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Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath Sabotage

vinyl record

Sabotage by Black Sabbath on the NEMS label:

UK LP from 1975 with textured sleeve -
A1: Hole In The Sky : 4:01
A2: Don't Start (Too Late) : 0:49
A3: Symptom Of The Universe : 6:29
A4: Megalomania : 9:46
B1: Thrill Of It All : 5:55
B2: Supertzar : 3:42
B3: Am I Going Insane (Radio) : 4:13
B4: The Writ : 8:17
B5: Blow On A Jug : 0:30

Condition: EXC
Label: NEMS
Label Catalogue Number: 9119 001
Format: LP