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Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck
vinyl record cd

Fuzzy Duck by Fuzzy Duck on the Reflection label:

Vinyl LP Album Reissue, released 2012 - includes bonus 7" -
A1: Time Will Be Your Doctor : 5:06
A2: Mrs. Prout : 6:45
A3: Just Look Around You : 4:20
A4: Afternoon Out : 5:20
B1: More Than I Am : 5:30
B2: Country Boy : 6:00
B3: In Our Time : 6:49
B4: A Word From Big D : 1:51
C: Double Time Woman :
D: One More Hour :

Condition: EXC
Label: Reflection
Label Catalogue Number: MM05
Format: LP+7"