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Eluvium Whirring Marvels In Consensus Reality

Whirring Marvels In Consensus Reality
vinyl record

Whirring Marvels In Consensus Reality by Eluvium on the Temporary Residence Limited label:

U.S. Red Translucent Vinyl LP Limited Edition (500 copies) from 2023 - unsealed to check colour of vinyl
A1: Escapement :
A2: Swift Automatons :
A3: Vibration Consensus Reality (For Spectral Multiband Resonator) :
A4: Scatterbrains :
A5: Phantasia Telephonics :
B6: The Violet Light :
B7: Void Manifest :
B8: Clockwork Fables :
B9: Mass Lossless Interbeing :
B10: A Floating World Of Demons :
B11: Endless Flower :

Condition: New
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Label Catalogue Number: TRR406
Format: LP