Wilco - Being There

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  Wilco  Being There


Being There

Track listing for Being There by Wilco on the Reprise Records ‎ label:
180 Gramm Deluxe Edition Reissue from Original Mastertapes - A1: Misunderstood 6:28 A2: Far, Far Away 3:20 A3: Monday 3:33 A4: Outtasite (Outta Mind) 2:34 A5: Forget The Flowers 2:47 B1: Red-Eyed And Blue 2:45 B2: I Got You (At The End Of The Century) 3:57 B3: What's The World Got In Store 3:09 B4: Hotel Arizona 3:37 B5: Say You Miss Me 4:07 C1: Sunken Treasure 6:51 C2: Someday Soon 2:33 C3: Outta Mind (Outta Sight) 3:20 C4: Someone Else's Song 3:21 C5: Kingpin 5:17 D1: (Was I) In Your Dreams 3:30 D2: Why Would You Wanna Live 4:16 D3: The Lonely 1 4:49 D4: Dreamer In My Dreams 6:43

Condition: New
Label: Reprise Records ‎
Label Catalogue Number: 9362-46236-1
Format: 2xLP Quantity: 2


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