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The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes Amorica.

vinyl record

Amorica. by The Black Crowes on the American Recordings label:

European White Vinyl Limited Edition from 1994 with lyric inner sleeve - still in shrinkwrap
A1: Gone : 5:08
A2: A Conspiracy : 4:44
A3: High Head Blues : 4:00
A4: Cursed Diamond : 5:56
A5: Nonfiction : 4:15
A6: She Gave Good Sunflower : 5:48
B1: P.25 London : 3:37
B2: Ballad In Urgency : 5:39
B3: Wiser Time : 5:31
B4: Downtown Money Waster : 3:39
B5: Descending : 5:40
B6: Tied Up And Swallowed (Bonus Track) : 4:16

Condition: EXC
Label: American Recordings
Label Catalogue Number: 74321 23682 1
Format: LP