 4:44 1-2: Looking Glass Girl 4:56 1-3: Sex-Eye-Make-Up 4:22 1-4: Mr. Alphabet Says 3:50 1-5: A Blues In Drag 3:12 1-6: Punish Me With Kisses 3:40 1-7: This Green City 4:34 1-8: Orgy 3:19 1-9: Perfect Murder 4:27 1-10: Relax 6:13 1-11: The Man From Nowhere (Original Instrumental Mix) 1:46 1-12: Mouth To Mouth (Landray Vocal Mix) 5:40 1-13: Punish Me With Kisses (Mike Hedges Mix) 3:30 1-14: he Tightrope (Original Instrumental Mix) 3:22 1-15: Like An Animal (12" Club What Club? Mix) 5:38 Rarities (1983) 2-1: Like An Animal (RS Vocal Demo) 4:38 2-2: Looking Glass Girl (RS Vocal Demo) 4:28 2-3: Sex-Eye-Make-Up (RS Vocal Demo) 4:27 2-4: Mr. Alphabet Says (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 4:06 2-5: A Blues In Drag (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 3:11 2-6: Punish Me With Kisses (RS Vocal Demo) 3:30 2-7: This Green City (RS Vocal Demo) 4:31 2-8: Orgy (RS Vocal Demo) 3:41 2-9: Perfect Murder (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 4:04 2-10: Relax (Alt RS Vocal Demo) 6:15 2-11: The Man From Nowhere (Alt Instrumental Mix) 1:47 2-12: Mouth To Mouth (RS Vocal Demo) 6:06 2-13: Opened The Box (A Waltz) (RS Vocal Demo) 1:29 2-14: The Tightrope (Almost Time) (RS Vocal Demo) 3:14 2-15: And All Around Us The Mermaids Sang (AKA Torment) (RS Vocal Demo) 3:26 2-16: Holiday 80 (Original Instrumental Mix) 1:45
Anne Briggs Anne Briggs

Anne Briggs - Anne Briggs

UK 180g Reissue from Record Store Day 2015 - A1: Blackwater Side 3:48 A2: The Snow It Melts The Soonest 2:18 A3: Willie O'Winsbury 5:25 A4: Go Your Way 4:07 A5: Thorneymoor Woods 3:30 B1: The Cuckoo 3:05 B2: Reynardine 2:53 B3: Young Tambling 10:32 B4: Living By The Water 3:47 B5: Maa Bonny Lad 1:15
Chicken Shack  Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

Chicken Shack - Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Se

UK Mono pressing from 1968 - back cover is torn where sticker has been removed - also some writing on back cover and label - A1: The Letter 4:25 A2: Lonesome Whistle Blues 3:05 A3: When The Train Comes Back 3:35 A4: San-Ho-Zay 3:05 A5: King Of The World 5:00 B1: See See Baby 2:25 B2: First Time I Met The Blues 6:25 B3: Webbed Feet 2:55 B4: You Ain't No Good 3:35 B5: What You Did Last Night 4:40
Jam Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition)

Jam - Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition)

Remastered Reissue - promo sticker over barcode - Original Album (Remastered): 1-1: Pretty Green 2:37 1-2: Monday 3:01 1-3: But I'm Different Now 1:51 1-4: Set The House Ablaze 5:02 1-5: Start! 2:32 1-6: That's Entertainment 3:38 1-7: Dream Time 3:54 1-8: Man In The Corner Shop 3:14 1-9: Music For The Last Couple 3:44 1-10: Boy About Town 2:00 1-11: Scrape Away 4:01 Bonus Tracks: 2-1: Start! 2:20 2-2: Liza Radley 2:34 2-3: Dreams Of Children 2:59 2-4: That's Entertainment (Alternative) 3:24 2-5: Pretty Green (Demo) 2:38 2-6: Pop Art Poem 2:10 2-7: Rain (Demo) 2:58 2-8: Boy About Town (Demo) 2:18 2-9: Dream Time (Demo) 1:52 2-10: Dead End Street (Demo) 3:15 2-11: But I'm Different Now (Demo) 1:57 2-12: Scrape Away (Instrumental) 1:59 2-13: Start! (Demo) 2:17 2-14: Liza Radley (Demo) 2:18 2-15: And Your Bird Can Sing (Demo) 1:54 2-16: Monday (Alternative) 4:20 2-17: Get Yourself Together (Demo) 2:00 2-18: Set The House Ablaze (Alternative) 4:47 2-19: Boy About Town (Alternative) 2:14 2-20: No One In The World (Demo) 2:24 2-21: 'Instrumental' (Demo) 2:54 2-22: Waterloo Sunset (Demo) 3:59
Rolling Stones  Exile On Main St.

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St.

UK First Pressing - No postcards - A1: Rocks Off 4:33 A2: Rip This Joint 2:24 A3: Shake Your Hips 2:58 A4: Casino Boogie 3:30 A5: Tumbling Dice 3:30 B1: Sweet Virginia 4:25 B2: Torn And Frayed 3:40 B3: Sweet Black Angel 3:05 B4: Loving Cup 4:22 C1: Happy 3:00 C2: Turd On The Run 2:33 C3: Ventilator Blues 3:20 C4: I Just Want To See His Face 3:15 C5: Let It Loose 5:17 D1: All Down The Line 3:50 D2: Stop Breaking Down 4:34 D3: Shine A Light 4:15 D4: Soul Survivor 3:50
Cure  Killing An Arab

Cure - Killing An Arab

A: Killing An Arab 2:21 B: 10.15 Saturday Night 3:37
Joy Division  Heart And Soul

Joy Division - Heart And Soul

Heart And Soul. One 1-1: Digital 2:52 1-2: Glass 3:56 1-3: Disorder 3:31 1-4: Day Of The Lords 4:50 1-5: Candidate 3:04 1-6: Insight 4:28 1-7: ew Dawn Fades 4:47 1-8: She's Lost Control 3:57 1-9: hadowplay 3:55 1-10 : ilderness 2:38 1-11 Interzone 2:16 1-12: I Remember Nothing 5:56 1-13: Ice Age 2:25 1-14: Exercise One 3:08 1-15: Transmission 3:37 1-16: Novelty 4:01 1-17: The Kill 2:16 1-18: The Only Mistake 4:19 1-19: Something Must Break 2:53 1-20: Autosuggestion 6:10 1-21: From Safety To Where...? 2:27 Heart And Soul. Two 2-1: She's Lost Control 12" 4:56 2-2: Sound Of Music 3:56 2-3: Atmosphere 4:11 2-4: Dead Souls 4:57 2-5: Komakino 3:54 2-6: Incubation 2:52 2-7: Atrocity Exhibition 6:05 2-8: Isolation 2:53 2-9: Passover 4:46 2-10: Colony 3:55 2-11: Means To An End 4:07 2-12: Heart And Soul 5:51 2-13: Twenty Four Hours 4:26 2-14: The Eternal 6:07 2-15: Decades 6:13 2-16: Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:27 2-17: These Days 3:26 Heart And Soul. Three 3-1: Warsaw 2:26 3-2: No Love Lost 3:42 3-3: Leaders Of Men 2:34 3-4: Failures 3:44 3-5: The Drawback 1:46 3-6: Interzone 2:11 3-7: Shadowplay 4:10 3-8: Exercise One 2:28 3-9: Insight 4:05 3-10: Glass 3:28 3-11: Transmission 3:51 3-12: Dead Souls 4:55 3-13: Something Must Break 2:54 3-14: Ice Age 2:36 3-15: Walked In Line 2:47 3-16: These Days 3:27 3-17: Candidate 1:57 3-18: The Only Mistake 3:43 3-19: Chance (Atmosphere) 4:54 3-20: Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:22 3-21: Colony 4:03 3-22: As You Said 2:01 3-23: Ceremony 4:21 3-24: In A Lonely Place (Detail) 2:26 Heart And Soul. Four 4-1: Dead Souls 4:15 4-2: The Only Mistake 4:05 4-3: Insight 3:46 4-4: Candidate 2:03 4-5: Wilderness 2:27 4-6: She's Lost Control 3:40 4-7: Disorder 3:12 4-8: Interzone 2:04 4-9: Atrocity Exhibition 5:57 4-10: Novelty 4:21 4-11: Autosuggestion 4:05 4-12: I Remember Nothing 5:32 4-13: Colony 3:53 4-14: These Days 3:50 4-15: Incubation 3:38 4-16: The Eternal 6:32 4-17: Heart And Soul 4:43 4-18: Isolation 3:14 4-19: She's Lost Control 5:26
Lee Perry I Am The Upsetter - The Rare Sevens Box Set

Lee Perry - I Am The Upsetter - The Rare Sevens Box Set

8 x 7" Box Set - Limited Edition - Sealed - A: King Iwah - Give Me Power B: The Upsetters - The Tackro C: Leo Graham - News Flash D: The Upsetters - Flashing Echo E: The Upsetters - Bathroom Skank F: The Upsetters - One Room Skank G: The Upsetters - Dub Organiser H: The Upsetters - Bucky Skank I: The Upsetters - Stay Dread J: The Upsetters - Kingdom Of Dub K: Eric Donaldson - Stand Up L: The Upsetters - Dub Fa Ya Rights M: Danny Hensworth - Mr Money Man N: Danny Hensworth - Dub Money O: Annette Clark - Sinner Man Dub P: King Tubby - King Tubby Ina Jamdung
James Taylor Sweet Baby James

James Taylor - Sweet Baby James

Remastered 180g reissue from 2008 - A1: Sweet Baby James A2: Lo And Behold A3: Sunny Skies A4: Steamroller A5: Country Road A6: Oh, Susannah B1: Fire And Rain B2: Blossom B3: Anywhere Like Heaven B4: Oh Baby, Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me B5: Suite For 20G
Various Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-196

Various - Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-196

Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968 - Limited 4xCD (Sealed) - 1-1: The Standells - Riot On Sunset Strip 1-2: The Byrds - You Movin' 1-3: Love - You I'll Be Following 1-4: The Leaves - Dr. Stone 1-5: Buffalo Springfield - Go And Say Goodbye 1-6: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Zig Zag Wanderer 1-7: Iron Butterfly - Gentle As It May Seem 1-8: Lowell George & The Factory - Candy Cane Madness 1-9: The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - If You Want This Love 1-10: The Bobby Fuller Four - Baby My Heart 1-11: The Palace Guard - All Night Long 1-12: Sonny & Cher - It's Gonna Rain 1-13: The Guilloteens - For My Own 1-14: The Rising Sons - Take A Giant Step 1-15: The Association - One Too Many Mornings 1-16: The Knack - Time Waits For No One 1-17: The Doors - Take It As It Comes 1-18: Kaleidoscope - Pulsating Dream 1-19: The Seeds - Tripmaker 1-20: The Music Machine - The People In Me 1-21: The Sons Of Adam - Saturday's Son 1-22: The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Eventually 1-23: Penny Arkade - Swim 1-24: The Joint Effort - The Third Eye 1-25: Spirit - Girl In Your Eye
Lift To Experience  The Texas - Jerusalem Crossroads

Lift To Experience - The Texas - Jerusalem Crossroads

A1: Just As Was Told A2: Down Came The Angels A3: Falling From Cloud 9 B1: With Crippled Wings B2: Waiting To Hit B3: The Ground So Soft C1: These Are The Days C2: When We Shall Touch C3: Down With The Prophets D1: To Guard And To Guide You D2: Into The Storm
You Me At Six  Cavalier Youth

You Me At Six - Cavalier Youth

Blue and Yellow Splash Vinyl - includes signed art print and CD of album - unsealed, but unplayed - 1. Too Young To Feel This Old 4:12 2. Lived A Lie 3:23 3. Fresh Start Fever 3:36 4. Forgive And Forget 4:01 5. Room To Breathe 3:59 6. Win Some, Lose Some 3:56 7. Cold Night 4:05 8. Hope For The Best 2:50 9. Love Me Like You Used To 3:05 10. Be Who We Are 1:48 11. Carpe Diem 3:15 12. Wild Ones 5:02
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth  Halloween III - Season Of The Witch

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Halloween III - Season Of The Witch

LImited Edition Reissue on Orange Vinyl - unsealed to check the colour of vinyl - A1: Main Title A2: Chariots Of Pumpkins A3: Drive To Santa Mira A4: Starker And Marge A5: First Chase A6: Robots At The Factory A7: Halloween Montage B1: Hello Grandma B2: The Rock B3: Challis Escapes B4: South Corridor B5: Goodbye Ellie
Faithless  The Dance

Faithless - The Dance

Not Sealed or Numbered - contains mispressed CD#2 containing Feel Me (Penguin Prison Remix) - This Limited Edition Collectable boxset includes: High-end 153 page hardbound quality book 12 inch by 12 inch hardback, printed on 200gsm gloss art paper Triple gatefold sleeve containing: The Dance CD Exclusive 2 x heavyweight vinyl with exclusive etching and bonus track (vinyl is not available anywhere else!) Exclusive 10" x 8" photographic print All inserted into a numbered slipcase Vinyl 1 A1: Not Going Home 6:37 A2: Feel Me 7:26 A3: Crazy Bal'Heads 3:25 A4: Comin Around 7:25 B1: Tweak Your Nipple 7:08 B2: Flyin Hi 7:11 B3: Love Is My Condition 5:20 B4: Feelin Good 7:20 Vinyl 2 C1: North Star 6:02 C2: Sun To Me 7:49 C3: Scandalous 4:59 C4: Feel Me (Penguin Prison Remix) 4:47 CD1 CD1-1: Not Going Home 6:37 CD1-2: Feel Me 7:26 CD1-3: Crazy Bal'Heads 3:25 CD1-4: Comin Around 7:25 CD1-5: Tweak Your Nipple 7:08 CD1-6: Flyin Hi 7:11 CD1-7: Love Is My Condition 5:20 CD1-8: Feelin Good 7:06 CD1-9: North Star 6:02 CD1-10: Sun To Me 7:49 CD1-11: Scandalous 4:59 CD2 CD2-1: Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix) 6:40 CD2-2: Feel Me (ATFC's Spit Out The Sedative Remix) 6:17 CD2-3: Comin Around (The Temper Trap Remix) 5:27 CD2-4: Tweak Your Nipple (Crookers Remix) 3:56 CD2-5: Feelin Good (Kyau & Albert Remix) 7:57 CD2-6: Sun To Me (Mark Knight Co-Production) 7:40 CD2-7: Not Going Home (Armin Van Buuren Remix) 7:09 CD2-8: North Star (Calida Remix) 3:30 CD2-9: Tweak Your Nipple (TiŽsto Remix) 5:44
Big Star  Third [Test Pressing Edition]

Big Star - Third [Test Pressing Edition]

Limited to 2000 copies, released exclusively in record stores on Record Store Day 2011 in a box - A1: Stroke It Noel 2:06 A2: Downs 1:52 A3: Femme Fatale 3:29 A4: Thank You Friends 3:07 A5: Holocaust 3:49 A6: Jesus Christ 2:39 A7: Blue Moon 2:03 B1: Kizza Me 2:43 B2: For You 2:43 B3: O, Dana 2:35 B4: Nighttime 2:53 B5: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 3:23 B6: Kanga Roo 3:45 B7: Take Care 2:43
Hawkwind  X In Search Of Space

Hawkwind - X In Search Of Space

Original European Pressing but sleeve printed and made in England. From 1971 with Gimmix Cover + Booklet - A1: You Shouldn't Do That 16:15 A2: You Know You're Only Dreaming 6:47 B1: Master Of The Universe 6:35 B2: We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago 4:56 B3: Adjust Me 5:58 B4: Children Of The Sun 4:08
Queen  News Of The World

Queen - News Of The World

Original UK pressing from 1977 with gatefold cover and die-cut lyric inner sleeve - Matrix:- YAX 5355 - 1 / YAX 5356 - 2 - A1: We Will Rock You 2:01 A2: We Are The Champions 2:59 A3: Sheer Heart Attack 3:24 A4: All Dead, All Dead 3:09 A5: Spread Your Wings 4:32 A6: Fight From The Inside 3:03 B1: Get Down, Make Love 3:51 B2: Sleeping On The Sidewalk 3:07 B3: Who Needs You 3:07 B4: It's Late 6:27 B5: My Melancholy Blues 3:29
Uriah Heep  Look At Yourself

Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself

Original UK pressing from 1971 with lyric inner sleeve , which has been taped - A1: Look At Yourself 5:07 A2: I Wanna Be Free 3:59 A3: July Morning 10:36 B1: Tears In My Eyes 5:02 B2: Shadows Of Grief 8:40 B3: What Should Be Done 4:13 B4: Love Machine 3:37
Who  A Quick One

Who - A Quick One

Original UK pressing from 1966 on Reaction - A1: Run Run Run A2: Boris The Spider A3: I Need You A4: Whiskey Man A5: Heatwave A6: Cobwebs And Strange B1: Don't Look Away B2: See My Way B3: So Sad About Us B4: A Quick One, While He's Away
Van Der Graaf Generator  Pawn Hearts

Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts

Original UK pressing from 1971 with gatefold sleeve and Charisma Scrolls labels (no lyric insert) - A1: Lemmings (Including Cog) A2: Man-Erg A Plague Of Lighthouse-Keepers B1a: Eyewitness B1b: Pictures / Lighthouse B1c: Eyewitness B1d: S.H.M B1e: Presence Of The Night B1f: Kosmos Tours B1g: (Custard's) Last Stand B1h: The Clot Thickens B1i: Land's End (Sineline) B1j: We Go Now
Clash  London Calling

Clash - London Calling

Original UK pressing from 1979 - In the track listing on the back cover, Track #C1 Wrong 'Em Boyo has the additional words (includes "Stagger Lee") which is not seen on all London Calling releases - includes lyric inner sleeves - A1: London Calling 3:19 A2: Brand New Caddilac 2:08 A3: Jimmy Jazz 3:54 A4: Hateful 2:44 A5: Rude Can't Fail 3:27 B1: Spanish Bombs 3:19 B2: The Right Profile 3:53 B3: Lost In The Supermarket 3:46 B4: Clampdown 3:47 B5: The Guns Of Brixton 3:08 C1: Wrong 'Em Boyo 3:10 C2: Death Or Glory 3:55 C3: Koka Kola 1:48 C4: The Card Cheat 3:49 D1: Lover's Rock 4:03 D2: Four Horseman 2:56 D3: I'm Not Down 3:06 D4: Revolution Rock 5:33 D5: Train In Vain 3:07
Verve  Urban Hymns

Verve - Urban Hymns

Original European pressing from 1997 - Band Side Labels, RIM text - A1: Bitter Sweet Symphony A2: Sonnet A3: The Rolling People B1: The Drugs Don't Work B2: Catching The Butterfly B3: Neon Wilderness C1: Space And Time C2: Weeping Willow C3: Lucky Man C4: One Day D1: This Time D2: Velvet Morning D3: Come On
Pulp  Different Class

Pulp - Different Class

Limited Edition Aperture Cover, which unfortunately has a multiple tears (at least 5) around the outside of it. Includes 6 reversible artwork inserts - A1: Mis-Shapes A2: Pencil Skirt A3: Common People A4: I Spy A5: Disco 2000 A6: Live Bed Show B1: Something Changed B2: Sorted For E's & Wizz B3: F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E. B4: Underwear B5: Monday Morning B6: Bar Italia
Nina Simone Nina Simone Sings The Blues

Nina Simone - Nina Simone Sings The Blues

Original UK Mono pressing from 1967 with black labels and red RCA symbol - A1: Do I Move You 2:41 A2: Day And Night 2:34 A3: In The Dark 2:53 A4: Real Deal 2:17 A5: My Man's Gone Now 4:13 A6: Backlash Blues 2:14 B1: I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl 2:27 B2: Buck 2:00 B3: Since I Fell For You 2:44 B4: The House Of The Rising Sun 3:55 B5: Blues For Mama 3:52
Boothill Foot-Tappers Ain't That Far From Boothill

Boothill Foot-Tappers - Ain't That Far From Boothill

1. Love And Affection 2. Jealousy 3. Pride Takes A Fall 4. Nothing Ventured 5. Feelings 6. Sunday Evening 7. Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes 8. Have You Got The Confidence For The Trick? 9. Stand Or Fall 10. What's The Matter? 11. There's No Way (I Can Leave You Alone) 12. Too Much Time Bonus Tracks 13. Milk Train 14. True Blues 15. People Get Ready 16. Chasing Women 17. Bringing In The Georgia Mail 18. A Bowl Of Porridge 19. Come See About Me 20. Too Much Time (7" Version) 21. How's Jack 22. Coloured Aristocracy 23. New River Train 24. Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes (Single Version)
Fairport Convention  Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention - Fairport Convention

Original UK Vinyl pressing from 1968 - A1: Time Will Show The Wiser A2: I Don't Know Where I Stand A3: If (Stomp) A4: Decameron A5: Jack O'Diamonds A6: Portfolio B1: Chelsea Morning B2: Sun Shade B3: The Lobster B4: It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft B5: One Sure Thing B6: M1 Breakdown
Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong  Ella And Louis

Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis

Speaker's Corner / Verve Reissue from 2000 - 180 g Virgin Vinyl / High Quality Pressing / Audiophile Mastering - A1: Can't We Be Friends A2: Isn't This A Lovely Day A3: Moonlight In Vermont A4: They Can't Take That Away From Me A5: Under A Blanket Of Blue A6: Tenderly B1: A Foggy Day B2: Stars Fell On Alabama B3: Cheek To Cheek B4: The Nearness Of You B5: April In Paris
Depeche Mode  Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Collectors Edition)

Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Collectors Edition)

CD-1: I Feel You 4:36 CD-2: Walking In My Shoes 5:26 CD-3: Condemnation 3:29 CD-4: Mercy In You 4:20 CD-5: Judas 5:13 CD-6: In Your Room 6:23 CD-7: Get Right With Me 3:51 CD-8: Rush 4:40 CD-9: One Caress 3:33 CD-10: Higher Love 5:56 A Short Film DVD-1: Depeche Mode : 1991-94 (We Were Going To Live Together, Record Together And It Was Going To Be Wonderful) Songs Of Faith And Devotion In 5.1 And Stereo DVD-2: I Feel You DVD-3: Walking In My Shoes DVD-4: Condemnation DVD-5: Mercy In You DVD-6: Judas DVD-7: In Your Room DVD-8: Get Right With Me DVD-9: Rush DVD-10: One Caress DVD-11: Higher Love Additional Tracks DVD-12: My Joy DVD-13: Condemnation (Paris Mix) DVD-14: Death's Door (Jazz Mix) DVD-15: In Your Room (Zephyr Mix) DVD-16: I Feel You (Life's Too Short Mix) DVD-17: Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix) DVD-18: My Joy (Slowslide Mix) DVD-19: In Your Room (Apex Mix)
Jesus And Mary Chain  Stoned & Dethroned

Jesus And Mary Chain - Stoned & Dethroned

2xCD + DVD - Sealed, but promo sticker over barcode - Stoned & Dethroned CD1-1: Dirty Water 3:09 CD1-2: Bullet Lovers 3:40 CD1-3: Sometimes Always 2:32 CD1-4: Come On 2:14 CD1-5: Between Us 3:00 CD1-6: Hole 2:16 CD1-7: Never Saw It Coming 3:33 CD1-8: She 3:09 CD1-9: Wish I Could 2:43 CD1-10: Save Me 2:44 CD1-11: Till It Shines 3:18 CD1-12: God Help Me 2:48 CD1-13: Girlfriend 3:17 CD1-14: Everybody I Know 2:14 CD1-15: You've Been A Friend 3:37 CD1-16: These Days 2:32 CD1-17: Feeling Lucky 2:22 Sound Of Speed EP CD1-18: Snakedriver 3:43 CD1-19: Something I Can't Have 3:04 CD1-20: Write Record Release Blues 2:59 CD1-21: Little Red Rooster 3:27 BBC Radio Session CD1-22: Come On 2:12 CD1-23: God Help Me (William Vocal) 2:44 CD1-24: Everybody I Know 2:22 CD1-25: The Perfect Crime 1:36 Outtakes CD1-26: Till I Found You 2:06 CD1-27: Dirty Water (Demo - William Vocal) 3:14 CD1-28: God Help Me (Alternat Vocal Take) 2:48 B-Sides CD2-1: The Perfect Crime 1:35 CD2-2: Little Stars 3:33 CD2-3: Drop (Re-recorded) 1:53 CD2-4: I'm In With The Out Crowd 2:38 CD2-5: New York City 1:59 CD2-6: Taking It Away 2:13 CD2-7: Ghost Of A Smile 2:55 CD2-8: Alphabet Street 2:18 CD2-9: New Kind Of Kick 2:49 CD2-10: Come On 3:17 Live At The Trinity Centre, Bristol - 19th April, 1995 CD2-11: Reverence 5:20 CD2-12: Snakedriver 3:50 CD2-13: Come On 2:48 CD2-14: Happy When It Rains 3:22 CD2-15: Teenage Lust 3:35 CD2-16: The Perfect Crime 1:38 CD2-17: Everybody I Know 2:11 CD2-18: Girlfriend 3:14 CD2-19: Hole 2:01 CD2-20: Head On 3:59 CD2-21: Sugar Ray 4:38 CD2-22: I Hate Rock 'N' Roll 3:43 Interview CD2-23: Jim & William Talk To Steve Lamacq About Stone & Dethroned 9:18 Promo Videos DVD-1: Snake Driver 3:42 DVD-2: Something I Can't Have 3:02 DVD-3: Sometimes Always 2:33 DVD-4: Come On 3:16 TV Appearances DVD-5: Something I Can't Have - Later With Jools Holland 3:09 DVD-6: Snakedriver - Later With Jools Holland 4:35 DVD-7: Reverence - Live On MTV 120 Minutes 5:38 DVD-8: Sometimes Always - Live On MTV 120 Minutes 2:38 DVD-9: Everybody I Know - Live At MTV Studios 2:26 DVD-10: Come On - Live At MTV Studios 2:38 DVD-11: Interview - MTV 21:12
Flaming Lips  Embryonic

Flaming Lips - Embryonic

Limited Edition 2xCD + DVD - Deluxe Edition in custom fur box - CD1-1: Convinced Of The Hex 3:57 CD1-2: The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine 4:14 CD1-3: Evil 5:38 CD1-4: Aquarius Sabotage 2:10 CD1-5: See The Leaves 4:24 CD1-6: If 2:05 CD1-7: Gemini Syringes 3:41 CD1-8: Your Bats 2:35 CD1-9: Powerless 6:58 CD2-1: The Ego's Last Stand 5:40 CD2-2: I Can Be A Frog 2:14 CD2-3: Sagittarius Silver Announcement 2:59 CD2-4: Worm Mountain 5:22 CD2-5: Scorpio Sword 2:02 CD2-6: The Impulse 3:30 CD2-7: Silver Trembling Hands 3:59 CD2-8: Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast 3:44 CD2-9: Watching The Planets 5:17
Bright Eyes / Squadcar 96 Bright Eyes / Squadcar 96

Bright Eyes / Squadcar 96 - Bright Eyes / Squadcar 96

A1: Bright Eyes - Racing Towards The New A2: Bright Eyes - Go Find Yourself A Dry Place B1: Squadcar 96 - Dusk Soccer B2: Squadcar 96 - Verandahli Dotslap
Jah Shaka / Various The Positive Message

Jah Shaka / Various - The Positive Message

GRE 883 A: Wailing Souls - Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall B: Roots Radics - Kingdom Dub GRE 884 A: Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting B: Roots Radics - Never Stop Dub GRE 885 A: Earl Sixteen - The Rastaman B: Rockers All Stars - Peaceful Man Dub GRE 886 A: Barrington Levy - Look Youthman B: Roots Radics - Youthman Dub GRE 887 A: Eek-A-Mouse - Do You Remember B: Roots Radics - Remember Dub GRE 888 A: Black Uhuru - I Love King Selassie B: Prince Jammy - His Imperial Majesty
Jesus And Mary Chain  The Vinyl Collection

Jesus And Mary Chain - The Vinyl Collection

Limited Edition & Numbered (1070/ 1500) - box set has some small scratches and is peeling away at the sides, but this can be rectified with some glue, so box is VG+, but all Vinyl are new and unplayed - 1. Psychocandy 2. Darklands 3. Automatic 4. Honey's Dead 5. Stoned & Dethroned 6. Munki 7. The BBC Sessions 8. Live In Concert - Live At Sheffield Arena 9. Live At The Trinity Centre, Bristol 10. 30th Anniversary B-Sides & Rarities Collection
Serj Tankian  Elect The Dead

Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead

2xLP (inc. one side etched) + CD of album - Elect The Dead - Double LP A1: Empty Walls 3:45 A2: The Unthinking Majority 3:49 A3: Money 3:57 A4: Feed Us 4:33 B1: Saving Us 4:42 B2: Sky Is Over 2:58 B3: Baby 3:32 B4: Honking Antelope 3:51 C1: Lie Lie Lie 3:35 C2: Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition 4:27 C3: Beethoven's C*** 3:15 C4: Elect The Dead 2:55
Wilco  Being There

Wilco - Being There

180 Gramm Deluxe Edition Reissue from Original Mastertapes - A1: Misunderstood 6:28 A2: Far, Far Away 3:20 A3: Monday 3:33 A4: Outtasite (Outta Mind) 2:34 A5: Forget The Flowers 2:47 B1: Red-Eyed And Blue 2:45 B2: I Got You (At The End Of The Century) 3:57 B3: What's The World Got In Store 3:09 B4: Hotel Arizona 3:37 B5: Say You Miss Me 4:07 C1: Sunken Treasure 6:51 C2: Someday Soon 2:33 C3: Outta Mind (Outta Sight) 3:20 C4: Someone Else's Song 3:21 C5: Kingpin 5:17 D1: (Was I) In Your Dreams 3:30 D2: Why Would You Wanna Live 4:16 D3: The Lonely 1 4:49 D4: Dreamer In My Dreams 6:43
Beta Band  Champion Versions

Beta Band - Champion Versions

A1: Dry The Rain A2: I Know B1: B+A B2: Dogs Got A Bone - picture cover has some creasing
Suede  Bloodsports

Suede - Bloodsports

Limited / Deluxe Edition Box Set. This limited edition "Hardback Book Box Set" includes the album Bloodsports on LP and CD, a 20-page 12"-size booklet of photographs by Paul Khera, and a bonus 7" record with two extra tracks (sides C and D). A1: Barriers 3:42 A2: Snowblind 4:04 A3: It Starts And Ends With You 3:52 A4: Sabotage 3:45 A5: For The Strangers 4:12 B1: Hit Me 4:03 B2: Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away 4:12 B3: What Are You Not Telling Me? 3:12 B4: Always 4:42 B5: Faultlines 4:04 C: No Holding Back 3:51 D: Dawn Chorus 4:03
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth  Halloween II

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Halloween II

Limited Edition Reissue from 2012 in Orange VInyl - unsealed to check colour of vinyl - A1: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Halloween II Theme A2: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Laurie's Theme A3: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - He Know's Where She Is A4: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Laurie And Jimmy A5: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Still He Kills B1: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The Shape Enters Laurie's Room B2: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Mrs. Alves B3: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Flats In The Parking Lot B4: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Michael's Sister B5: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The Shape Stalks Again B6: John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Operation Room B7: The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman
John Carpenter  Assault On Precinct 13

John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13

Remastered Reissue - 180gm vanilla vinyl housed in a heavyweight UV varnished gatefold tip on jacket. Includes an 8 page booklet and poster. - A1: Main Title A2: Napoleon Wilson A3: Street Thunder A4: Division 13 A5: Ice Cream Man On Edge A6: Wrong Flavour A7: Emergency Stop A8: Lawson's Revenge B1: Sanctuary B2: Second Wave B3: The Windows B4: Julie B5: Well's Flight B6: To The Basement B7: Walking Out B8: Assault On Precinct 13

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