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Yellow Magic Orchestra

Yellow Magic Orchestra Hi-Tech / No Crime

Hi-Tech / No Crime
vinyl record vinyl record

Hi-Tech / No Crime by Yellow Magic Orchestra on the Internal label:

UK Vinyl 2xLP Compilation Test Pressing from 1992 - writing on labels
A1: Light In Darkness (The 808 State Remix) :
A2: Behind The Mask (The Orbital Remix) :
A3: Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated Mix) :
A4: La Femme Chinoise (The LFO Remix) :
A5: Technopolis (The Rhythmatic Remix) :
B1: Computer Cracker (Mark Gamble Macro-Mix) :
B2: Tighten Up (The Robert Gordon Remix) :
B3: Shadows On The Ground (The Sweet Exorcist Remix) :
B4: Rydeen (The Graham Massey Remix) :
B5: Firecracker (Additional Production, Reconstruction, And Mix By The Shamen) :
C: Tong Poo (The Orb Remix I) :
D: Tong Poo (The Orb Remix II) :

Condition: EXC
Label: Internal
Label Catalogue Number: TRU LP 1
Format: 2xLP